This subreddit isn’t your buddy, pal

Canada Goose online This subreddit isn’t your buddy

/r/metacanada. This subreddit isn’t your buddy, pal. Its even better.

canadian goose jacket Let me begin by saying, never hold off anything for after a party. Cause you never Canada Goose Coats On Sale know when it ends and where you will end canada goose store up naked. Last night was one of those nights. I did the whole dress up as a party animal (Werewolf mask with a Cheech Chong t shirt) for Halloween party and basically kept drinking Henny Disaronno and kicking ass till 4 am when the club turned on the lights. (Those party poopers) Then followed by the massive canada goose clearance comatose sleeping urge. I woke up amazingly without a hangover due to the brilliant idea of eating horrible horrible fatty food known here as a lamb platter. That just happened 10 minutes ago. Now I canada goose uk outlet writing this. Now.

When /r/MetaCanada was first introduced to me, via our awesome method, I thought, “hmmm another circlejerk for another country? Meh. Whatevs. Seen one, seen them all right?” So I forgot about it. Then a few hours later. we got another PM, then another, and another and then some more. I like to mention, that as the present administrator of /r/SROTD this pisses me off to no end. When we get Canada Goose online spammed. So now /r/metaCanada was getting on my nerves. But I forgot about it again since none of the other mods or I were willing to feature them at that point. Fast forward a few days later and we are still getting sporadic PMs demanding we feature /r/MetaCanada. The nerve of Canada Goose Jackets these clowns.

Canada Goose sale I, in my smartest move known to date. Create the Do Not Feature list and promptly put /r/metacanda 2nd highest on the list. Like all things that shouldn be leaked. it got leaked. _. So I faced the music and made an official post there. at the time it felt like I had awakened the dragon, the very polite and semi french dragon. But here is the kicker. The more I interacted with them the more I realized. these knuckleheads are no where near as bad as I presumed them to be. In fact they were Le terially not bad at all. Literally not Harper Hitler. So, I came up with an idea. I would live amongst them and learn their ways and become part of their community (at least for a few days). sorta like Dian Fossey but with silly Canadians.

canada goose black friday sale As you can see from my I was having a blast on their canada goose clearance sale behalf. And nothing negative really happened. except for some jimmies being rustled. But that can be forgiven right? canada goose factory sale RIGHT?

buy canada goose jacket Anyway, /r/MetaCanada is a fun place, if your Canadian and just love the inside jokes, this sub is for you. If you want to see a community that is basically chaotic good, this subreddit is for you. If you want to make silly macros of the queen, this subreddit is for you. Even if you aren Canadian like me, this subreddit could be for you. I mean who doesn like

Interview with the mods will happen. once they realize they been featured.

1 cheap Canada Goose Why is /r/MetaCanada the way it is? Apology accepted.

canada goose clearance barosa Metacanada started cheap canada goose uk off as canada goose uk black friday a place for me to make /r/circlejerk posts specifically to mock the /r/canada hivemind, which had gotten out of control after the 2011 federal election (it not as bad now, to be honest). I decided to have a very hands off moderation style, and not remove any posts or comments, Canada Goose Online because it just more fun that way. So I let the users post whatever they want, be it shamelessly mocking people, having serious conversations, or going overboard in fighting with mods to be featured on their subs without having any good reason to do so. We have quite a few dedicated users who do most of their posting in metacanada, so there usually something interesting going on.

Canada Goose Jackets A lot of what makes metacanada fun is the large assortment of in thread memes and CSS styling, which is 100% Loneconservative doing. He also posts more than I do, and should probably be the head mod, but I take the internet way too seriously to just give it up like that.

Apology not delivered, guy. True internet heroes never apologize.

canada goose toughitoutcupcake MetaCanada is a canada goose coats direct response to the circlejerky fervor that /r/Canada frequently works itself into. Some people don see the humour in what we do, but those people are often circlejerking the hardest and fail to see that other people can think differently for rational reasons. This disconnect is prime for humour jimmy rustling.

cheap Canada Goose 2 If you could change one thing about /r/MetaCanada what would it be?

barosa I think we should try to get worked up about internet posts a little bit more, and possibly be a little more angry.

canada goose clearance sale toughitoutcupcake There is a lot of lulz, but I wish there was more. I a glutton for humour. I forecasting some strong humour in the coming months with Harpitler book on hockey, a liberal leadership race and a probable uk canada goose outlet spring election in Ontario.

buy canada goose jacket cheap 3 Whats your favorite post from the last Canada Goose sale month? why? That like asking me to pick which of my non existent children is my favourite! They are all my favourites.

Canada Goose Outlet barosa Probably this one because I love the internet drama. This feature is our canada goose greatest canada goose coats on sale conquest since the war of 2012.

barosa If your denying us SROTD for so long was just a ruse to rustle some jimmies, then I give you some props for your trolling abilities. However, I enjoyed the drama and my jimmies remain unrustled. To get over butthurt, I usually just get into buy canada goose jacket another internet argument until I forget all about it.

Canada Goose Parka toughitoutcupcake Not that canadian goose jacket my jimmies cannot uk canada goose be rustled as they are unrustleable. In general, butthurt can be ameliorated using the buy canada goose jacket cheap most ancient of methods: sarcasm.

canada goose coats on sale 5 Are Terence Philip really a proper representation of the average Canadian or is it systematic propaganda to make America hate/love Canada?

canada goose deals barosa Did you just say that you hate Terrance Phillip? I a lot more like Scott; cheap canada goose This clip is exactly what happens when I post an opposing opinion in an /r/canada thread.

canada goose store Anyway, Canadians are a lot like Americans, except we hate all of our politicians a lot more and instead of canada goose uk shop taking pride in freedom and prosperity, we take pride in putting gravy on french fries, and in having canada goose black friday sale certain flavours of potato chips which are not available in some other countries. We also like to add vowels to words like “flavour” Canada Goose Outlet and get our Canada Goose Parka jimmies rustled when someone tells us we spelled it wrong.

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