3/12/11   Parkhead History has been set up by a small group of friends who all were brought up in the Parkhead area.The site is still in its infancy and we are constantly looking for new stories and pictures of Parkhead and surrounding areas to add to the board. We would also like to have some heritage walks in the summer months .

16/12/11 Sorry to say that after the storm last Thursday my internet connection and phones stopped working and I have only now been reconnected, so I hope to add some more content over this weekend.  We are also waiting to hear from Glasgow City Council about the possibility of a Heritage Booklet being made about Janefield Cemetery. I will keep you all posted on this.  Also great to see some comments coming in about the  Reminiscences of Parkhead page.  Thanks to Tom Bell for his story about his life to start this page off.

T McCann

18/1/12 . Good to see Peter’s street names and their meanings are getting some comments. This is something I know Peter has been working on for some time.

25/1/12  Took a walk around Janefield on Sunday and I am sorry to say there has been a lot of damage from the last storm we had. A lot of the stones have been blown over.I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have laid some new stones to the war dead. This has prompted me to expand on our war dead page. Irene has been busy typing up some more stories on the Eastern Standard, and Robert is always busy looking out new (old) photos and stories

31/1/12 I am sure many will remember Whitevale Swimming Baths, Whitevale Street.  Well – if you want a last look you better hurry as they are now being demolished.  I have many fond memories of Whitevale as it was very popular with people from Parkhead and where I learned to swim.  I also remember the shower area where there was a small white bath tub that never emptied, even with four bodies trying to squeeze into it.  The best part was getting dried, going out to the foyer for a cup of soup from the Hot Drinks machine, then across the road to the Chippie for a roll and fritter.  We would  then walk home, along the Gallowgate to our homes in Parkhead.

1/3/12 Our Robert Winning has started a new topic on surounding areas of Parkhead and has added some of his post card collection to the site.I will be going to the Mitchell Library on Sat 3rd March to get some more articles on The Eastern Standard for the site and that should keep Irene busy typing up the stories! Peter has done a great job on the Streets of Parkhead; great to see the comments rolling in as this makes it all worthwhile. The site is now getting around 900 plus hits a month . Hope you all continue to enjoy the site as it develops.

T McCann

8/3/12  Have managed to get some great photos of Vinegar Hill that will go nicely with a page we will be putting together soon. I would like to thank Jamie Fox for sending a sketch of Janefield from 1850 that can be seen on the Janefield maps page.

Robert has been busy at Parkhead Salvation Army getting a tour and history of the building. We also have a meeting in a few weeks with a local councillor about a Janefield booklet . Will keep you all posted after meeting.

Got a old photo of Tony Capaldi from who owned the cafe on Springfield Road and was a famous accordion player in his day. This can be seen on the Eastern Standard Page.

T McCann

10/3/12 We have been given a set of photos of the Park and Paterson Factory in Back Causeway from John Dakers whose mother and father worked in the factory. This has prompted us to start a new page called’ Industrial Parkhead’ where  we hope to show the factories and shops in the area. We would like to thank John Dakers for the use of these photos.

T M cCann

12/3/12 Robert has put some new images on the transport and images  5  page, also on the surrounding areas page. The Vinegarhill page has been started also with some good features from Peter.

T McCann

21/3/12  Well today I saw the end to another piece of the East Ends history, Glasgow Green Station which was built in 1890  and clossed in 1953 has been demolished, no one seems to have been told that this was going to happen.Glad i got a photo before it was gone.

Irene has been busy making a poster that we hope to have displayed in shops and Libraries






29/3/12 The Commonwealth Village on Springfield Road isstarting to take shape and the first buildings now have their roofs on.






After a lot of input by Peter and Tam it looks as if things are moving forward re: the leaflet and being given access to records. The local councillor has been encouraging in his support.

We are aware that some aspects of East End life need coverage and we are working hard behind the scenes to achieve this.

The more we achieve the more rewarding the whole thing has become. We are really enthusiastic about some new developments…so keep watching this space!


24/4/12 We have added some new captions to the Eastern Standard page, and i have also been in touch with St Michaels School to ask if the children of the school would like to write something about its history. Should have some  good photos of Belvidere Hospital soon and a write up in the next couple of weeks for the heritage page, Irene is working hard getting us some new contacts who will benefit the site, Peter is working on the Clippings page, and Robert has added some more photos to the surrounding areas page.

T McCann

14/5/12 Today, myself, Robert and a few friends went to the Church of the Nazarene in Burgher Street to take some photos of the inside of the church.  Next week will be the last service to be held in the church as it is soon to be demolished to make way for a brand new church. We, at Parkhead History, would like to wish everyone at the Church of the Nazarene all the best for this new venture and would like to thank Rev Ian Wills for his hospitality today.


6/6/12.   Sorry there’s not been much said on the blog just now but we are still busy researching Parkhead and its surrounding areas, One bit of good news I got today from the people that run the server for the site say its now getting on average 3000 hits a month , We have also been getting great feedback and comments from you all, this is what makes doing this all worthwhile.

We are now busy getting together a photo exhibition that we hope to hold in Parkhead Library very soon, I will post the date and hope you can all call in and introduce yourselves it would be fantastic to meet you all. We have so much more to add to the site so keep looking in.

T McCann.

27/6/12.  Met up with Robert on Saturday in the Mitchell and we had a fruitfull day going through the papers of the area, Robert has also added some more images to the Surrounding Areas page , Tollcross and the Calton , Peter has been busy with the Clippings page and Irene is still correcting my spelling mistakes . I also got some photos of the inside of the Barrowland that should bring back some memories to some, I would like to thank Donna for getting us inside the Barrowland.

23/7/12 .  There was a project about the Olympia picture House run by Clydegateway, and some of our friends were asked to take part in the photograghy for the project, I am glad to say this was a great success and we have been sent a link to the video that was made

A Project  By

Norman McNamee – Brian Charlton –  Ruth Colligan- Donna Robertson- Will McArthur and Ben Allison.

25/7/12. We have added a couple of new stories to the Eastern Standard page from the 1940’s, one is about Henry May V.C. and another about the King and Queens visit to Templetons carpet factory

4/8/12. Myself, Peter, and Robert was up at the Mitchell today to follow up on some of the stories that we are working on , but as luck would have it the fire alarm went of and we all had to leave, though we did find a cracker of a story to go with a photo Robert found in The Daily Record 1933, This will be on the site also.  Another part of Parkhead got demolished this week, it was the old chip shop and cafe that was on London road at Springfield Road across from The Springfield Vaults (Flynns)

2/10/12. Recently I was given an old newspaper (the Glasgow Herald) from 1938 of the Empire Exhibition by a fellow Black Cab driver, Davie Wilson.  The newspaper was in great condition and was full of adverts.  After a talk by Peter Mortimer in the South side of Glasgow, we were told that the House for An Art Lover might be interested in this paper as they are doing exhibits about the  Empire Exhibition.  I got in touch with House for An Art Lover and took the paper along, where I was met by Garry Sanderson. Garry said they would love to have this for future exhibits. We at Parkhead History felt that this was the best option, rather than the newspaper being stored away and not being seen. Below are two photos of the front and back page.

T McCann

8/11/12.  We did not know that Parkhead had a famous painter by the name of David Fulton, we have put a short story and one of his paintings on the Eastern Standard page under the 30’s . Irene is working on research for  the Newlands page, and I would like to thank Brian Charlton for all his help on this we hope to have this page finished soon,

Robert and Peter are researching and seeking out new photos for the site. I am still working away at all things to do with the Eastern Standard. We also have a new researcher in our midst, Donna Robertson who has a passion for local history, and I am sure the site will benefit from Donna’s photos and stories,

T McCann

18/11/12. Some new captions and a few adverts  have been posted on the Eastern Standard page, Robert has posted two new images, one on transport and images 8 and one on Shettleston, also a new image sent in by Donna has been added to the Bridgeton page.

28/11/12. Well theres been a bit of activety on the site this week. Robert has put a new photo on the Rutherglen page, Peter has added extracts from the Camlachie school logs, Irene is typing an interesting story about Mr. Thomas Montgomary Service, who was responsible for the development of bullet proof armour plate used in the first tanks in the 1914-1918 war, Donna has put the story of Nancy Whiskey who sang Freight Train onto the Bridgeton page, and is also working on a story about Tommy Morgan. Also like to thank our friend Norrie McNamee for giving us a Speedway photo that is shown on the Celtic Park Speedway and Greyhounds page. So what have I done? well apart from typing this I have put a new story on the Vinegar Hill page. We will be meeting in the Mitchell on Saturday morning about 10-30am  in the Glasgow Room. to put our thoughts together to see how to improve the site,sSo if your passing and would like to add your imput you will be more than welcome.

T McCann

10/12/12. We had a bit of a disaster on Saturday when a corrupt File crashed the site, and it looked as if we would have to start the site from scratch, luckily Andy who runs the server that the site uses backed up the whole site and reinstalled it, so glad to say its back to normal. Irene has put on a new story on the Eastern Standard page about Dalmarnocks New Cinema, Roberts put some new Photos on the surrounding areas page, We recieved an e-mail from Gordon Shiach who wrote down some of his Parkhead memories, he also sent in some great photos of his house in Palace Street, we have also managed to get our hands on one of the commemorative coins for the opening of the Olympia Theatre, thanks to Donna Robertson


20/12/12. I would like to thank Robert, Irene, Donna, and Peter for all the hard research they have put in to make the site one of the best local history sites on the world wide web, I would also like to thank everyone who has looked onto the site, and for those who have left a comment, I can honestly say we have never received a negative comment to date. So I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year. Keep looking in there is so much more we have to add


28/1/13. Sorry that this is the first post on the blog this year, But we have all been busy doing more research for the site, as you will see there is now a sports page on the site ,and we have come across some relay interesting facts about the Junior Football that took place in the East End, if you are a member of any Bowling club in the East End and would like to put it on the site please get in touch with us,Robert and Irene have been working hard researching the Schools in the East End and this information will be put on the site soon. We have added the story of William Miller who wrote Wee Willie Winkie to the Eastern Standard Section 1930, and a few more adverts,


22/3/13. I would like to thank Sam Campbell for letting us use his photos of Parkhead and Campbell’s stores, Robert Currie for his photos of Tollcross and Bridgeton and Elaine Galloways Photo of Parkhead F.C from 1936, these photos have added so much to the site, and is keeping us busy with follow up stories,  Peter and myself are still busy looking into the Eastern Standard, and Irene and Robert have been working on the Schools pages, and have found some great stories from the School Logs, Donna has also added a couple of her own photos to the Bridgeton page .


28/3/13, Some great news We have been asked to provide a tour of Parkhead for Glasgow’s Doors Open Day. This will be conducted by Peter Mortimer who also does tours of Calton and Bridgeton for Doors Open Day ,Peters tours are not to be missed, So if interested the tours are from- Saturday 21st September : 10.00 am Parkhead Heritage Trail, 2.00 pm Calton Heritage Trail Sunday 22nd September : 2.00 pm Bridgeton Heritage Trail , for more information visit


5/5/13. We have added a new story in our Reminiscences page ,on the memories of Grant Park who came from Delburn Street, Grant also gave the site permission to use his photo of A.G.Barr

12/6/13. Myself and Peter met with an old friend of ours last week Ian Hyde, Who we both knew from the 67th BB company, and Riverside Secondary School, even tho we had not met in over 35 years there were no awkward moments in our conversation and it felt that we had just met a couple of weeks ago.

Ian has wrote down his memories of growing up in Parkhead , and this can be viewed on the memories page. Robert has been busy writing up the London Road School reports and Willie Mutter has given us his permission to use his photos of the school, The new Church of the Nazarene has now been built and looks great ,we hope to get a look inside soon to take some photos, There is a new story on Parkhead F.C and an interesting bit about how Helenslea got its name, and a story about one of the first teachers at Riverside, Please keep your photos and your story’s coming .

07/09/13. We have just recieved some photos from John Conn of the Class of 1951 also of a boys Hockey Team and one with Teacher and prefects, these photos can now be viewed on the Schools/Riverside Page, we would like to thank john for the use of these photos for our site.

14/10/13. We have had a couple of emails concerning the John Wallace graves in Janefield as far afield as New Zealand and Australia, we have put both parties in touch with each other and are hoping for some news from this, We have also been asked by the Miller family who own Millers Carpet and Rug Warehouse to help put together some photos and history for the shop, the shop recently has removed the old wooden front and is now back to its original brick as you can see by the photo, Millers have been trading in Brideton from 1893.

Old and new together

17/2/14 Hello everyone, We have decided to make a Web Site for people that have an intrest in photography in the East End, the site is called

we hope this will also be of intrist to the people that visit this site. We have also been getting a lot of inquires about looking up family’s for people living abroad ,this has mostly Robert to thank for his detective qualities, We have also been involved in the publication of a small book called Bridgeton Recollections from a Time of Change, that you should be able to see in your local Library very soon,


18/2/2015 Sorry to everyone who has been trying to get on the site the past two weeks , this was caused by the server going down, but we are happy to say the site was saved and is now on a new server , hope you continue to look in and post your comments as this is what makes running the site so worth while


15/8/15, New page on Beardmores has been created , still a lot to add but glad its underway now.


19 /5/16,

In September, artist Anna FC Smith will create a site responsive exhibition that explores the specific history of, and industry related to, the Hanson Street Project Space.


The building now known as Wasps Hanson Street was built as a factory for Imperial Tobacco, which provided the livelihood for many residents of the east end of Glasgow. Tobacco was at the heart of this building and the surrounding factories, including the larger Will’s building further along Alexandra Parade. It was the source of income for its workers, as well as being a ‘vice’ and health hazard. It was a part of social ritual and a pleasure for many of the workers, their families, and the rest of the population.


Anna FC Smith will be exploring the tobacco plant’s role specifically in relation to the lives of Glaswegians. Alongside visiting archives to find footage and references to the factory, and to smoking, Anna would like to make contact with local people and former workers of any of the factories around Alexander Parade to find out what it was like to work in the building in its former guise. She would also like to discover more about the Hanson Street building, smoking and how attitudes to it have changed and any other thoughts on tobacco in Glasgow.


The resulting exhibition will include the outcomes of Anna’s research accompanied by a sculptural installation in the industrial setting of the Hanson Street project space. Can you help?


If you or anyone you know has memories of working in the cigarette factories or any stories about smoking in Glasgow, please contact Anna: or you can tweet to @AnnaFCSmith.



This is a project that Parkherad History has been asked to contribute to, So if you went to Parkhead Primary and would like to share your memories then please come along



First i would like to apologize, The website has had to undergo some serious maintenance as we were having big problems putting new photos on, as you can see visually the web site has been changed, there is still a lot of work to go to get the site as we want it, In the Eastern Standard Section the Captions and Adverts are out of sync, these two sections will need to be redone, Hope you all have a good Christmas, and hopefully i will have all the problems sorted soon.



Just to let you all know there is a new page Its Called The Kings Visit To Parkhead, this was on the 9th July 1914 and took in a tour of the Forge, I still have another 6 photos to add and some more stories on the visit



New pages have been added to the site , We decided that the Kings visit merited its own page, also added is The Bridgeton Workmen s Club on the menu under Bridgeton. another story has been added to the Vinigarhill page, and Parkhead Fire Station is under Heritage, iam working on a page for Templetons carpets which will be under the Calton Page


Community activity in connection with Parkhead School, it is the Textile Workshops. The first session is on 24th March and it will be held at 1 Westmuir Street (Parkhead Housing Association have an artist in residence working in there just now and she is happy to host our workshops). The first session will be an introductory meeting and will then be held every Friday afternoon for a further 5 weeks.

parkhead school poster


interesting exabition on in the John Weatley Collage Haghill

weave parkhead


We have recently added the Parkhead And Camlachie Roll Of Honour to the Janefield History page

T McCann



Anyone looking for some Glasgow Art, Parkhead History would recommend the brilliant Glasgow Artist Libby Walker.


7th June 2021

It is with much sadness we have found out our friend and researcher Robert Winning Passed away last week , Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time


56 thoughts on “BLOG

  1. N Philpott

    How would i go about finding a plan of the buildings at Beardmores/Parkhead Forge.

    I am trying to locate No4 ammunition building on the site.

  2. N Philpott

    I am trying to locate the Emmanuel church of England which i believe was on Duke Street, would there be any old maps i could view?.

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Neville,
      Sorry about the delay in replying.
      On most of the old maps a lot of the churches & chapels are designated by the the letters CH and not actually named. Some of the more prominent churches are named. Old maps can be viewed on the NLS (National Library of Scotland) site.
      I think the better chance of locating it is through The Post Office Directories for Glasgow. These were published from the late 1700’s through to 1940 or there abouts. They are all downloadable from I’ll have a look at the ones I’ve downloaded.

      Update for Neville,

      In the 1900-1901 Glasgow PO Directory The Emanuel Episcopal Church, Free Church of England was shown as being in Croft Street, Camlachie.
      Th minister was Rev. J. W. Hodgkinson who lived at 224 Meadowpark Street, Dennistoun

  3. Tim Stewart

    In the Some of the People of the Village of Parkhead section the Alexander Stewart at 25 Browns Lane was my great grandfather. Tom Stewart was my grandfather. They then moved to 16 Elba Lane. My father was born on Dervaig St. in 1926. The Catherine Stewart was married and John Duffy and passed away in 1945. She lived on Dervaig St. at the time. Thanks Tam and Robert for the brief walk around in August 2017 with my brother and two sisters when we were on a visit to Scotland.

  4. Sam Campbell

    Snippets from Campbells of Parkhead.
    My grandfather Alexander Campbell started his retail business around 1912. Lots of interesting stuff to share.
    In May 1931staff members Margaret Marshall, and Miss McCorkendale left to be married. The company gave each two guineas towards a presentation.

  5. Moira Howard

    Fascinating site. I am trying to find out more about my routes. If anyone recalls anyone by the name of David McIntyre McCartney please do get in touch. He worked at the Forge in Parkhead sometime between 1900-1948. I understand he was a Blacksmith and Foreman.

    1. Colin Bennett

      Everybody in parkhead in the early to mid 1900s worked in the forge,at its peak it employed approximately 85000,people,my father in law was made redundant 3 times before it finally shut.

  6. Karen

    Does anyone have any history on the Maltman family? They were builders. My dad was born in 1929. I wish I knew more about him growing up. I live in Canada, BC.
    Thanks, Karen

  7. Lilli

    EDITH CHESHIRE. Does anyone remember me, I was at Riverside in 69/70 ? You might remember that I was attacked by another girl and ended up in hospital. She was expelled and when I came back to school I had a police escort, the attack had been so vicious. I’ve changed my name since then, now called Lilli. Been married twice, my last partner was Australian and I lived in South Australia for 4 years, returned to the UK alone 6 years ago. I live in Exeter now. Anyone who remembers me, I would love to say hi.

    1. Colin Bennett

      Hi Lilli
      I left riverside in 1969, to start work,I don’t remember you but can you remember anyone in your class or year.

  8. alice soper

    Good to see you are still around as I have not been in touch for a while. I wondered if you found out any more about my grandparents Daniel Riddell (meat curer) and Robert Roy (carter with Alex Hodge – still have to send you the photo of Alex Hodge workers).

  9. Ed Hunter

    I forgot my Granny was Nancy Young maybe you might remember her . I live in the United States just retired ….

  10. james elliott

    I remember rab the vale from working in the reekie lyn pub in the gallowgate .he use to come in on Friday or Saturday nights well away buy a glass of wine drink it and start a barney. that crutch of his was deadly.we left Glasgow 43 years ago for the north of England .

  11. Isabell Nelson

    I just love looking at this website. The photos are fantastic and certainly stir the memories and emotions. I still live in Parkhead. It’s a bit of a love hate relationship these days, but the happy memories flood back each time I browse this site.
    Thanks to everyone,

  12. David Kilgour

    Hi Kathleen, I lived on Salamanca Street 1934-53. We called him Robbie the Vale. No idea what the Vale meant. I believe his drink of choice was methylated spirits, at least that was the rumour. I know we kept clear of his crutch which he tried to swing at us. It was pretty sad. I seem to remember that he had a daughter, but not clear on that.

  13. Irene

    Hi Kathleen…..good idea…..I will be in touch soon or you can contact me at the above e mail address.

  14. Kathleen McAleer

    The more I read on Parkhead History the more impressed I am ! here’s an idea ! What about the characters of Parkhead ? There were several poor souls , probably former soldiers with post traumatic stress who wandered the streets of Parkhead when I was a child there between 1947 -1953. Does anyone else remember a man called Rab the Vale ? He routinely smashed windows up at Parkhead Cross so he could be locked up for a while as I guess he was otherwise homeless. I saw him in Action one night using his crutch and wobbling on his one leg ! Then there was “Greasy Beard Twopence a Yerd Threepence a wee bit longer!” The bolder weans of Delburn street took great delight in following him chanting this rhyme, which backfired on all of us one day as he turned around and ran at us all. The older ones ran off leaving my sister and I , tiny tots clutching our wee pink plastic handbags which he promptly snatched and ran off with ! I still miss mine! Who else can everyone remember? The backcourt singers the bookies runners, and so much more.

  15. george wilson

    Great site, great photos and well written. I lived at the corner of the Gallowgate and Van St, opposite the cemetery entrance at what’s now the Forge cinema. When the place was demolished we moved out to Shettleston, so these pics have been nice to see too.

  16. Barbara Fleming

    Hi love your site I see you were talking about the ladies who sold the flowers at janefield cemetry Margaret havlin was my great gran it’s nice to see her getting a mention even though I didn’t know her got told some stories from my mum about her my mum would run down to see her to get a penny from her for sweets her and her sister im trying to find out more about her

  17. Elizabeth Burns.

    My granny lived above the wee fishmongers next to flynns pub her name was Agnes Robertson but she was called Mrs Roby she used to run a bus to Blackpool every September weekend she stayed in the same house from about 1920 up until 2yrs.before it was demolished. I have some happy memories When I was young we visited every Saturday I was always sent for the evening times where the man at the corner came and shouted get your evening times (pink)and citizen(which was green) then I was sent over to Conetti`s fish & chip shop you wouldn’t dare ask for a fish supper you got a bag of chips and if you were lucky a grown up would give you a bit of the tail of the fish. I remember the door was always being chapped that was the folk who were going to Blackpool paid it up Sometimes they would pay one shilling or 2/6d Granda kept a book with all the names and who paid what.The bus always left from Janefield St.E

  18. Marcia Hardy

    I, too, came across your site by accident while looking for information on Camlachie. My 2nd great grandparents came to Canada in 1821 with the Camlachie Emigration Society on the ship “Commerce”. From there they came to the United States and wound up in Michigan where they died in the 1860s. His name was Robert Kay, born in 1790 in the Camlachie area I suppose, and he was a weaver. His wife, Jane (no maiden name) may have been born on the Isle of Man @ 1789, per the 1860 United States Census. Do you have any families named Kay in the Glasgow area, or any info on the Camlachie Emigration Society. I have really enjoyed finding this site and would really appreciate any info anyone has.

  19. barbara fleming

    hi just trying to find out some information or pic if anyone has any my great gran was margaret havlin who sold the flowers at the cemetry before elizabeth trying to see if there was any pic of her thanks

  20. moraig blakeman

    Could Donna Robertson please contact me on the above email. I think I may be related to the Fosters of Fordneuk street

  21. Sue Collins

    Dear Parkhead History group, I work for a company called Century Films, we are making a 3-part social history documentary series (working title: The Secret History Of Our Streets: Scotland) and one of the episodes/streets is in Glasgow – Duke Street. The director has seen some of the images on your website and would be interested in licensing some of them to appear in the film. Could you contact me please on the above email address.
    Best wishes

  22. Janet

    What a great site – I love the photos! Just came across it when I googled Vinegar Hill, as this is where Pheobe Swallow was born in 1884 – she died at 843 Gallowgate in 1957. Pheobe is my 1st cousin 2x removed and we have Newsome ancestors. I also notice Cadonas were there at the same time and I have come across that name in our family too. Would love to hear from anyone who knows any more and even happier if you are related and get in touch. Janet

  23. Christine

    Great site thanks for all your hard work and research on putting it together, I noticed your article on Shintyha, Parkhead and thought I would share this.
    I’m doing my family research and have discovered that my great great grandfather William Brown Hardie was born 1845 Shintyhall, Great Eastern Road, Glasgow. Although I can’t find his birth record I have a Poor Parish Application which details his place of birth.
    His parents where Charles Hardie (Weaver) and Mary McClure who married 1844 Barony, Glasgow. Charles Hardie was born about 1822 Larkhall, Lanark his marriage states his occupation as a weaver the later census have him working on the railways and living in Drygate, Dennistoun area of Glasgow. Anyone searching Hardie family would love to hear back or if I can help.

    1. Hazel

      Hi Christine Charles Hardie and Mary McClure were my husbands 4x great grandparents. Their son James is my husbands 3x great grandfather. For Charles I have that he was employed as an engine fitter and died between 1861-1871

  24. Carol McCabe

    Hello, just came across your site by accident and found it very interesting indeed, I was born in Thornhill St but my family have connections to Parkhead and Tollcross areas for a very long time, some names are McCabe, Winning, Smith, Deans, and a few more,
    I still live in the area myself and have been researching my family history, just wanted to say hello and that I enjoyed your interesting site.

    Carol McCabe

  25. Sam Campbell

    Hi, I have found your site fascinating but there is one bit of Parkhead that seems always to be missing. The beginning of Tollcross road as far as the Picture Palace was where my grandfather’s shops were from the 1920’s. Alexander Campbell & Sons Ltd, “Campbells of Parkhead”. I have quite a few pictures that I could send, and even some of the records of the business that you are welcome to have a look at. There is also a video made from old cine film showing an outing for the staff who worked in the shops and workrooms. He sold the building at the corner to the bank, and over the years sold off the houses above the bank which he had used as alteration workrooms where I remember playing as a child. There are records of people who lived at 41 Tollcross road who were reluctant to sell to him so that he could convert the building into a three story shop with a lift.
    Sam Campbell

  26. donna

    I took some photos of the Springfield Vaults at Springfield road a few days ago, is it being demolished like the shops were over the road..

  27. Christina MacGregor

    Thanks for your help. She is buried I was told at Park Head cemetary? But possibly it is Janesfield? My father just passed away this last year so I have some of the family tree information and the fact that no one knows her first name is disturbing to me. I will check for the census records and see if I can get more info. Her sur name was McGregor when she died during an epidemic of some kind of illness around the 1900’s. thank you

  28. Christina MacGregor

    Does anyone know how I could find out what my grandfathers sister name was who died around 1911-14? Nobody knows what her name was she was young last name McGregor. She is buried there

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Christina,
      You would have to give us a bit more information for us to help you.
      Where did she live?
      Was McGregor her surname at death?
      If you know her fathers or mothers name then check the 1891, 1901 and 1911 census records at These will give you a list of the family members who were in the household on the night of the census.
      You say she was buried there – but where is there?
      Aternatively if you have an approximate age at death and the district where she stayed then you can also check the death records on the same site.

  29. Ian Hyde

    Interesting to read the wee story about the chippie opposite the Springfield Vaults being demolished. The mother of one of my best pals – John (Jab) Maitland used to work in there serving up the fish suppers – back in the mid-60s I guess. By the way Tam I couldnae see the photo of Tony Capaldi – can you guys post a direct link on here….all the best….Ian

  30. Ian Hyde

    came across the site by accident and nice to recognise a couple of names in Tommy McCann and Peter Mortimer – would like to try and stay in touch with them – so please contact me on my email address – all the best and Happy New Year when it comes!!


  31. Lynn Downham

    Hello, I’ve really enjoyed looking through this site,you are doing a great job. I attended London Road primary school from 1966 and have many happy memories and would be willing to write a wee article if you think this would be suitable for the site. I was so sad to hear that the school Is to be demolished.

    1. pwm437

      Hi Lynn,

      Glad you’re enjoying the site. We would love to hear your memories of London Road School.


      Peter (pwm437)

  32. jennifer Post author

    Great website
    I think I spent all day looking and reading everything. I\’m researching my family who lived at 106 Great Eastern Rd. The dad was a jobbing carter and the son, my g\’granddad, became a Salvation Army officer in Parkhead in the late 1880s or early 90s. Anyway, thank you for such an informative site!

      1. Colin Bennett

        Hi Bob
        How would I find out a bit more about my grandparents,they lived in arbour street,my grannies maiden name was dad always told me she was related to a parkhead councilor called Archie Haddow.

  33. Thomas McCann Post author

    Thanks for your comments Stevie, I remember you from Parkhead I stayed around the corner at 77 Whitby st,

    1. Colin Bennett

      Hi Tommy
      Colin Bennett here I lived in dechmont st and Whitby st,went to newlands school,then riverside.i knew your mum and dad and brother was a year above me at school.i recognise a lot of the names on parents and grandparents were all from you remember the Monteiths,I can’t remember if you were still in 77 Whitby st when they moved there from dechmont st.great site I miss old parkhead,it is just not the same place now.

      1. Thomas McCann Post author

        Hi Colin. sadly George is no longer with us, must be about 8 years now, the Monteiths bought my mum and dads house in Whitby st,I think i remember you, Did you live or visit someone in the the third close down from 77 one up? remember there was a Colin up there,

  34. stevie tannahill

    great site lived in burgher st for 30 great years from 1962 — moved to bridgeton always try and go up to the auld place to check out if anything has changed .

  35. norman mcnamee

    Hi Peter, Tam, I tried to comment on your Eastern Standard captions but it wouldn’t take so I have posted on here
    I enjoyed the captions, more please

  36. Irene

    Hi, this is a trial run of our blog. As usual Peter and Tam are to be commended for the amount of time spent researching for this site. a new contribution from the Eastern Standard presents a fun account of Charity hi-jinx…..topical as we are in the midst of Children in Need!
    There is no doubt that, without TV, the readers of 1946 had plenty of time to read a lengthy account of what was just a bit of hi-jinx by the students of Glasgow University.


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