Camlachie Primary School

Camlachie Primary School

Camlachie Primary School

An Active Educational Centre

It is customary to associate the phrase Town and Gown with the cordial relation existing between the University and the civic rulers, but we think it should be applied in especial to the hearty co-operation that subsist between the Glasgow Education Authority and the Corporation, in their common aim to educate and to keep healthy and clean the children of our city.

To secure this end the Medical Officers and the Sanitary Department of the city are supported by the School Clinics.

A provision of food clothing and footwear for the school children of our citizens in necessitous circumstances is made.

Nursery School and Hostel

In cases where mothers are compelled by force of circumstances to work out and are not able to arrange for the proper care of their children during the day, or where a widower in poor circumstances is unable to employ a competent person to look after his children the nursery class and hostel are available.

Children between 2 and 5 years of age are cared for and fed here during the day, and those above 5 years of age receive their food in the hostel.

The hostel and nursery class are also open on Saturdays until 1p.m. The parents are required to pay for the children’s food, the price varying according to the circumstances.

Spray Baths

The Education Authority has fitted up spray baths at this school with the intention that all children attending this school should take advantage of them These baths, by toning up the system, improve the physique and make the child comparatively free from, colds and lesser ailments, they also supply a practical and convincing lesson in hygiene.

Infant Department

The change of attitude manifest in the elementary schools during recent years is perhaps best noted in the curriculum and methods of the Infant Department, where the time devoted to the three R’s has been curtailed to make room for games, dancing, story-telling and expressional drawing,.

Speech-training and oral composition has become special features of the instruction, object lessons have disappeared in favour of nature-study, the lessons have been short-ended, and the elasticity of the time table has been increased.

The Three R’s.

Of course the first duty of the elementary school is to lay the foundations of learning as represented by the three R’s, the mastery of which is the culminating effort of the Qualifying Class where each pupil is tested as to his or her fitness to advance from purely elementary work to the more specialised work of the advanced divisions and secondary schools.

Mentally defective children.

Classes for mentally defective children are carried on here too, in which the curriculum is somewhat curtailed, and each class meeting restricted in duration to prevent the pupils reaching the fatigue point of their limited brain energy.

This work is under the capable and sympathetic guidance of specially trained teachers. For these children over 12 years of age provision is also made for a certain amount of vocational training in woodwork, tailoring and shoemaking for boys, laundering and dressmaking for girls.

Taken from Eastern Standard 9th April 1927

Extracts from the School Log

31st August 1939 : The school was dismissed and all the children who were registered for evacuation were asked to attend on Friday 1st September at 9.00 am. The members of staff recised instructions to parents, saw that registers were brought up to date. Pupils were dismissed. Teachers held a meeting when the full evacuation arrangements were discussed, and doubtful points settled.

3rd September 1939 : Evacuation took place at 8.30 am to Aberfeldy.

4th December 1939 : School re-opened for the instruction of pupils residing in Glasgow.

5th January 1965 : School re-opened, 10 children were enrolled from the new houses in Janefield Street which were occupied during the Christmas holiday.

14th July 1965 : A pupil, John Kirkland, aged 5, was killed while playing outside his home by a lorry.

22nd October 1965 : Roll 313. Attendance 89.3%. Now 17 ‘travellers’ inschool for winter.

7th December 1965 : The senior boys were allowed to watch the football international Italy versus Scotland, at Naples, on our school tv. Reports on the game to be written later.

5th May 1966 : The 90th anniversary of the school’s opening. This occasion was taken to invite parents and friends to an open afternoon. Work was shown inclassrooms, sewing and hhandwork in Hall, anda cup of tea was provided for all in the Dinner Hall, and the meeting was closed in the Hall, with a short programme of songs by the school choir.

10th October 1966 : Mrs Elizabeth Burns retired today after 20 years of service as Spray Baths Attnedant.

12th December 1966 : The Seniors Christmas Party in School Hall from 6.30 to 9.30 pm exceeded all previous efforts in entertainment. The theme of the decoration was ‘The Sea’ with murals of Neptune and undersea creatures, and find galleon ships, with two enormous fish hung from the ceiling.

24th February 1967 : The first round of the Road safety Quiz Competition was held in the Hall. Our team from PVII beat the Bluevale School team by 27 to 25 points. The teams were afterwards entertained to tea in the Dining Room.

19th May 1967 : Great distress among families at caravan site, 843 Gallowgate on receipt of notices to quit ground by 9th June.

2nd June 1967 : Fall in roll in recent weeks due not only to travellers leaving but also houses in Holywell Street being cleared for demolition.

14th June 1967 : Nurse inspected 98 children and cleaned 14.

29th August 1967 : The roll is in a state of flux, due to further demolition of Holywell Street, and the travellers moving out of the ground at 843 Gallowgate. Some have found other ground, a few have got houses, but about a dozen wagons are hanging on at 843, having no place to go.

15th January 1968 : A storm last night with hurricane force winds caused tremendous damage in and around Glasgow. After a sleepless night, a poor attendance this morning. Teachers also absent through influenza.

Camlachie Subscription School

Camlachie School – European War : Roll Of Honour
Name Reg Name Reg
Murd. Macrae HLI William Murray HLI
Andrew Burns HLI Thomas Murray HLI
Robert Barr HLI William Mark HLI
John Brady HLI Alex Main HLI
Samuel Clyde HLI Alex Main Jnr. HLI
James Clark HLI James Murphy HLI
Andrew Campbell HLI Wm. Matchett HLI
William Craig HLI Wm. Melville HLI
Andrew Craig HLI Henry Mechan HLI
John Colvin HLI John Maxwell HLI
Thos. Caldwell HLI Alex Meldrum HLI
William Duffy HLI Edward Mourn HLI
Rich. Dempster HLI Jn. McGarrigle HLI
John Emans HLI Wm. McBeth HLI
George Ferguson HLI Dav. McKenzie HLI
Alex Ferguson HLI Findlay McRae HLI
Robert Ferguson HLI John McRae HLI
David Graham HLI Richard McAuley HLI
Charles Glen HLI Arthur McArthur HLI
Alexander Hart HLI Malcolm Burns HLI
George Harper HLI Arthur Gillespie HLI
John Hodge HLI Wm. Neville HLI
William Hay HLI Henry Paterson HLI
John Kelly HLI Donald Parker HLI
Peter Kelly HLI William Reilly HLI
William Kennedy HLI John Rankin HLI
John Lawson HLI Neil Riddell HLI
William Law HLI Alex Simpson HLI
James Love HLI Arch. Story HLI
Duncan Selkirk HLI James Paterson HLI
John Smith HLI David Palmer HLI
John Swales HLI Jas. Thomson HLI
Dav. Sheridan HLI Hugh Woods HLI
John Wyne HLI Jn. Broadley RFA
John Wallace HLI Wm. Broadley RFA
Robert Walker HLI Neil Beattie RFA
James Wilson HLI James Martin RFA
John Willis HLI Alex Watson RFA
James Allan SR Wm. McCormack RFA
Arch. Bell SR Peter Campbell RFA
James Cuthbertson SR John Collins RFA
John Callander SR Robert Craig RFA
Dugald Cameron SR Hugh Craig RFA
Edward Cameron SR John Craig RFA
Sam. Cameron SR David Craig RFA
And. Cameron SR Harry Cullen RFA
William Dunn SR John Goldie RFA
Jas. Docherty SR Dug. Cameron RFA
William Eadie SR Charles Dunn RFA
John Ferguson SR Wm. Docherty RFA
Robert Kelly SR David Quinn RFA
John Lawrie SR Dan. Riddell RFA
Edward Morrison SR John Renton RFA
John Morrison SR Thos. Wilson RFA
James Murray SR Arthur Wilson RFA
Edward Moran SR John Campbell RS
Henry Murphy SR David Elspie RS
Dunc. McEwan SR William Fletcher RS
Sam. McKnight SR Malcolm Hartgrove RS
Isaac McKenzie SR Hugh Keatings RS
William Ness SR Robert Leitch RS
James Broadly Gord. H Jas. Menzies RS
James Espie Gord. H David Menzies RS
Robert Hartgrove Gord. H Gavin Thomson RS
Robert Kelly Gord. H James Wylie RS
Alex Whitelaw Gord. H Thomas Woods RS
Henry Paterson Gord. H Wm. Allan ASH
Carlton Speirs Gord. H Robt. Cuthbertson ASH
William Todd Gord. H Thos. Ferguson ASH
David Baillie RE James Goldie ASH
Sidney Bruce RE John Harrison ASH
Murd. Campbell RE William Hunter ASH
Alex Harper RE James Holmes ASH
John Lewis RE David Hughes ASH
Robert Marshall RE Thomas Kinnie ASH
Hugh McCall RE James Lindsay ASH
Thos. Paterson RE Jn. Montgomery ASH
Thos. Stevenson RE John McKenzie ASH
Wm. Cullen Cam H Thos. Howat ASH
David Hammond Cam H Wm. Gordon Seaf. H
Alex Morrison Cam H Francis Park ASH
James McIntyre Cam H William Rough ASH
John Paterson Cam H James Simpson ASH
James Paul Cam H James Sword ASH
Robt. Rough Cam H John Allan Seaf. H
Stewart Riddell Cam H John Anderson Seaf. H
Randolph Wallace Cam H Thomas Currie Seaf. H
Wm. Walker Cam H Peter Cox Seaf. H
Arch. Wilson Cam H Thomas Fraser Seaf. H
Thos. Deery KOSB Robert Forsyth Seaf. H
John McNight KOSB Hamilton Graham Seaf. H
James Smith KOSB James Percy Seaf. H
Sam Wallace KOSB Robert Wylie Seaf. H
Robert Wainey KOSB Alex. Douglas KOSB
Sam Wilson KOSB Thos. McLaren ASH
William Bain KOSB John Harkiss RGA
John Keatings Blk W David Harkiss RIF
Andrew Walker Blk W Jas. Harkiss HLI
Jas. Anderson SH Hugh Harkiss RFA
James Hardie SH And. Love Seaf. H
Alex. Hartgrove SH Angus McDougall Gord. H
Wm. Wilson SH John Craig Gord. H
John Hartgtrove Scots Gds John Barclay Gord. H
David Keatings Dub. Fus. James McLintock Gord. H
Geo. Emans Innisk. David Lawrie HLI
Joseph Semple Innisk. George Downie HLI
George Riddell Yeom. Alex. Stevenson HLI
Wm. Stevenson Yeom. Arch. Howat HLI
Hugh Coats Navy John Rae HLI
John Coats Navy Jas. Crawford HLI
Wm. Carmichael Navy Robert Paul HLI
Wm. Dunn Navy Andrew Smith HLI
John Devine Navy George Stewart HLI
John Morris Navy Thos. Wilson HLI
Adam Wilson Navy And. Wilson HLI
Alex Gilmour RAMC Dan Redmond HLI
Henry Law RAMC Alex Redmond HLI
William Small RAMC Robert Miller HLI
Findlay Martin RAMC Albert Crawford HLI
Dan Martin Can FA Joseph Harris HLI
Alex Martin Can FA Conie McMahon HLI
Joseph Wylie HLI Wm. Morrison SR
Thomas Cass HLI Harry Greig SR
Wm. Irvine HLI Alex Nyguist SR
George Robertson HLI John Dalglish SR
Peter McColl SR William Thomson Seaf. H
Jas. Pollok RS Wm. McAllister RE
Arthur Martin Blk W Alex. G Scott Can. E
James Martin Blk W John McBride RN
Jas. Howat ASH Charles Dalglish Gord. H
Jas. Gillespie Cam H Thos. Wilson RAMC
David Tennant Cam H Geo. McKinlay HLI
Samuel Wilson Cam H Wm Pollok Seaf. H
Arch. Gardiner Cam H Alexander Shanks Seaf. H
Robert Smith Cam H Arch. McGough M M Gord H
Robt. McConnell RGA Arthur McGough HLI
Wm. Dickson RSF Hugh McGough A&SH
Dav. McInnes RSF James Sands HLI
Earnest Nyguist RAMC Hugh Sands HLI
Duncan Findlay RAMC Isaac Sands HLI
William Tennant RFA John Sands HLI
Signed : James Shearer Second Master 26th October 1915

























































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  1. Claudia dalley

    Hi my name is Irene Dickson I also attended camlachi school in the 1950 . I also remember ms inglis. The good old days.

  2. Dougie Wright

    I was born in Barrowfield at 170 Stamford st in 1948 moved to 15 Dalserf st a couple of yrs later Then attended Camlachie primary from 1953 to 1960 i think it was Then on to Bernard st secondary Always remember one teacher at Camlachie Primary her name was Miss Ingils she wore glasses What a fiery little woman she was hahha no messing with her Seen her put a few including me in our place ahh the good old days and you dont realise it at the time

  3. Laura Currie

    My Great Uncle Thomas Currie went to Camlachie School and is listed under the WW1 roll of honor. He served in the Seaforth Higlanders and died age 32 in France. I’d love to see if he or any of the other Currie family members appear in the school records.

    1. Irenehart

      Hi Laura,
      My great-uncle was also in the Seaforth Highlanders and died in Belgium in 1915. I visited his grave last year. As far as I know I was only the second member of the family to do so. My son visited a few years ago.

  4. Ann

    My husband’s mother was born in 1919 and we believe might have attended this School until her father died around 1928.if there was any way to find out we would be most grateful.

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Ann,

      Unfortunately you do not tell us who your mother-in-law was. You would need to let us know so that we may try and help.

  5. pwm437

    Hi William, we will have a look for her in the school records next time we are at the Mitchell Library.

  6. William Fullarton

    My mother was born in 1920 and was a dux medalist at camlachie . We have been trying to find out information on her.her name was Margaret wynne anything you can find would be welcome. As my niece has just won a dux medal at her school.


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