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The main subject area of this site is Parkhead, mainly because those who started the site and those now contributing to the site were born and bred there and wish to share the memories of Parkhead with others. Parkhead, which has had a long and fascinating history since its inception from a tiny rural village to its incorporation into the City of Glasgow makes up only a fraction of the East End of Glasgow.  The Parkhead History site is still in its infancy and we have still a long way to go in uncovering its folklore of traditional stories handed down through the generations and of course the local legends of whom we are sure are many.

Each of the surrounding areas of Parkhead which make up the East End of Glasgow each has their own unique historical background and stories to tell.

We have had requests and enquiries about information of other surrounding areas of the East End such as Bridgeton, Calton, Camlachie, Carmyle, Dalmarnock, Dennistoun, Rutherglen, Shettleston, Tollcross and more without even thinking of the post war housing schemes.

Under the heading of Surrounding Areas we have created sub menus for the other areas which we will build on as we go.  Just select the area or areas of interest and explore them.

Bear with us as the research on all of the site/areas is being done on a part-time basis so if there is any historical information or stories you can help us with or wish to share then don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to share photos with us then they must be your own photos.  Any photos submitted will be given the proper photographic credit to who owns them.  If the photos are not your own then you MUST respect the copyright of the owners of any submitted photos.

11 thoughts on “Surrounding Areas

  1. donna

    Have loads of Bridgeton and some of Calton. let me know and Ill post them all through… some before recent renovations, and some that have been demolished now..

  2. norman mcnamee

    Hi Bob I have photos of Parkhead but more modern, same for Rutherglen and the rest of the East End
    You can have them if they are any use to you
    Bye for now, norrie

    1. Bob Winning Post author

      Norman, we would love to have the photo of the church and would definitely use it on the site. We would also welcome any other photos of Parkhead and the surrounding areas. tam will be in touch with you regarding the Tollcross Photo.
      best regards,

  3. Calamity

    Id think the Rutherglen photo is the 50s , looking at the womans coat and hat style… wonderful photos.. one of Brigton Cross Ive never seen before , and thought Id seen them all…

  4. Thomas Bell

    just had a look at The Tollcross Park pictures.. They are Really good pictures. Certainly brought back lots of memories for me..As did the Pictures of Alexandra park.. Where we used to go and play with our home made boats on the lake.. Or paddle in the water…
    Tom. Bell

  5. lynn sim

    Fantastic old photographs showing life as it was for our great great grandparents, thank you enjoyed seeing them.


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