Grapes for 100 year old

Grapes for 100 Year Olds
Bridgeton’s Aunt Mary “ Miss Mary Logan of 29 Main Street was the surprised recipient of a 10 Lb box of delicious grapes delivered on Wednesday morning this week.
Responsible for the gift was a South African fruit farmer who on a visit to this country four years ago, offered a box of grapes to every person of 100 years or over, after seeing the Panorama programmes in which the B.B.C tried to trace Britain’s oldest man and woman.
Since then the grapes for Centenarians scheme has operated every year, and last year 321 centenarians received this gift with compliments of the growers.
Miss Logan celebrated her 100th birthday last December. In order to collect a box of luscious grapes this year centenarians or their friends or relatives should write to
Centenarians The Deciduous Fruit Board,
11Garrick Street
London WC2
Giving reasonable proof of age
Eastern Standard 1959