Riverside Secondary School


The following extracts are taken from the log-book for Riverside Secondary School between the years 1933-1960.  Most of the logged details are of a mundane nature stating that a teacher is absent due to a cold or that a teacher returned to duty.

I have included extracts which I consider to be of social interest.  I have not included Inspector’s reports or exam results. These will be included at a later date.  If anyone requires more specific information please do not hesitate to contact us.


30 January 1933


Riverside Advanced Central School opened.

Headmaster William Tannock M.A. Bsc. A.R.C.S.

Number of pupils 857

Andrew Calderwood- 2nd Master

Jeannie Cooper- Senior Woman Assistant

Duncan Graham-Assistant Master

9 Men

10 Woman

2 Art Teachers

4 Manual Instructors

5 Domestic Science teachers

I male PE

2 women PE

Visiting music teacher-Mr McKay

8 February 1933: Playground not finished.  PE limited to 3 periods per week.

24 February 1933: HMI Mr King visited to discuss the qualifications of the teachers.

24 March 1933: Those leaving school at this date were assembled during the afternoon and received EVENING CONTINUATION ENROLMENT CARDS and Letter of ‘FRIENDLY COUNCIL’ from the Education Committee.

10 April 1933: Dr Sinclair visited to carry out medical inspection. (these were conducted at regular intervals by a variety of doctors)

21 April 1933: William Kennedy (4th year) broke his arm by falling from a ladder in the Gymnasium today)

27 April 1933: Inspector Beattie from the Eastern Police Division addressed the senior scholars on the danger of the street traffic

19 May 1933: Qualifying exam for Pupils entering on a three years course held here today. 23 candidates.

14 June 1933: Spray baths opened.

15 June 1933: Fire-drill taken today.  Time taken to clear the school 1 ¾ minutes.

30 June 1933: School closed today for Summer Vacation. Prizes presented by Councillor Taylor.  Rev Henry Wallace presiding.

21 August 1933: Opened after summer


6 September 1933: Mr John Ross M.A. F.R.A.S. visited the school to give a demonstration with the WILSON ASTRONOMICAL MODEL.


29 September 1933: Nurse Smith visited.

9 October 1933: A Savings Association was started today when there was a satisfactory response on the part of the pupils, 155 transactions being recorded.

19 October 1933: Work in the manual department is being hampered for lack of wood.  Office notified again today.


14 February 1934: School broken into during the night. 2 overalls and 2 lamps stolen.

27 February 1934: Mr Hislop HMI visited the school to examine the candidates for the DAY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (Higher) in Science

1 March 1934: Mr J. McDonald visited for English

6 March 1934: Mr McGregor HMI DSC in Bench-work, Technical Drawing and Art

7 March 1934: Mr King HMI in Maths and Arithmetic

20 March 1934: Miss Kennedy HMI in Domestic Science

4 May 1934: Miss Smith carried out Dental Inspection

30 May 1934: Miss Smith carried out dental examinations

1 June 1934: Scripture examination

20 September 1934: Dr Cossar visited the school today and gave an address on ‘Temperance’ to classes of boys and girls.

27 September 1934: Dr Cossar visited school to give a lecture on Temperance.

30 November 1934: School closed yesterday for ROYAL WEDDING.


9 January 1935: The Senior Classes of boys attended the Orchestral concert in St. Andrew’s Hall this afternoon.

14 January 1935: School was broken into during weekend and all lamps taken from room 41.

16 January 1935: Senior Girls attended Orchestra Concert.

17 January 1935: School was broken into (room 60) during the night and headmaster’s desk burst open and  papers all scattered about.  Police informed.

21 January 1935: The school was again broken into at the weekend and 10 lamps taken away.  Police were informed and detectives visited the school.

22 January 1935: Janitor unfit for duty after fall of plaster. Fall of plaster in Girls verandah.

28 January 1935: A burglar was caught entering the school on Saturday evening and taken away by the police  Influenza outbreak.

21 May 1935: School was closed yesterday for the King’s birthday.

Report 1934-35

There are at present 909 pupils on the roll;attendance throughout the session has been very regular.  The accommodation is excellent; the children have, to a limited extent, the use of a neighbouring football field as a sports ground.

From a school fund raised last year, the stock of books in the library was largely increased and a radio gramophone purchased.  Broadcast lessons are taken occasionally but the instrument is used chiefly to develop musical appreciation.

A holiday camp for the boys, conducted every year by the men of the staff, usually accommodated a company of about 60.

9 December 1935: School was broken into on Friday night 6th Decemeber the windows of rooms 31 &32 having being forced.


22 January 1936: School assembled in hall to listen to the Broadcast of the proclamation of the new King.

29 January 1936: School closed yesterday owing to King’s Funeral.

27 October 1936: Plaster work on S.E. staircase cracked by storm. Stair closed and reported to Master of Works. Also several windows blown.


16 December 1936: 44 girls and 2 teachers attended a matinee performance of Hansel and Gretal today. Time-tables adjusted to suit.


12 May 1937: School closed today for Coronation holiday.

14 may 1937: Scholars all taken to Ardgoil as a Coronation treat by the corporation.

9 June 1937: Mrs Dougherty called this afternoon to inform me that she was going to lodge a charge of assault against Miss Fyffe on account of an incident which happened during a game of net-ball.  I found there was no ground for complaint but she refused to be pacified.

15 June 1037: Constable called in the afternoon to interview some girls in connection with Wednesday’s complaint.

1 September 1937: School re-opened today after the summer vacation.  Mrs Martin (Physical instructess) reported for duty in place of Miss Fyffe transferred to Eastbank.

11 November 1937: Armistice Day.  The whole school assembled in the gymnasium for the Armistice Service from 10:30 am to 11:05.


11 April 1938: The headmaster was absent in the forenoon attending a course in Air Raid precautions which will last till Thursday.

9 May 1938: Miss Douglas absent from school during forenoon attending a course in Air Raid Precaution.


27 September 1938: Classes were assembled in the hall to hear the broadcast of the launching of the Queen Elizabeth  Mr Paul absent for the afternoon on duty at the launch(permission granted).

19 December 1938: Temperature of the school very low in the morning. (40 degrees F. In classrooms) reported.

21 December 1938: New supply of coal received.  Heating now satisfactory in classrooms.


16 January 1939: Window of Manual Room (56) was broken during the weekend and some tools taken away.

24 January 1939: James Scott fell in gymnasium and hurt his arm.

22 February 1939: The girl Bethie Watson (6) had an accident in the gymnasium today. Doctor called.

23 February 1939: Boy John Galloway cut his wrist at 4pm on 22nd by accidently putting hand through a window.

22 March 1939:
Boy’s bicycle stolen from school. Police notified.
22 April 1939: Fire outbreak in Manual Room (65) last night.  Damage not serious.
The following extracts refer to War  time
26 August 1939: School was opened today to arrange for a rehearsal of evacuation scheme.
27 August 1939: School was open today from 9am-7pm to answer any inquiries regarding the evacuation rehearsal.
28 August 1939: School open all day to give information regarding rehearsal of evacuation.  Headmaster and Senior Woman assistant in attendance.  The remainder of the staff were assisting.
31 August 1939: Received telegram ordering evacuation.  Distributed pamphlets and dismissed school about 3 o’clock.
8 September 1939: Attended at school daily to receive reports from members of the staff who had returned from evacuation duties.
11 September 1939: School open for enrolling further children for evacuations.  Some members of the staff sent to help at Newlands School.
2424 September 1939: Mr John MacKay transferred to Denny H.G. School, Stirlingshire as from 25th September. Miss Helen Forrest and Miss Grace Brown transferred to Largs H.G. School as from 18th December.
27 September 1939: Attended meeting Headmasters of Senior Secondary Schools to discuss re-opening of schools for 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils.
2 October 1939: School opened this morning for enrolment of pupils who are still in Glasgow.  Mr MacKay reported back from Denny.
33 October 1939: Mr George W.S. Morton reported for duty today in place of Mr Kincaid who is on Military Service.
11 October 1939: Mr Neish seconded to SCOTTISH FILM COUNCIL
16 October 1939: Mr E Palmer reported back from Huntly.
6 November 1939: Miss Jeffrey reported back from Aberdeenshire.
24 November 1939: R.A.F. ballon flight took possession of several rooms in the Domestic Science block today to make ready for a party coming next weekend.
27 November 1939: Commenced taking four small groups of pupils for spells of  1 ½ hours today.
5 December 1939: Miss Forrest reported back from Denny today and Miss Dewar went to take her place.
12 December 1939: Revising the roll-call throughout this weekend and taking volunteers for Christmas Reliefs.
19 December 1939: Mr Geo W.S. Morton teacher of handwork transferred temporarily for service in Dumfries Academy.


8 January 1940: School re-opened after Christmas vacation .  Workmen are building shelters.  Miss Loudon, Mr Barrie and Mr Page reported back from duty from Aberdeenshire.  Miss Grant carrying on for break.
15 January 1940: Miss Lawson reported abck from Muirkirk.  Mr Neish reported back also.  As three shelters are ready for use extra girls are called in.
16 January 1940: Miss Agnes Turnbull reported back from Muirkirk.
22 January 1940: Mr McNair to Denny
24 January 1940: Miss Forrest reported back today.
25 January 1940: Owing to the severe weather and the sudden thaw there were many burst pipes and water supply was restricted severely. Attendances during the past week have been very poor owing to colds etc.
29 January 1940: Admitted new pupils in place of those who left on reaching 14 years of age.
5 February 1940: Dr Shanks carried out Emergency Medical inspection of boys this morning and Dr Howat did the same for the girls in the afternoon.
12 February 1940: Dr Shanks carried out emergency medical inspection of boys today.
15 February 1940: Miss Cuthbert absent today. As shelters on girls’ side were ready for use—a much fuller time-table for the girls was started.
19 February 1940: Miss Dewar reported back from Denny.  Her place there was taken by Miss Kathini F.S.Com Bsc. Who was appointed temporarily to Riverside School for that purpose.
26 February 1940: Dr Shanks carried out Emergency Medical inspection this forenoon. Miss May Lawson and Mr Page reported back for duty today. Mr John Paul went to Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire to relieve Mr Alex Simpson. Resumed occupation of  room 96 for dressmaking classes.
27 February 1940: Mr Alex Simpson reported back from Lochmaben ( Dumfries) today.
6 March 1940: The Headmaster , Miss Knight and Mr Keppin attended the first of a series of 5 lectures on A.R.P. today.
13 March 1940: Mr William Kennedy absent today owing to death of his infant daughter.
15 March 1940: Mr William Kennedy returned today.
18 March 1940: Shelters on boys side of gymnasiums was raided last night.  Several lamps were broken and other malicious damage done.  Police have been informed.
1 April 1940: School re-opened after Easter vacation.  Mr J.C. Paul reported back from Lochmaben having been relieved by Mr. S.M.A. Wilson as from 26-3-40 Dr Shanks carried out medical examinations today. Miss Hamilton reported to take some domestic science
8 April 1940: Miss Hamilton reported to take some Domestic Science classes owing to Miss Brown and Miss McCormack engaged elsewhere with adult classes.
2 May 1940: Took A.R.P. drill today.  Still a number without Respirators.
18 May 1940: School open today, Saturday, for purpose of registering pupils for evacuation and instructions on Air Raid Precautions.
31 May 1940: School was open today from 9-5 to give opportunity for registering for evacuation.  Very few people called.
10 June 1940: Dr Cossar visited school today to deliver an address on Temperance to the senior boys.
11 June 1940: Dr Cossar delivered an address on Temperance to two senior classes of boys today.
16 June 1940: Took A.R.P. practical today.
18 June 1940: Dr Cossar gave an address today.
20 June 1940: Dr Murray carried out medical inspection of Registered pupils this afternoon.  Five A.R.P. men visited the school and adjusted the masks of the pupils.
28 June 1940: Children whose birthday falls before the 26th August and who are 14 years then were given unconditional exemption from 28-6-40
23 July1940: Air-raid warning in the distance.  Practised the A.R.P. drill.  Kept children in shelters for some time till all clear signal in the distance.
2 September 1940: Enrolled new pupils for first year post qualifying.  Owing to lack of shelter accommodation several of the classes will be on half-time.
12 September1940: A boy Wm Coventry bumped into the door of room 2 when it was opened from the inside and sustained a cut in his head. Dr was called in and dressed the cut and boy was taken home by his mother.
16 September 1940: Dr Murray carried out Medical Inspection of registered Evacuees today.
17 September 1940: Attendance poor today due to Air-raids during night.
1 October 1940: School re-opened today after being closed for cleaning and Autumn holiday.  Mr. W. McNair went on Military Service 27-9-40
28 October 1940: October 28th being a leaving date several children left school and some more classes were brought in for full tome.  Nurse Boyd carried out inspection of heads and clothing of girls.
4th November 1940: Miss Aitken reported back to school from evacuation duty and Miss Burton was transferred as from 3-11-40.  Took in four more girls’ classes on full time.


8 January 1941: Owing to dense fog attendance is suffering.  Owing to the water closets being frozen the school marked a double attendance.
9 January 1941: Air raid alert sounded today at 1:30pm.  All clear at 2:10pm.  Many of the children did not come back to school.
29 January 1941: Air Raid Alert sounded today at 12:50pm.  All clear at 1:07 pm.  Most of the children had just left school.
3 February 1941: Air Raid Alert sounded today at 12:48 all clear at 1:5pm.  Most of the children had gone home for dinner.  Remainder went to shelters.
11 February 1941: Mr Roy of the Glasgow Fire Brigade visited the school this afternoon and addresses the senior boys on fire-fighting.
7 March 1941: Cupboards in Manual room 65 broken into during the night and several tools stolen.
14 March 1941: Owing to the Air Raid the atttendance is very low today. Air- raid alert sounded at 10:40 am. Miss Taylor and Mr Paul have not turned up.
17 February 1941: Owing to the school being used as a rest centre it was impossible to carry on.  Scholars were sent home having been warned to return tomorrow.  Staff assisting the Welfare Workers.  Miss Taylor back today. (house had been struck).
18 February 1941: Classes resumed attendance today the refugees havin been evacuated.  Miss Aitken called for duty at Dullatur.
20 March 1941: Shrapnell from AA guns broke the gutter round the glass roof of the main stairway and shattered several panes of glass.
1 April 1941: Several pupils who are being evacuated with Primary Schools had to go for medical inspection today.
3 April 1941: Medical inspection by Dr Roy of the pupils going for evacuation to Maybole.
4 April 1941: School closedfor evacuation 83 pupils and 3 teachers evacuated.  Other 6 teachers went as escort. 2 pupils transferred to Clearing house for skin disease.
7 April 1941: Mr McKay, Mr Neish and Miss Tyler remained in Maybole.
8 April 1941: School badly damaged by Air-raid. Windows, doors and ceilings of nearly all rooms being damaged.
10 April 1941: Closed til after Easter vacation.
21 April 1941: Roll was taken and children dismissed for the day as no rooms were available for use.
16 April 1941: Miss Forrest to Kinross, Mr Wilson to Maybole (as from 24th) .  Mr Neish and Miss Tyler reported back from Maybole.
23 April 1941: School was opened today on part-time basis being accommodated in Newlands, London Road and Springfield Road and a few in Riverside.
27 April 1941: Miss McIntyre absent owing to illness.
28 April 1941: Mr W. Kennedy transferred temporarily to Crosshill Public School, Ayrshire.  Mr Sam Wilson reported back from Maybole having been replaced by a Mr Frew from Bernard Street.
5 May 1941: Owing to Air raid, classes were only in for the afternoon.
6 May1941: Air-Raid-classes came in for afternoon.
7 May 1941: Classes again in for afternoon only owing to Air Raid.  Fire watching from 10pm-6am command.
8 May1941: Classes again in for afternoon only.
14 May 1941: Fire watching by three members of the staff which had been in operation since 7th inst. ceased tonight. Progress with getting the school into fit condition still very slow.  The lack of doors for the classrooms and the cold weather makes the work very difficult.  Mr John Paul transferred to Carrick Academy, Maybole.
25 May 1941: Air Raid Alert 2:25pm all clear 2:30pm
11 June 1941: Air raid warning from1:30-1:55pm.  Scholars in shelters.
19 June 1941: Mr Nicol absent at Medical Examination for Army.
27 June 1941: School closes for Summer vacation at mid-day.
5 July 1941: In addition to the daily telephone duty which commenced on 30th June, ‘firewatching’ was carried out from this date.
10 July 1941: Miss Margaret McIntyre M.A. died today after a short absense from duty.
11 July 1941: Mr King H.M.I.. the Depute Director and several officials from the Education Department visited the school today to inspect the bomb damage repairs.
13 July 1941: Fire Watching was stopped after this date for a time.
1 September 1941: Mr McNeish joined the RAF in 1st August. Mr John MacKay joined Royal Navy as at 22nd July.  Many children reported back from evacuation causing conjestion in some of the classes.  All the school ready for use except the Art Rooms but painters still working in some of the rooms.
4 September 1941: Mr Nicol left school today to join the R.A.F.
13 October 1941: Janitor informs me that some unauthorised person was in Room 25 (medical room) during the week-end.
24 October 1941: Mr Lardy absent at Edinburgh for interview for R.A.F.
6 November 1941: Miss Edith M. Wilson teacher of Dressmaking died on Tuesday 4th November.
18 November 1941: Mr J. Paul returned to the school today from Maybole. 19th November 1941: A.R.P. and fire-drill.
18 December 1941: Police Sergeant visited the school today and addressed the boys on street dangers.


22nJanuary 1942: Owing to the severe snowstorm the attendance was down to 68% . School was closed at mid-day.  Many of the staff were late in getting in owing to breakdown of the transport.
23 January 1942: Attendance again very poor owing to weather, 60%
20 February 1942: Took A.R.P. exercises and Firedrill.
26 February 1942: Mr William Tannoch headmaster retired today on reaching his 65th birthday.  Mr Thomas Duncan was nominated to carry on his duties meantime.
13 April 1942: The school re-opened at 9am. The convenor of the Education Committee, the Deputy Director of Education and Mr Dickson attended at 2pm to introduce the new headmaster, Mr James H.Gilspie.
12 May 1942: Thomas Campbell, 14, Form 2/2B fell in playground and hurt elbow but did not report injury. Royal Infirmary later confirmed the injury as a strain.
18 May 1942: School closed-Empire Day Holiday.
22 May 1942: Air Raid Practice.  Gas mask inspection.
30 September 1942: Mr John Paul left today to take up duties as Headmaster of Laurieston School, Stewarty of Kircudbright.
6 October 1942: Mr N.S. Gray H.M.I. visited the school and heard the School Broadcast with form 1d Boys and discussed the subject with them.
17 October 1942: Air Raid -Shelter practice.
30 October 1941: Air Raid Practice, Gas mask inspection.
11 November 1941: Remembrance Day ‘ Message to Schools’. Two minutes silence obserbed at 11am.
12 November 1941: Miss C.G. O’Connor H.M.I. visited the school in the afternoon to be with a class during a History Broadcast, class III 2
26 November 1942: Members of the Tree Lovers Society with Councillor Mrs Garrett planted eight trees in the playground.
27 November 1942: Gas Mask inspection. Air-raid shelter practice.  Police officers attended in the afternoon and gave lectures to several classes on safety.


26 March 1943: Gas mask inspection and Air Raid Drill.
25 MAy 1943: RAF evacuated school.
28 May 1943: Air raid Shelter Drill.
8 June 1943: Miss McIlwain, a missionary from India addressed pupils of forms 1v, 111, 11 a and 11 b.
18 June 1943: Air Raid practice and Gas mask inspection.
30 June 1943: School closed for month of July.
4 July 1943: School Cookery Room was broken into this evening, and 2 windows and 2 glass cupboard doors broken, some cups and saucers, 2 teapots, knives etc were removed.  All but 6 fruit knives were recovered in school grounds.  Police arrested 2 boys on Monday July 26th.
2 August 1943: Miss Helen Forrest returned from evacuation duty at Kinross.
26 August 1943: Dr Mulvey attended to examine girl volunteers (harvesting)
31 August 1943: 60 pupils ( forms V, 111, 11 b) under charge of Miss Ac Thomson visited the Art Gallery this afternoon to attend lecture and visit the exhibition,’ Present discovers the Past.’
6 September 1943: Advance part to Maben House. THe Headmaster, Miss McCormack, Miss Melville, Miss Forrest and Miss Cameron. School closes for the Potato Harvest.
18 September 1943: 44 boys and Miss Dewar and Mr A   went to Maben House for harvesting.
25 September 1943: 37 girls and Miss Knight and Miss Hewitt joined the harvesting party at Maben.
8 October 1943: Harvesting Party returned to Glasgow.
18 October 1943: School re-opened.
29 October 1943: Miss Margaret Thomson transferred to Largs for evacuation duties. Miss Markham addressed girls on ‘Make -do-and-mend’
28 November 1943: Air raid Shelter Practice.
6 December 1943: Mr Dorman absent due to death of his wife.
8 December 1943: Mr Dorman returned to duty.
10 December 1943: Mr Nicolson visited school to address the staff on the matter of Former Pupils’ Clubs.
23 December 1943: Scool closed for Christmas Holidays.  Service in Dalmarnock Parish Church.


11 January 1944: Mr George MacKenzie teacher of Technical Subjects left to take up evacuation duties at Girvan.
11 February 1943: Air Raid Practice
12 February 1943: Two Technical subject rooms 60 and 61 were broken into this forenoon. CID officer came to investigate.
16 March 1943: 161 pupils from V, 1v,111, 11 accompanied by eight teachers attended a concert given by the Scottish Orchestra in Bridgeton Burgh Hall.
17 March 1943: Miss Willamina C Stewart attended to take place of Miss McVey who proceeds to Arran on evacuation duty on 18-4-44
28 April 1944: Air Raid Drill, Gas mask Inspection.
1 May 1944: Miss Morgan transferred to Bath Street to assist for a week before going to the service.
22 May 1944: Empire Day Holiday
13 June 1944: 1a boys, 11b girls attended Miss McLaren’s lecture at Art Galleries.
19 June 1944: 1d boys attended Technical Exhibition accompanied by Mr J Barr.
20 June 1944: 1b,11b, 11 c boys also visited the exhibition.
23 June 1944: Leaving Certificate received, the First Leaving Certificate gained by pupils of the school.  Successful candidates were CHRISSIE MAXWELL and ANNIE THOMSON.
4 July 1944: 110 pupils accompanied by staff visited the Colonial Exhibition in the Art Galleries.
6 July 1944: 103 pupils visited Colonial Exhibition.
27 October 1944: All classes were photographed today.
4 December 1944: I regret to record that Miss Eliz. Cameron, who has been absent through serious illness since March, died at her home last night Dec 3rd.
22 December 1944: School closed for Christmas Holidays. Service in Old Calton church in the afternoon.


30 January 1945: School dismissed at 1pm friday on account of the severe weather conditions.  Mr Thomas and Miss Tyler absent through being snowed up at their homes.
6 February 1945: Mr Angus McKechnie (PT) absent on account of a carbuncle.
The Corporation of Glasgow (Education Department)
Scottish Education Department’s Report
Riverside Senior Secondary School
Session 1943-44
The School was given Senior Secondary status from Session 1939-40.
The premises are modern and make provision for technical, commercial and domestic courses in addition to courses of an academic type.
During the session the average roll was 757 and the average attendance 87%.  In the same period the average post-intermediate roll was 7.
As a result of transfers, retirals, evacuation requirements and alteration in the status of the school, changes of staff have been numerous in recent years. In 1939 principal teachers were appointed to the English and Mathematics Departments and in the past two sessions the staff has been further strengthened by the appointment of principal teachers of science, domestic subjects, technical subjects and art.
The development of the school has been made more difficult by the circumstances of war-time. During sessions 1939-40 and 1940-41 part-time education only was provided; a three month period of dis-organisation followed on damage caused to the building by enemy action. Part of the domestic science wing was occupied by the Royal Air Force from December 1939 till May 1943.  Thus, while full-time education for all pupils was restored in September 1941, the completed domestic science scheme was not in operation till September 1943.
Candidates were presented for the Senior Leaving Certificate this year, a creditable achievement in view of all the obstacles.
Last year 80 pupils took part in a Harvest Camp.
A former pupils’ Club has recently been institued and there is also, for former pupils, a Girls Training Corps Company’ officerd by members of the staff.
March 1945: French ….some of the classes include pupils whose linguistic ability is so meagre that the wisdom of giving them French is doubtful.
19 April 1945: School closed in afternoon to allow teachers to attend meeting in St Andrews Hall.
1 May 1945: Twenty two pupils of Prep A transferred to Achnamara Residential School for a period of 4 weeks.
8 May 1945: Victory Holiday
9t May 1944: Victory Holiday
21 May 1945: Empire Day Holiday
14 June 1945: A girl pupil, Alice Major broke her arm in the gymnasium.  School broken into no damage but keys missing.
21 June 1945: Miss M. Forest absent, her fiance being on leave from Middle East.
26tJune 1945: Children returned from Achnamara.
29 June 1945: School closed for Summer Holidays. Prize-giving function was held in Old Calton Parish Church.  Councillor Mrs Cailey presented the prizes. 15th August 1945: Dr Winning examined 60 boys for harvesting.
17 August 1945: Dr Winning examined 60 girls for harvesting.
20 August 1945: 110 boys and 100 girls went to Thomson Street Clinic for mass-radiographic.
21 August 1945: Mrs Margaret McLachlan, spray bath attendant, absent because of son’s return from foreign service.
23 August 1945: Mrs Jemima Marshall, part-time cleaner, absent on account of her husband being home from foreign service.
4 September 1945: Nineteen children( 10boys, 9 girls) left for a four week residence at Achnamara.
19 September 1945: Mrs Margaret McLachlan, spray baths attendant absent on account of her daughter’s illness( and subsequent death.)
20 September 1945: National Association for Prevention of Tuberculous gave a film demonstration for Senior pupils today.
15 September 1945:V.E. Holiday.
29 September 1945: School closed today for potato lifting holiday.  Advance party left for Maben House. Mr James H. Gilspie terminated his service on his appointment to Bellahouston Senior Secondary School.
1 November 1945: Mr William S. Ritchie Bsc. F.R.I.C. entered on duty as headmaster. ROLL 359 boys, 364 girls; total 723. Attendance 91.4%
22 November 1945: Mr John McNeish, Teacher of Educ. Handwork relieved from war service under class B, to be reinstated in this school as from 22nd November but will not report for duty for some days after that date.
27 November 1945: Mr John McNeish reported for duty at 8:55 am.
10 December 1945: Mr Robert Nicol reported for duty at 8:55 am returned from War Service.
Dr J.C.Scott called at the school today in the connection with the appointment of school chaplains.  The headmaster was at the office for interview with the Director on the subject of accommodation.  Mr McIntyre and Miss Knight met Dr Scott.


1st February 1946:ROLL: Boys 441, Girls 447: Total: 888
20 February 1946: Rev. Bryan S.W. Green B.D. of London visited the school this afternoon and addressed the staff and pupils during the last period.
21 February 1946: Dr Boyle and Dr Strachan HMI visited the school this morning and discussed with the headmaster the question of accommodation with reference to the raising of the school age.
22 March 1946: Mrs MacKenzie Anderson of the Tree Lovers Society, visited the school this afternoon. Six trees were planted to replace trees that had been damaged.
3 April 1946: Miss Thomson absent-granted leave of absence for three days-Fiance at home.
2 May 1946: Miss Brice had my permission to be absent for two hours this morning in order to give a piano recital at Glasgow University.
6 May 1946: Miss Ramsey absent by permission to make arrangements for Company sites for City of Glasgow Girls’Training Corps.
27 May 1946: School closed for Kings Birthday Holiday.
7 June 1946: School closed, Victory Day Holiday.
19 June 1946: School Sports were held this afternoon in Springfield Park at 1:30 pm.
24 October 1946: Form 1v visited ,’The County Comes to Town’ exhibition in the Kelvin Hall.
30 October 1946: A church service was held this day in Old Calton Parish church at 12:10pm.
27 November 1946: Mr Mackay absent, death of baby at birth.
2 December 1946: Mr Mackay returned to duty at 8:55am.
23 December 1946: Carol Service in Old Calton Parish Church.
25 December 1946: Christmas Day, school closed.
27 December 1946: School closed this afternoon for holidays.


6 January 1947: School re-opened today.  The Director visited the school this afternoon and discussed matter of accommodation with the headmaster. ROLL: Boys 445, Girls: 449, Total: 894
26 February 1947: School attendance was continous today until 1 o’clock when the school was closed on account of the fact that the lavatory pipes were frozen.
25 February 1947: Today the lunch interval was extended from 12:05 til 2pm an account of frozen lavatory pipes.  Three afternoon periods of half-an-hour each and the school closed at 3:30.
26 February 1947: Owing to severe weather conditions a double attendance was worked and the school closed at 1 o’clock.
27 February 1947: On account of prevailing conditions the afternoon session consisted of three periods of 30 minutes duration.  School closed at 3:30pm.
28 February 1947: All the boy’s lavatories are out of commission and only one girls’ lavatory was working.
13 March 1947: Mr Barr absent . Turned back by snowdrift, no bus-service.
14 March 1947: Mr Barr returned to duty at 8:55 pm-held up in this by snow-drift and had to walk back 3 1/2 miles to East Kilbride.
24 March 1947: 118 boys visited the clinic at Ashley Street today for mass-radiography.
27 March 1947: 45 boys visited the clinic at Ashley Street today for mass-radiography.
The School Dining Centre was opened yesterday when approx. 200 pupils with supervisory staff took dinner.  Later on it is hoped to provide dinner for 400 pupils at two sittings.
26 MAy 1947: School closed-King’s birthday holiday.
27 June 1947: Miss Richmond and Mr Nairn visited the school this morning and introduced a deputation heade by Lady MacGregor of MacGregor who had with her representatives of Pathe Film Company.  Mr J. McGregor H.M. Inspector of Art was also present.  Arrangements were made for the filming of scenes at the school during July in connection with a film in Dress Design.
30 September 1947: Mr MacRae absent-attending Gaelic Mod at Perth.
2 October 1947: Mr Page and Mr Neish left for Callendar.  Advance for potato Harvest Camp.
3 October 1947: ROLL: Boys: 443, Girls:469. Total: 922.
6 October 1947: Mr Jenkins, Miss E. Brown, Miss S. Dickson absent at Potato Harvest Camp.
7 October 1947: Headmaster visited the school camp at Callendar today.  Mr N. Christie, H.M. Inspector ,called at the school this afternoon to see Miss syn.  He took the opportunity of seeing the spray baths in operation.


7 January 1948: Mr David Letham-PT- reported for duty at 8:55 am to replce Mr Carl Munger.
2 February 1948: 193 new pupils were enrolled today.  Two rooms in the new buildings were occupied today.
18 February 1948: Miss McQueen and Miss Watt. H.M.I. visited the school Dining Centre today and remained during the three sittings.
20 February 1948: Dr Boyle, Mr Rodger of the S.E.D. and Mr McNab visited the school this afternoon and inspected the hut that is occupied.  They heard of the difficulties due to the temporary heating arrangements.24th March 1948: Easter Service in Calton Old Parish Church. Boys: 553, Girls: 549 TOTAL: 1102
8 October 1948: Thirty boys were exempted from school attendance this week in order to go to the potaot harvest at Tannadice, Angus.  The camp lasts for three weeks.  Mr Neish and Mr Rodger act as Camp leaders and have the assistance of a student Mrs McNAughton. ROLL: Boys: 558, Girls: 578. TOTAL 1136
25 October 1948: Mr Neish returned to school this morning with the 30 boys who had been at the Potato Harvest Camp at Tannadice.
29 November 1948: School closed.  Holiday for Royal Birth.


27 January 1949: A party of senior pupils (41) supervised by Mr MacIver and Mr Jenkins attended the performance of MacBeth this afternoon at the Citizens Theatre.
26 May 1949: Dr H. Stewart MacIntosh, Director of Education visited the school this afternoon.  He discussed with the headmaster the possibility of having the playong ground on one level, and also the preparation of the ground at the side of the school for a tennis court.
2 September 1949: ROLL: Boys 551, Girls: 568, TOTAL: 1119
5 September 1948: Mr Robert Pryde reported for duty as assistant janitor on probation replacing Mr Wm Douger.
7 September 1949: Class 1G proceeded to Woodburn House today under the supervision of Mr McEwan.  This class will work at Woodburn House each Wednesday during the session.  Monsieur Gilles Mayoux, French Student started.
21st November 1949: Archibald Chambers (1F) received at the hands of Lord Inverclyde a certificate from the Glasgow Humane Society for gallantry in saving a boy’s life from drowning in a disused quarry in London Road.  The ceremony took place in the Lord Provosts Room at the City Chambers this afternoon.


9 March 1950: The headmaster reported the improper behaviour of a man on the banks of the Clyde (Rutherglen side) to the Eastern Police.  Two officers called during the forenoon and were fully informed of the case. They interviewed one girl.( R.L.)
10 March 1950: Two Policewomen visited the school this afternoon to inform the headmaster that the Rutherglen Police had apprehended a man on the banks of the Clyde.  He was suspected of improper behaviuor.  They interviewed two girls. J.L. and M.M of 1st year.
13 March 1950: Mr W. Gillies H.M. Inspector visited the school this morning to see the seating arrangement for the Leaving Certificate Examination.
5 April 1950: ROLL: Boys: 612, Girls: 607, TOTAL: 1219
20 April 1950: Today every pupil present received two apples from British Columbia. 23 cases x 40lb apples were sent as a gift from the President Mr Loyd of the fruit Trees Ltd.,Kelonna, British Columbia.  The apples were greatly appreciated.
1 June 1950: Mr McIntosh and Miss Richmond had lunch today in the house on the invitation of the girls of class 111 b
2 June 1950: Annual Sports were held this afternoon in Springfield Park.
2 October 1950: 100 boys left this morning for the Potato Harvest at Culty Braggan Camp, Comrie.  The Camp Leader is Mr Jardine, Ministry of Agriculture. 3rd October 1950: The first party of children from Achnamara  residential School returned yesterday at 6pm and today 29 pupils (17 boys and 12 girls) left for Achnamara.
10 October 1950: Letter received from Mr. J.Jardine, Ministry of Agriculture, who is acting as group leader for the boys from this school at the Potato HArvest.  He reported that three boys had returned from the camp at Comrie without permission.  On Thursday 8th October the Headmaster visited Cultybraggan Camp, Comrie, and was satisfied witht he arrangements made for the boys from the school.
23 October 1950: Pupils returned from Potato Harvest Camp on Saturday morning and resumed school today.


26 January 1951: Last attendance for 15 year old leavers. ROLL: Boys: 520, Girls: 522, TOTAL: 1042
2 February 1951: ROLL: Boys: 612, Girls: 618, TOTAL: 1230
18 June 1951: The Director of Education visited the school this afternoon to say farewell to the Headmaster who retires at the end of the session. ( Mr William S. Ritchie)
27 August 1951: Mr Walter F. Grieve entered on duty as Headmaster today. ROLL: Boys: 488, Girls: 535, TOTAL: 1023
17 September 1951: Three small pieces of glass were found on the top of a milk-bottle cap.  I reported the matter to the manager of the C0-0p Creamery, Shettleston and thereafter forwared the cap for inspection.
1 October 1951: Party of 106 boys and 45 girls with escorts (Boys) Mr. Smith and 4 supervisors, Miss watson and 5 supervisors left for the Harvest Camps at 11:30 this morning.. The boys’ party was short of 6 supervisors, this was duly reported by me to Mr Lewis and Mr Dunnan.
2 October 1950: George Reid 111 b was returned from camp this morning having hurt his foot in the darkness last night.
3 October 1951: Headmaster visited the Girls’ Camp at Errol and was satisfied with the arrangements.  The girls were all very happy.
4 October 1951: Headmaster visited the Boys’ camp at Findopark.  The 10 supervisors, whose appointment was belated, were all on duty, but the work of some was not too satisfactory.  The boys were working well and were contented.
5 October 1951: Mr Smith reported by phone that 6 boys had gone home from camp without permission.
9 October 1951: Mr Smith brought back to Glasgow 4 boys whose work at Harvest Camp had been unsatisfactory.
20 October 1951: The harvesters returned to Glasgow and were dispersed from the school at 12:30 approx. today (Saturday).  They were in excellent health and spirits.


JAN 1952: Roll  557 + 557 = 1114

8 January 1952: Miss Young had a bad fall in the playground and sustained a wrist injury.  She was taken to the Royal Infirmary at 9:40am

15 January 1952: Mr Lewis leaves today on National Military Service; his service terminated as from tomorrow ( l days leave of absence).  A 2 minute silence in tribute to the late king was observed in the classrooms ,( 2-2:02 pm). Thereafter the ‘Flowers of the Forest’ was played by the Assistant Janitor Pipe-Major Pryde.

9 May 1952: Party of 90 pupils with 5 teacher escorts today visited Calderpark Zoo (2-4 pm)

15 May 1952: School- class group photographed today.

23 May 1952: Party of 100 pupils and 5 teacher escorts visited Calderpark Zoo this afternoon.

23 June 1952: A successful Mannequin Parade , organised by the Sewing Department was held in the Girls’ Playground at 2pm toady.

25 June 1952: Excursion to Burns Country today ( 74 pupils of 3rd year) escorted by Mr Palmer, Miss Dewar and Mrs Smyth.  H.M.I. Miss Marshall visited school to dicuss Needlework experiment with Sewing Teachers.

25 August 1952: School resumed today after the Summer Vacation.  Painter work has been held up during the holidays due to receipt of inferior paint; and in consequence many room interiors have still to be done.  I have arranged for as little disturbance as possible of school work and only 2 rooms at a time will be decorated.

28 August 1952: Several teachers have complained of articles lost from desks and rooms during the holidays.  The Director of Education and the police will today be informed.

4 September 1952: Mr L. Smith who visited the Meigle Camp testerday, today reported that accommodation was very satisfactory.  Accordingly, the allocation of 60 boys there has been accepted.

11 September 1952: Mademoiselle Micheline Nicolle, French student reported for duty at 9am.

25 September 1952: Mr Marle and 20 boys of 111a this afternoon visited the Castle Toward Art Exhibition at Bellahouston.  79 boys and 4 teacher escortd this afternoon visited the ‘Battle of Britain’  feature (Lancaster Aircraft) at Art Galleries.

25 September 1952: 2 teachers and 35 boys visited the Castle Toward Art exhibition this afternoon.

30 September 1952: HARVEST CAMP. 57 boys under Mr. L. Smith left this morning for Meigle  ( Belmont Camp)

8 October 1952: Headmaster today visited the boys at Meigle Harvest Camp and found the conditions excellent and the boys in fine health and spirits.

13 October 1952: Riverside’s first printed magazine was on sale today.  All concerned are to be complemented on this successful compilation.

15 October 1952: Mr Clark and 13 pupils in 1v-v1 today attended the performance of The Pamela Stirling Players at the Citizens Theatre.

16 October 1952: 21 pupils and 12 teachers attended Scottish Orchestral Concert at 2pm this afternoon.

20 October 1952: Harvesters returned on Saturday to Glasgow and to school today.

24 October 1952: U.N . Day: 6 pupils , members of C.E.W.C. went round the rooms giving classes v1-11 a talk on World Citizenship.

1 December 1952: 180 pupils and 11 teachers attended the Scottish Orchestral Concert this afternoon.

9 December 1952: 18 girls from Eastbank S.S. and 40 girls of this school were addressed by Miss Dewhurst today on the Mobile Nursing Unit Film.


26 March 1953: At 2:10 pm an informal ceremony of Tree ans Shrub planting was held. 4 Silver A— trees were planted at the front of the school by the School Captains and Captains and Vice-Captains of the two youngest classes.  Prefects and class Captains helped to plant a number of shrubs at the Kempoch Street exit from boys’ playground.  Apart from improving school amenities the planting is associated with the year of Coronation.

27 March 1953: Final of the Girls’ Hockey Tournament was held at Westhorn Park at 3:30 today , all girls in the school being in attendance.

22 April 1953: Party of 40 pupils an 2 teacher escorts attende th ‘Osoris’ production of ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ at Berkley Hall this morning.

24 April 1953: Hockey Match. Staff (Ladies v Girls) Westhorn Park 3:30 pm today.  No disturbance to the work of the school generally which dismissed at 4pm as usual.

21 May 1953: Party of 200 pupils and 11 teacher escorts attended Scottish Orchestral Concert in St Andrews Halls this afternoon.

22 May 1952: Party of 19 pupils escorted by 1 teacher visited the Peoples Palace this afternoon. (Old Glasgow Section)  Distribution of ‘Coronation’ Gifts of Sweets took place today at 3pm.

25 May 1953: School closed Queen’s Birthday Holiday.

1 June 1953: School closed 1st, 2nd,3rd June-Coronation Holiday

12 June 1953: Staff Bus Outing to Lake of Menteith took place today (4:15pm and evening). Very successful.

15 June 1953: Party of 27 pupils and 2 teacher escorts visited the Hunterian Museum.

18 June 1953: Bus excursion (3rd,4th,5th,6th years) to Stirling and Aberdour took place today.

19 June 1953: School Sports were held at Westhorn Park this afternoon in dull weather.

23 June 1953: Mannequin Parade (2-2:40)

24 June 1953: Party of 120 boys and girls with 6 teacher escorts attended ‘Coronation’ Film Show in Parkhead Palace this morning.  Party of 10 senior pupils and 1 teacher escort attended show of Physics Dept. (University) this afternoon.

25 June 1953: School was dismissed at 11am (Queen’s visit)

28 August 1953: Boys:494, Girls: 579, Total: 1013

3 September 1953: Mademoiselle Jeanne M. Bidesgain (French student teacher) reported for duty today at 9am.

29 September 1953: Party of 35 girls and 4 non-teacher escorts left school at 9:45am for Auchterarder Potato Camp.

Class of 1951

1 October 1953: 90 pupils were vaccinated ( BCG, TB immunisation)

7 October 1953: 40 pupils attended the Citizens Theatre Performance of ‘The Thistle and The Rose’ this afternoon.

14 October 1953: 30 pupils and 2 teachers at Art Films (2-4) Art Galleries.

15 October 1953: 20 pupils and 1 teacher at Art Films (2-4)

20 October 1953: 46 pupils and 3 teachers visited the Modern Homes Exhibition.

30 October 1953: Mr Walter F. Grieve, Headmaster retired today, having completed 40 years service.

2 November 1953: Mr Robert Moffat entered on duty today as Headmaster.

5 November 1953: Mr John McDonald, Bridgeton Boys Club visited out what activities if any were to be done by the school in connection with their annual competition.

8 December 1953: Mr A.J. Emond and Mr K.E.Miller HMI visited the school today.  Mr Edord to inspect the new layout of the Technical Rooms and Mr Miller to discuss schemes of work with Mr Maule.


25 January 1954: School broken into on night of 23rd or morning of 24th. Rooms, 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 entered and damaged, lockfast cupboards and drawers forced open and books, jotters, registers, attendance cards maliciously and wantonly destroyed or damaged.  Matter reported to the Director and to Police.

New term begins today. 5 classes telescoped into others and 5 new classes formed-two transitional classes, two Junior Secondary classes and one Modified Secondary class. 53 transitional pupils, 56 Junior pupils and 38 Modified pupils enrolled.

BOYS: 495, GIRLS: 525; TOTAL: 1020

24 February 1954: Mr McLaren and 19 class captains from 1st and 2nd years visited the ‘Living Dangerously’ exhibition in McLellan Galleries this afternoon.

30 March 1954: Dr MacIntosh, Director, visited the school today about numbers in 4th and 5th years and discussed possibilities of having vocational courses to increase the numbers in the top classes.

6 April 1954: 600 pupils and 30 teacher escorts went to Palace Cinema this forenoon to see the ‘Ascent of Everest’ film.

7 April 1954: Headmaster attended meeting in Education Offices, with the Headmasters of Knightswood and of the two new secondary schools opened at Pollock and Milton in connection with proposed scheme for Comprehensive Schools, Riverside with the other three to start a three years experiment during which time the pupils of certain Primary feeding schools will be promoted with no calibration category label attatched to them.  These pupils will take the Calibration Test in the usual way but the Test papers will be marked by other schools and the categories determined by the Promotions board filed in the Education office for follow up purposes only.

12 April 1954: Headmaster attended meeting in Education Office in connection with the proposed modified Calibration Test for 4 selected secondary schools including Riverside.  All the Head Teachers involved attended this meeting.  Considerable opposition was voiced but the only changes made in the proposed scheme were of a very minor nature.

7 May 1954: Headmaster at Conference of Senior Secondary Headmasters Association in Dunblane.

Fatal accident occurred in school at door of Room 2.  Robertson Quigley, 5th year pupil, when opening the door had the door handle blown out of his hand by wind.  The door swung open in the face of an oncoming pupil who put up her hands to save her face.  Both hands went through the glass panels and a pice of broken glass entered Quigley’s abdomen severing an artery.

11 May 1954: Funeral of Robertson Quigley attended by Headmaster, 9 members of staff and a representative attendance from 3rd, 4th and 5 year pupils.

18 May 1954: Mr Bain, Deputy Director of Education and Mr McNab, Chief Architect visited the school to examine door of Room 2 where fatal accident happened on 7-5-54

Meeting of parents of new pupils at 2pm.  About 40 parents attended and some were very critical about the new promotional scheme affecting Riverside.  It seems that one Primary Headmaster was indiscreet enough to give the parents of his pupils estimated category marks for these pupils and the parents of pupils from other schools were indignant that they had not got Category marks for their children.  On the whole the meeting was satisfactory in that all the parents interviewed were satisfied with the courses proposed for their children.

4 June 1954: Mr Reid, solicitor acting for the Education Authority’s Insurance Company, visited the school to interview Miss MacPherson and witness in connection with the contested claim for damages by the parents of Irene Irving

8 June 1954: On 8th, 9th,10th June 2 teachers and 25pupils in 3 parties took part in School Childrens Art Competition in Art Galleries.

10 June 1954: Miss Jeffrey and 24 pupils visited the Hunterian Museum this afternoon.

18 June 1954: Annual Sports held in Westhorn Park this afternoon.  Weather excellent.

6 September 1954: Mlle Collette Segond French Student Teacher reported for duty today.  She will take French classes on Monday forenoons.

Fraulein Elisabeth Zimmermann, German Student Teacher reported today for duty with German classes, Monday afternoons.

4 October 1954: Headmaster attended meeting in City Chambers with 26 other Senior Secondary Headmasters and sub-committee of Education Committee to dicuss the provision to be made in the Sen. Sec. Schools for playing association and Rugby Football.  In the end it was decided that the matter should be left to the sympathetic consideration of the Headmasters.  BCG vaccination started in scool today for pupils 13 years of age and upwards. (4-10-54 to 7-10-54)

8 October 1954: Miss Young and Miss Aitken accompanies by 20 pupils visited Crail Street Day Nursery.

11 October 1954: 8 teachers and 167 pupils went to St Andrews Hall for a concert by Scottish National Orchestra.

12 October 1954: Mr McGeachin and Mrs McLennan accompanied by 25 pupils visited the McLellan Galleries for the ‘Oil for Britain’ exhibition.  Mr Young with 15 pupils visited the Palace of Art for the Exhibition of work by the students at Toward Castle in July.

13 October 1954: Miss Wright with 10 pupils visited the Citizens Theatre for a performance of ‘La Malade Imaginaire’

15 October 1954: 15 pupils visited the Palace of Art exhibition.

19 October 1954: 40 pupils and 2 teachers visited the Citizens Theatre this afternoon for a performance of, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

12 Novemebr 1954: Mr Reid, Solicitor for the Corporation, Mr John Forrest, Property Dept. and Mr Paterson Architects Dept. visited the school for an enquiry into the circumstances of Robert Quigley’s death in 7-5-54.  The following members of staff were interviewed; Mr McLintock, Mr Mackay and Miss Hewitt.


ROLL: BOYS: 391, GIRLS: 439, TOTAL: 830

21 January 1955: Aldis Film-Strip Projector reported missing from the place of storage in the Correction Room.  Slide-carrier also missing and nothing else in the cupboard disturbed.  Matter reported to C.I.D. and Detective Sergeant Deas visited the school to take particulars.

1 February 1955: Miss Jeffrey promoted to Woman Adviser.

27 April 1955: 200 pupils attended the ‘All Scotland Crusade’ meeting in Kelvin Hall to hear Mr Billy Graham.

13 May 1955: Dr Strachan and Miss Duncanson H.M.I. visited the school with a deputation from Jugo-Slavia to show the visitors a typical Comprehensive School

27 May 1955: Mr Gillies H.M.I. visited the school to hear our views on the Youth Employment service, with particular reference to their recent efforts on Talks on Jobs.  Various Teachers who were at those talks were interviewed and our criticisms will be sent to the Education Offices by letter.

8 June 1955: 89 pupils (J.S.) and 6 teacher escorts had an all-day excursion to Aberdeen via Stirling and Dunfermline.

22 June 1955: Mannequin Parade organised by Domestic Science Dept.  96 pupils (S.S.) and 6 escorts had an all-day excursion to Ayrshire Coast.

30 June 1955: BOYS: 422, GIRLS: 462, TOTAL: 884

In the photo are the school prefects for that year (Form V, 1956):Back row – Ian Brown, Robert Dunlop, John Conn, David Kerr Front row – Jean Brownlie, Mr Murray (?), Irene Duncan, Mr Moffat (Headmaster), Helen Doole.


29 August 1955: BOYS: 441, GIRLS: 477. TOTAL: 918

3 October 1955: 27 boys off to potato harvesting at Inverbervie.

5 October 1955: 2 teachers and 43 girls to Camlachie Institute this afternoon for ‘Talk on Jobs’.

6 October 1955: School photographed by Prophet (by classes). Staff was also photographed.

12 October 1955: Party of boys to Camlachie Institute for Talk on jobs.  Headmaster in the chair.

25 October 1955: Classes containing pupils who were involved in potato harvesting photographed.  Potato harvesters returned to school on 24-10-55

1 November 1955: BCG vaccination all day.

23 November 1955: Sudden death of Mr Simpson who has been a member of the Science staff of Riverside since the opening of the school in 30-1-33.  Death due to thrombosis in his sleep during the night.

20 December 1955: Pupils dismissed today at the end of the forenoon session. Members of staff absenting themselves to attend an EIS protest meeting in the afternoon during school hours.  School Party held from 6:30pm till 10pm.


January 1956: Boys:490, Girls: 493, TOTAL: 983

31 January 1956: Mw H.M.I. visited the school in connection with the new timetable to discuss how best to meet the worsening conditions due to shortage of staff.

23 February 1956: Mr Ian Robertson ceased duties as from today because of National Service.

16 April 1956: Mr Paton back on duty after knee strain caused by football match against the boys.

2 May 1956: A mixed party consisting of 111a and selected pupils for 111b and 111c started a weeks educational tour of the Border country under Mr Donald Taylor assisted by students from Jordonhill.  Party to stay each night at Youth Hostel.

1 June 1956: Mr Barclay absent-leave of absence for European Games at Prague.

4 June 1956: Party of 3rd year and senior pupils on educational excursion to Perth.

14 June 1956: 3rd year pupils to Aberdeen on educational visit.

27 August 1956: Boys: 484, Girls: 493, TOTAL: 977

Attached, the famous impromptu boys’ hockey team of 1955. We had just defeated the champion girls’ team by a whopping margin! None of us had played before.Back row (L-R): Danny McEwan, Gordon Love, Ian Anderson, George Pate, Davie Adams Middle row: Tommy McConnell, John Patrick, Jim Downie Front row: Ian Brown, Dave Kerr, John Conn


7 January 1957: Miss Cleeve, teacher on exchange from Australia started duties for Miss Elizabeth Brown who has gone to Australia for 1 year.

28 January 1957: Boys: 517, Girls: 538. TOTAL: 1055

18 February 1957: School Dining Room broken into during the night and burgled.

29 March 1957: Burglary in Domestic Science classroom in House during night of 29th/30th March. Value of aticles stolen over £60. C.I.D. have taken all particulars.

1 April 1957: Dr Eleanor Simpson visited the school and gave a talk illustrated by film on Tuberculosis and the benefits of x-ray diagnosis to Senior pupils in the large art room.

10 May 1957: Miss Cleeve returned to duty (absent since 15-4-57 on Continental Tour arranged by league of British Commonwealth and Empire). Miss Cleeve has been absent for 4 weeks and did not think fit to notify headmaster of this absence.  She was informed by the Headmaster that such an occurrence must not happen again.  Miss Cleeve apologised.

17 June 1957: Mr Gillies H.M.I. visited the school with Mr Stromstedt from Sweden so that the visitor from Sweden could obtain information about a Comprehensive School.

7 October 1957: Mr MacKay, Mrs Jenkins and Miss Swanson absent-influenza.  Epidemic continuing and causing almost 50% absence among pupils.

22 October 1957: Miss Dewar to receive responsibility for element of £75 for taking charge of Geography Dept. during the prolonged absence of Mr Campbell.

30 October 1957: Headmaster, Mr MacLennan, Miss Boyd, Miss J McFarlane, Miss Home absent-influenza epidemic

19 November 1957: Mr Law H.M.I. visited the school for discussion on the new 4th year certificate.

18 December 1957: School Dance for Senior pupils.

24 December 1957: Mrs Jenkins ceased teaching under Authority’s pregnancy requirements.


23 January 1958: Mr Law H.M.I. and Mr Cunningham Depute Director of Education visited the school today to discuss the staffing situation.  No relief can be given and it was decided that certain classes beginning in January including the transitional classes should go on half-time.

28 January 1958: Classes 1 P 1 and 1P2 start half time each day doing the time-table for 1 week spread over 2 weeks, classes being taken alternately.

26 March 1958: Mr Law H.M.I. visited the school to discuss the installation of a proper school library.

1 October 1958: Miss Elizabeth Hewitt started part-time duties in connection with the library. ( 2hours daily)

14 October 1958: Meeting of local Headmasters of Senoir Secondary Schools with Mr De Boinville of F.B.I. and local industry representatives in Springfield Wire Works.  Meeting dealt with absorption into industry of 5th year pupils.

11 December 1958: Mr Law H.M.I. and Mr Cunningham Depute Director of Education visited the school to tell the Headmaster that Riverside was one of several senior secondary schools which it has been decided would lose their 4th and 5th years after the end of the present session.  It had originally been decided that the pupils in the classes concerned would be transferred to Eastbank at the end of the session but after discussion it was agreed that they would go to Whitehill or Eastbank according to what they themselved preferred.

16 December 1958: School broken into by burglars.  Locks and doors in main building forced but nothing stolen.  Police informed.

17 December1958: Christmas service held in Calton Old Parish church at 2:30.

BOYS: 361, GIRLS: 393, TOTAL: 754


5 January 1959: Mr Gerard Slavin entered on duties as part-time teacher of  Speech and Drama (Mon, Wed, Fri)

6 January1959: Dr Stewart MacIntosh visited the school to discuss with the Headmaster the contemplated change in the status of the school.

7 January 1959: Miss Hanlon from Careers Council gave a talk to pupils and parents for those who might continue after the third years.  Numbers 36 pupils, 17 parents.

20 February 1959: Hut 29 (Domestic Science) and Hut 27 ( Art) broken into by burglars during the night.  Food stuffs, table-linen, Acme wringer, G.E.C. electric water heater and alarm clock stolen.  Police and Head Office notified.

17 March 1959: Parents’ meeting in evening for projected excursion to Belgium at Easter.

19 March 1959: Fire alarm drill.  Much too slow particularly from the Huts.  The fire-alarm facilities are inefficient and worse than useless.  Attempts on the part of the Headmaster to have a more efficient system are meeting with little success

13 April 1959: Mr James K.W. Thomson (Mon, Wed, Fri) entered on duties to replace temporarily Mr Gerard Slavin engaged on BBC work.

27 April 1959: Mr Murray and 30 pupils from 3rd year Junior Secondary classes assisted by 3 students from Jordanhill went off for a weeks educational tour of the Border Country.

1 April 1959: Pupil in 3rd year (111 T1) Wm Campbell, injured in Metalwork room when the hit cap of live .303 round of ammunition with centre punch held in vice.  C.I.D. and police summoned immediately.  On investigation it was found that 21 rounds of live .303 ammunition were stolen from Army H.Q. in Hill Street by one memebr of class.  All ammunition recovered and Campbell sent to Royal Infirmary.  Matter now entirely in hands of police.

4 May 1959: Mr Slavin re-appointed as before.

3 June 1959: 2 teachers and 36 pupils at Art Gallery Competition.

10 June 1959: Groundsman’s hut broken into and various articles stolen.  Police notified.

30tJune 1959: School Prize-giving Ceremony held in Calton Old Parish Church.  Col. Robert Begg in the Chair.  Mrs Begg presented the prizes including two wristlet watches for leadership awarded by Col. Begg.  School closed for the summer vacation after the ceremony.

Boys: 377, Girls: 395, TOTAL: 772

26 August 1959: Boys: 372, Girls: 378, TOTAL: 772


Mr Dewar                                                     PT Geography

Miss Euphemia Simpson                          Domestic Science

Miss Robina Ferguson                              Music

Miss Joyce Govan                                       Art

Mr Kenneth Mackay                                  English

Mr James D. Boyd                               English

Mr Alan Venters                                         Tech.

9 September 1959: Mr Shaw H.M.I. visited the school to discuss how the elimination of the 4th and 5th years which had now been accomplished were affecting the school.

14 September 1959: Mr Slevin who had been at Edinburgh Festival as Producer resumed duties as before.

23 October 1959: Mr Boyd and Miss Slavin with 40 pupils attended a performance of Othello at the Citizens Theatre (matinee)

26 October 1959: Mr Slevin absent to produce play at Gateway Theatre, Edinburgh.

2 November 1959: Boys: 350, Girls: 362, TOTAL: 712

12 Novemebr 1959: Fire drill carried out. 2 1/4 mins for classes to clear except 2.  These 2 took 3 1/2 mins to clear.

30 November 1959: School closed. St Andrews Day Holiday.

23 December 1959: Boys: 351, Girls: 360, TOTAL: 711


Mr Rober Moffat retired from teaching service as at 4-1-60

There are no more Log Book entries due to the 50 year rule which prevents access to these documents.


Mr Wm Tannock                    1933-1942

Mr James H. Gilspie              1942-1945

Mr William Ritchie                 1945-1951

Mr Walter F. Grieve               1951-1953

Mr Robert Moffat                    1953-1959

Mr William Campbell             1959-1963

Mr Geo. W. Cameron              1963-1972

Mr William Thomson             1972-1976

Mr Stuart Ross                           1976- 1982

Mr David Welsh                         1982-1984

Miss Cooper of Riverside School

Dies At 85

It is with regret that we record the death at Perth of Miss Jeannie Cooper, F.E.I.S, who collapsed in the bus on her way to church and was found to be dead on arrival at Perth Royal Infirmary.

Miss Cooper, who was 85 years of age, was trained in the Glasgow Free Church Training Collage and did all her teaching in the East- end of Glasgow.

For almost forty years she was on the staff of Newlands School and from there she went to Riverside Advanced Central, when the post qualifying girls were transferred there in 1933.

In 1919 Miss Cooper was appointed Senior Woman Assistant, being one of the first women to hold that position. After her retirement in 1938 she lived in Perth.

Miss Cooper for many years served on the Parkhead Juvenile Advisory Committee under the ministry of Labour.

She also devoted much of her time to work in the Sunday school and Bible Class of Whitehill Church of which she was a member and where she was President of the Woman’s Guild.

Taken from Eastern Standard 1959

John McGinnis who taught Chemistry and played keyboards for Stone The Crows










A family photograph shows Ian Brown ( who is in the prefect and hockey photo already on the site) on the front right with the dark jacket. The chap next to him is possibly David Kerr, and on the far left John Conn? Ian died in 2000.

Riverside Secondary Dux Board


Photos of Riverside pupils planing trees for 73









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    I have just found a photo of my dad Ian Brown and two of the other prefects. Happy for it to be uploaded if you can tell me where to send it to

  8. Mary (Percy) Valerio

    Thank you for a very interesting read. My favourite teachers were Miss Paton, who taught French and German and Mrs Galbraith, who taught Maths. I would be glad to see anything with my name on it, Mary Percy, between 1963 and 1967. Sadly i had to leave early to get a job. I don’t know if you have access to Barrowfield Primary where I was on the dux board, probably 1963.

  9. John Hewitt

    Very interesting to read comments and history of Riverside School. My great cousin ( cousin Bessie ) Miss Hewitt taught there for the biggest part of her teaching career. She retired about 1960 but kept going for a while to look after the Library. I would be most grateful if anyone has a school photo with her or a staff photo with her.
    Thank you,
    John Hewitt

  10. Richard Dobbin

    Great reading…!, I attended old Rivvy from 1981 till it’s death. My Da attended here to in the 50s along with his brother and two sisters . Loved this old school. I seen the old ‘Smokers Lane’ too in one of the old pics. Amazing. My head teacher was mr Welsh.

  11. Richard Dobbin

    Brilliant reading,..! I went to this amazing school from 1981 till it’s death. John street sec was my next but nothing compares to Rivvy. My dad went there too in the 50’s along with his brother and two sisters. Great memories.

    1. lorraine gibson

      wow aint u ah blast from past lol i just came across this i was in ur class what ever happend to miss noble history miss hay too do u know

  12. ron mcphee

    I just happened upon this excellent diary of events, and although I attended Bernard Street, three of my sisters attended ‘Rivvy’. I smiled at the bullet incident (maybe I shouldn’t have

  13. alice forster (nee deacon)

    I attended Barrowfield Primary from 1943- 55 I passed my Quali I was looking forward to attend Riverside Senior Secondary
    I was told on the day to report to John Street Secondary to finish my education. I still wonder about my classmates who attended

  14. John

    Has anyone by any chance got a photo of the old DUX board from Riverside School? As I recall, it used to sit on the wall near the Headmaster’s room. Presumably, someone would have rescued it when the school was demolished?

    1. david moffatt

      Before the school was pulled down I was sent a picture of the DUX board. to whom should I send it? Dux names from 1943 to 1980

      1. John

        Hello, David. Just spotted your message. Thank you.

        Hello, David. Just spotted your reply. If possible, please email photo of Riverside dux board to: gwynore@optusnet.com.au.

        Thank you and best wishes,



      2. Irenehart

        Hi David….we would love a copy of your photo. I have left my e mail address on the board.

      3. Lilli

        David I would be grateful for a copy of the Dux board photo. I believe my name may be on it. Would be very grateful. My name has changed since then both Christian and surname.

      4. Lilli Thorn

        A second request please for a copy of the Dux board from Riverside. My name should be on there. (not the names I use now).

      5. Jimmy Bain

        Hi I Lived in 20 McEwan St, You and your Mum, Dad, Sister, lived in the Next Tenement Block, your Daddy was a Bus Driver I think, Glasgow Cooperation.

        Jimmy Bain here hope you are well, and Healthy.

        Keep Well and Alls Well.

        Regards Jimmy Bain

        1. Colin Bennett

          Hi Jimmy
          I remember you,I lived in dechmont street.you lived through the back from one of my uncles.

          1. Anne Watt ( nee McCormack )

            Hi Colin. I lived in Dechmont Street with my Aunts Annie and Jessie Crawford. They were in the “” knitting Bee ” with Jennie Bennett and Jean Bennett who later moved to the High Flats in Helenvale Street. Knew all the Goorleys too.

      6. Colin Bennett

        Hi David
        I was in your sisters class right through primary and secondary,if I remember she was due at newlands,I was second never forgave her for that.only joking she was much smarter than I was and fully deserved it.


        Hi, my dad went to Riverside Secondary from 1937, he was Dux of the school – his name was Maurice McMahon. He took me in to see the board with his name on it, this was before mobile phones so must have taken a pic with a camera but have no idea what happened to it. Do you know of any sources I may contact to get a copy of the board from the 1939 era – the one before the 1943 board.
        Many thanks

    1. Irenehart

      I take it you are referring to Jimmy Boyd aka ‘Harry the Hawk’! We are hoping to include a tribute written by one of his colleagues soon.
      He was indeed a great man and influenced many youngsters in the east-end.


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