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The Airdrie cars were crowded last Sunday, not so much because of the two penny fare as because of the announcement during the week that the last remaining thatched house in Glasgow is at 5 Hart Street, Parkhead, and that the house is one of those that the Corporation proposes to demolish soon.

Quite a crowd of sightseers visited Hart Street on Sunday, many of them with cameras, to view the old house.

The thatched building consists of six apartments made into three houses presently the homes of Mrs, Dunn, Mrs Williams, and Mrs Collins. It is not the only building that is to be demolished. There is a square of houses, of the same type as the thatched ones, except that some are of a two storeys with back stairs, bounded by Westmuir Street, east Wellington Street, and possibly Winning Row, and these are all to come down to make room for new houses.

Mr Alexander Hart

The old fashioned buildings although now clearly ready for removal, were in their time known as good dwellings. Most of them are about 150 years old, and the thatched ones may be even older.

Everyone in Parkhead knows the name of Hart. For as long as anyone can remember Harts, who have been contractors have lived and worked there and have been highly respected.

A Mr Alexander Hart who lived to the age of 91, built Hart Street and gave it its name, and while he may have built the thatched houses it is possible from their appearance, that he bought them over. This Mr. Hart has been dead for about 80 years.

His grandson, also Mr. Alexander Hart, well known as a carting contractor lives in the old home at at number three.

Taken from Eastern Standard 25th Sep 1926.

9 thoughts on “Historic Hart Street

  1. robert marshall

    I was often told as a child, that Hart street was called after a relative. My great grand mother was a Susan Hart married to a James Clark. At the time of her marriage her family lived in Westmuir street.
    Yours, Robert Hart Marshall.

  2. Rodger Mason

    I have been recently trying to contact Alexander Hart Frame at his e-mail address as given above so as to follow up on Hart family history, however I am having some problems contacting him.
    Can anyone help with this engagement with Alexander.
    I can be found at lesden01@bigpond.com

  3. Kirsty Allan

    I read this article often and feel proud to be a descendent of the Harts :) if anyone is aware of anymore interesting articles I would love to hear of them.

  4. Lorraine Simpson

    My great great gran lived at 10 Hart Street. Came across this site when trying to find information on it, it’s fascinating. Do you know if there are any pictures of it? She was Mary Murdoch, daughter of Hugh & Ellen Murdoch. She married William Wilson & moved to Bridgeton.

  5. Alexander Hart Frame

    I am a direct descendant of Alexander hart who built hart street in Parkhead. I was born in Parkhead and have a lot of family history on record including family tree and addresses and occupations . You will find a few anomalies in the records as there was a degree of inter marrying within the family causing some difficulty in differentiating who was who.
    Email me and we could exchange notes if you wish. My other email address is alex_frame@tiscali.co.uk

  6. Rodger Mason

    I am presently writing my wife’s family history. Her family name is Hart. I have traced her family back to this group of Harts including Alexander Hart who developed Hart Street, married Bethia Hunter and went on to have ten children. Her family line is through the forth child John who married Agnes Marshall. They in turn had a son named William who also had a son named William who came to Australia via New Zealand.

    1. John Norman

      Hi Rodger,

      If you are still involved with the Hart family history, i would like to make contact with you. My wife is a Hart from the same “clan”. Her great grandfather was William Hart born 1847 and died 1920 (wife Jane (Jeanie) MacIndoe), and her great great grandfather was also William Hart born 1820 and died 1901 (wife Agnes Park).

      John Norman


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