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A few weeks ago while men were digging in a portion of the ground at Mr. Forrest’s garage in Quarryknowe Street, Parkhead, a stone tablet, dating back to 1791 was unearthed. The stone three feet in length, two and a half feet in breath and six inches in height weighs about three hundred weights.

Mr. R Lockhart Bryden, assistant curator at Glasgow Art Galleries, examined the stone and suggested that it should be kept and embedded in the face of some public building which may be built in the vicinity. Since his visit, however , Mr David Willox, of the well known manufacturing chemist in Parkhead, who has custody of the stone, has discovered its history.

The inscription runs-

August 2, MDCCXCI- This schoolhouse was built by public subscription.

Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth.

Many years ago a small school was erected by public subscription on the site now occupied by the restaurant in Westmuir Street at the corner of Sorby Street,  opposite the U.F. Church.

Sorby Street then was known as the Pump Rigs. The stone found at Quarryknowe Street was originally in a wall of the school. Possibly when the school was demolished it was intended to preserve the stone but, so far, how it was buried is unknown.

Mr Willox has had the stone cleaned, and unless other arrangements are made, he intends to have it built into a wall at his premises.

Taken from Eastern Standard 22 May 1926.

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