Parkhead 1933-34 Directory

Parkhead 1933-34 Directory

This directory is a collection of self employed individuals, traders, businesses,  professions, organisations, social and recreational bodies, national & international companies, and others who all contributed to the history of Parkhead

Should you have any additions or corrections that you wish added to the list, or stories or comments on any of  the  list  then please leave comments.






Adam, John R Iron Merchant 1401 Gllaowgate, Parkhead E1 1358 Duke Street, Parkhead E1
Alexander, John Postman 45 Whitby Street, Parkhead E1
Allan, Robert Of John Allan & Sons, 79 Sword St, E1 45 Tennyson Drive, Parkhead E1
Andrew, J A (agent) National Bank of Scotland, Parkhead, E1 36 Clincart Road, Rutherglen
Baird, William Wholesale Confectioner 11 Whitby Street, Parkhead, E1
Barr, A G & Co. Ltd Mineral Water Manufacturers 1306, Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Baths and Washhouses, Public Public Baths & Washhouses 80 Tollcross Road, Parkhead, E1
Battersby, Dr. Doctor 1452 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Bayne & Ducket Shoe Shop 8 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Beardmore, William, & Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of steel armour plates, ordnance, forgings, castings, axles, tyres, railway wheels Parkhead Steel Works, Parkhead, E1
Bell, A & Sons Ltd. Dyers, Cleaners and Laundry Proprietors Parkhead Cross
Beveridge, Dr. Doctor 79 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Birrell Limited Chocolate Manufacturers & Confectioners 1426 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Black Cat Cinema Cinema 830, Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Bladen & Co. Limited Structural Engineers Parkhead Girder Works, 25-61 Ogilve Street, Parkhead, E1
Blair & Gordon (1923) Ltd, Brewers & Bottlers Home Brewery, Parkhead
Bowie, W & J Ltd. 1420 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Boyd, Robert of Gibson & Mather, Parkhead 157 Clevedon Road, Kelvindale W2
British (The) Dyewood Company Co. Ltd. 567 Shettleston Road, Parkhead, E1
British Linen Bank Bank Parkhead Cross Branch, 40 Westmuir Street, Parkhead, E1
Brown, R Draper 1424 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Brown, Thomas Licenced Grocer 213 Westmuir Street, Parkhead E1
Browning, Miss J Hardware Merchant 1377 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Bryce, William Joiner Eastern Joinery Works, 25-35 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead E1 Inverault, Crosshill Drive, Rutherglen
Burgess, J Gas Engine Maker 52 Helenvale St., Parkhead E1
Burns, John S & Sons Letterpress Printer 458 Westmuir St., Parkhead E1
Campbell, Alex & Co. 41 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Campbell, Colin Ltd. Financiers 11 ewing Place, Parkhead E1
Campbell, Rev John Clergyman The Manse, Drumover Drive, Parkhead E1
Campbell, T Murdoch MA, MB & c Physician & Surgeon 773 Springfield Road, Parkhead E1 9 Whitby St., Parkhead E1
Capaldi, C Café 743 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Castlebank Dyeworks & Laundry (Alex Kennedy & Sons Ltd.) Dyeworks & Laundry 6 Tollcross Rd.,Parkhead Cross, Parkhead E1
Celtic Football & Athletic Club Football Club 216 Janefield St., Parkhead, E1
Chalmers, George Provision Merchant 1303 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1 61 Westmuir St., Parkhead E1
Clerk, Donald & Son Ltd. Structural Engineers, Smiths & FireproofDoor Manufacturers Cuthelton Street, Parkhead E1
Clydesdale Bank Limited Bank Parkhead Branch, 1435 Gallowgate, Parkhead E!
Coates & Greer 1400 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Cochrane, A Ltd Shop 816 Springfield Rd., Parkhead E1
Cochrane, A Ltd 310 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Coffield, James Confectioner 240 Westmuir St. 140 Westmuir St.
Coia Bros Café 512 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Coia, R Café 922 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Commercial Bankof Scotland Ltd. Bank Parkhead Cross Branch, 5 Westmuir St., Parkhead E1
Comrie, J Orr & Co. Mineral Water Manufacturers 1306 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Coubrough, James of Bladen & Co. Ltd, (Managing Director), Parkhead, E1 Parkhead Girder Works, 25-61 Ogilve Street, Parkhead, E1 Ailsa, Hamilton Road, Mount Vernon South
Cowie, C W Boot & Shoe Merchant 1418 Gllowgate, Parkhead E1
Crawford, John & A Ltd 66 anefield St., Parkhead, E1
Crawford, William W General Wireworker 90 Green St., SE 388 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead E1
Dalmarnock & Govan Loan Co. Pawnbrokers 802 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Dansken & Fletcher House Factors & Insurance Agents 938 Springfield Rd.
Dansken, A H F Stationer & Newsagent 1446 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Deans, Dr  R Campbell MB, Ch.B Physician & Surgeon 79 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead E1 77 Whitby St., Parkhead E1
Docherty & Co. Ltd Springs & Spring Seating 172 Millerfield Rd. SE Craigard, Tennyson Drive, Parkhead E1
Duncan, J Umbrella Repairer 1352 Gallowgate, Paekhead E1
Durkin, Rev J Clergyman St. Michael’s Parkhead E1
Eastern Necropolis 1264 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Edgar, Mary Craig Draper 822 Springfield Rd., Parkhead E1
Employment Exchange, Ministery of Labour Ministery of Labour 179 Shettleston Rd., Parkhead, E1
Fenton, Rev Peter Clergyman Parkhead East Church 57 Muiryfauld Dr.,Parkhead, E1
Fletcher, Hugh M (of dansken & Fletcher) House Factor & Agent for Clydesdale Bank, 938 Springfield Rd.,Parkhead E1 Gleniffer, South Mount Vernon
Forrest, Swales Motor Dealer 20 Quarryknowe St., parkhead E1
Fowlis, William Grocer & Confectioner 1219 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Frame, J Draper 1410 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1
Fyfe, Douglas, Co. Ltd. Coffin Makers 121 Salamanca St., Parkhead, E1
Galbraith’s Stores Shop 934 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Gardner, Samuel 65 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Garry, George Dr. Doctor 253 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Gibson & Mathie 70 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead, E1
Gibson. T Dairykeeper 223 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead E1
Gilchrist, Robert B Undertaker & Carriage Hirer 1379 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Gillespie, John House Painter 1378 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1 942 Springfield Rd., parkhead E1
Glasgow Eastern Automobile Co. Ltd. Motor Dealer 840 Springfield Rd., Parkhead E1
Glasgow Eastern Co-operative Society Co-operative Society 70 Westmuir St., Parkhead E1 (Warehouse)
Glasgow Eastern Co-operative Society Co-operative Society 805 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Goldberg, I Rag & Woolen Merchant 1358 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Gordon & Blair Ltd. 7 Invernairn St., Parkhead, E1
Grant, John Confectioner 74 Helenvale St., Parkhead, E1
Gray, James Brick Builder 31 Old Shettleston Rd., e2 Drumother Dr.,parkhead E1
Great Eastern Social & Recreation Club 1076 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Guthrie, William & Co. (Parkhead) Ltd. Oil & Tallow Refiners 80 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead, E1
Hamilton & Crawford Potato & Egg Merchants 32 East Wellington St., Parkhead, E1
Hamilton, John of Hamilton & Crawford 52 Tennyson Dr., Parkhead, E1
Hart, Alex Contractor 95 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Henderson, Julia (Peter McArthur & Co.) 64 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Hercus, John General Manager, City Halls Parkhead Public Halls, Duke St., Parkhead, E1
Holden, Thomas Tobacconists & Stationer 1350 Duke St., Parkhead, E1
Hunter & Clark Ltd. (R S Gilmour M. D.) Masons & Public Works Contractors Vandura Buildings, 1179 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Hunter, M Fruiterer 1293 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Hunter, Thomas (of T F Hunter Ltd. Sculptors 1265 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1 521 Duke St., parkhead, E1
Hunter, Thomas F Ltd, Sculptors in Granite, Freestone and Marble 1265 Gallowgate, Parkhead E1 & Cemetery Road, Shettleston, E2
Independent Labour Party (Camlachie Branch) Political Party 15 Ewing Street, Parkhead, E1
Kelly, J H Motor Bodies-bus, Commercial, Touring 17 Van St., Parkhead, E1
Kelly, John S (Secretary) William Guthrie & Co. (Parkhead) Ltd. 118 Ingleby Dr., E1
Kennedy & Reid Rosin Distillers, Oil Refiners, Patent Grease Makers, and Manufacturing Chemists 18 Helenvale St., Parkhead, E1
Kent, J & J Ltd. Hay, Grain, Seed and Maure Merchants 1394 and 1396 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Labour Exchange 47 Sorby St., Parkhead, E1
Lanarkshire Model Lodging House Lodging House 31 Quarrybrae St., Parkhead, E1
Lawrie, D Art Dealer 1173 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1 540 Tollcross Rd., E2
Library (Glasgow Corporation Public Libraries) Parkhead District Public Library 64 Tollcross rd., Parkhead. E1
Liddell, A J & Co. Ltd. Pawnbrokers 5 Burgher St., Parkhead, E1
Lindsay, J Coal Merchant 40 Burgher St., Parkhead, E1
Mac’s Stores 783 Springfield Rd., Parkhead E1
Marshall, James Pattern Book & Card Maker 114 Candleriggs, C1 46 Drumover Dr., Parkhead, E1
Massey, A & Co. Shop 332 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Maybole & DistrictFarmers’ Association Ltd. Association 85 Whitby St., Parkhead, E1
Maypole Dairy Co. Dairy 1438 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
McAllister, Robert, D.C.M. (Secretary) Royal Scots Fusiliers Association 57 Hope St., C2 24 Burgher St., Parkhead, E1
McBride, James (Manager, Picture House) The Louvre The Louvre, Parkhead, E1 140 Annfield St., E1
McCarron, M Draper 1386 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
McCulloch, Elisabeth Oils & Colours 646 Gallowgate, SE 42 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
McDougall,A (representative) Moenich,Oscar & Co., Ltd.,London 67 Muiryfauld Dr., Parkhead, E1
Mcfarlane, Robert (agent) Clydesdale Bank 1435 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1 275 Golfhill Dr., E1
McIver, Miss H Dairykeeper 1381 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
McKendrick, William Tobacconist 1450 Gallowgate & 914 Springfield Rd., Parkhead E1 Corseknowe, Craigpark, Dennistoun
McKinnell, John M (agent) Commercial Bank of Scotland Parkhead Cross, Parkhead, E1 Rispain, Meadowfoot Rd, West Kilbride
McNeill, John & Co. Rag & Woolen Merchant 17 Ewing Place, Parkhead, E1
McShane, B General Dealer 184-190 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Moffat, Alexandor, Mcnab Civil Servant at Ministry of Labour, Parkhead Ministery of Labour, Parkhead, E1 89 Haymarket St., E2
Muir & Findlay Boilermakers & Engineers 226 East Wellington St., Parkhead, E1
Murray, J H Dr. Doctor 83 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Myers, M Furniture Dealer 78,80 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Nelson Recreation Ground 50 Janefield St., Parkhead, E1
Newlands Public School School 871,887 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Nisbet, John S Flesher 1428 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1 Eskbank, North Mount Vernon
Palace Bar Public House 1285 Duke St., Parkhwad, E1
Park & Paterson Ltd. Metal Merchants & Refiners 16-40 backcauseway, parkhead, E1
Park, Mrs John Grpcer 1027 Duke St., Parkhead, E1 1025 Duke St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Boxing Club Boxing Club 1281 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Congregational Church Church Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead District Library Public Library 64 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead. E1
Parkhead East Church Church 110 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Motor Garage Garage 48 Nisbet St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Pentecostal Church Church 12 Burgher St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Public School School 135 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead T.S.O. The Stationery Office 1348 Duke St., Parkhead, E1
Parkhead Trams Depot Tram Depot 252 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Paterson, A & W Wholesale Boot, Shoe and Leather Merchants 1 Westmuir St., Parkhead Cross, E1
Paterson, John & Co. 57 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Patterson, A W Glazier 179 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Pattison, J & Co. Manufacturing Chemists 203 Carntyne Rd., Parkhead, E1
Petrie, J & Sons 804 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Phillips, John Plumber & Gasfitter 97 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1 1444 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Primrose, A Graham & Todd Property, Bank & Insurance Agents 30 GordonSt., C1 & British Linen Bank, Parkhead Cross, E1
Public Weighing Machines of Glasgow Corporation Public Weighing Machine 822 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Rankin, Alexander Flesher 12 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1 5 Annfield Place, E1
Reid, Cecil Baker 27 Ravel Row, Parkhead, E1
Richmond Park laundry Co. Ltd. Launderers, Dyers & Dry Cleaners 775 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
Robertson, Donald Wine Merchant 1299 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Rodger, J & W 119 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Ronald, William & Sons Boilermakers & Engineers 968 Duke St., Parkhead, E1 1392 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Ross, G & R Slaters 6 Backcauseway, Parkhead, E1
Ross’s Dairies Ltd. Dairy 14 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Roy, W & A 23 Ravel Row, Parkhead, E1
Royal Standard Firelighter Co. Firelighter Manufacturers 16 Elba lane, Parkhead, E1
Russell, Dr. Thomas MB CM Doctor 57 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1 Beechwood Villa, Tollcross, Rd., Parkhead
Russell, Hugh Tailor & Clothier 90 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1 5 Muiryfauld Dr., Parkhead, E1
Russell, Thomas Physician & Surgeon 438 Duke St., E1 Beechwood Villa, Tollcross, Rd., Parkhead
Sartin, George Painter & Decorator 73 Wesmuir St., Parkhead, E1 Les Sanges, Mount Vernon South
Savings Bankof Glasgow Bank 1456 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Shettleston Co-op Society Co-operative Society 214 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Shettleston St. John, Masonic Lodge 128 Masonic Lodge 128 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead, E1
Simpson, H Chemist 16 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Smith, Samuel Draper & Clothier 30 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1 24 St. Ronans Dr., Shawlands, S2
Smith, William T Registered Plumber & Gasfitter 17 Whitby St., Parkhead, E1 42 Gartuck St., Crosshill, S2
Springfield Motor Co. Motor Dealer 893,905 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1
St. Michael’s Chapel Church 75 Salamance St., Parkhead, E1
St. Michael’s Chapel House Church 75 Salamance St., Parkhead, E1
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Church 2 Sorby St., Parkhead, E1
Steel, John S Paint & Varnish Manufacturers Parkhead Varnish & Paint Works, Craigmore St., Parkhead, E1
Steven, W P Baker 360 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1 556 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Stevenson, John Pawnbrokers 1347 Duke St., parkhead, E1 289 Curtis Avenue, Kings Park, S1
Stevenson, Thomas & Son 37 Janefield St., Parkhead, E1
Strathclyde FC Football Club 20 Silverdale St., Parkhead, E1
The City Bakeries Baker 1442 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
The Hosiery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Hosiers 14 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Tyler, P H Ltd. 1404 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Waddell, R D Ltd 1436 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Wade, E Bookseller 1215 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Walker, A Fruiterer & Florist 18 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Walker, James (manager) Parkhead Picture Palace 49 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1
Walker, John Slater & Plasterer 2 Helenvale St., Parkhead, E1 80 Drumover Dr., Parkhead, E1
Walker, W G & Sons Ltd. Asphalt Manufacturers & Contractors Asphalt Works, Cuthelton St., Parkhead, E1
Wallace, Robert Joiner 905 Springfield Rd., Parkhead, E1 1434 Gallowgate, E1
White’s Wallpaer Warehouse Wallpaper 1369 Gallowgate., Parkhead, E1
Willox, D 60 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead, E1
Wilson, William Wine & Spirit Merchant 300 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead, E1 Westfield, Parkhead, E1
Winning, Henry & Co. Rope & Twine Manufacturers & Sack Merchants Caroline St., Parkhead, E1
Worton, John Wine & Spirit Merchant 1401 Gallowgate., Parkhead, E1
Young & Mair 1432 gallowgate, Parkhead, E1
Young, William & Son House Factors 11 Westmuir St., Parkhead Cross, E1






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