Michael Martin Memories of Parkhead

Michael Martin

Memories of Parkhead


My grandmother stayed in the first houses to be built in Quarryknowe Street.her mother had got the house just as it was built at my grandmother (Mary Ann Steel)known as molly lived there her full life in 86 Quarryknowe Street.

My grans mum died whilst my gran was 15 years old.she had three younger brothers whom my gran went on to raise them.my gran then worked in the forge in Parkhead(now a famous shopping mall)was where bombs and bullets and other ammunition was made.the sound of the Beardmore hammer echoed throughout Glasgow day & night during those bleak days of war.

My gran got married to my grandad Mr Charles steel who worked in Hillington Rolls Royce plant making aeroplane engines which was his job until retirement.my gran and grandad had three children.my aunt ann,my uncle Charlie and my mum Patricia.my gran & grandad went on to raise there family in 86 Quarryknowe Street.we (me my mum my dad Michael’Mick’Martin my sister Mandy and me also Michael’Mick’Martin)lived in Easterhouse.
Though in 1983 we moved to Quarryknowe Street as my gran was of ill health and my mum wanted to be near to take care of her.we lived in 156 Quarryknowe Street and that was were i spent my childhood.it was a great housing scheme with very friendly neighbours.sadly my gran & grandad are in heaven as is my dad.

When Quarryknowe Street and surrounding streets(Dalton sSreet,Edenwood Street,cCaroline Street and Muiryfauld Drive)were demolished.the new houses built in the area are a lot better for the people.my mum lives in one of the new houses in Muiryfauld Drive,surrounded by neighbours she grew up with.to this day 10/10/2013 Quarryknowe Street is just bare land.waiting on some sort of development(probably housing).i have really enjoyed sharing this and really enjoy reading the articles and others messages.thank you for your great work.

Michael Martin


2 thoughts on “Michael Martin Memories of Parkhead

  1. Patricia Martin

    Three corrections Michael.
    Molly was 20 when her Mum died.
    The house tenant 1931 was your great grandfather
    Joe Stewart ,then went to your Gran,because she was the eldest ,was married,and two of her younger brothers,were still at school. Your Grans maiden name was Jardine.
    Flat at number 86 was tenanted by the family 1931 till 2002.

  2. Fiona McIlduff

    My dad lived at 176 Quarryknowe Street when the first houses were built, his family moved from Summerfield Street about 1930. His parents were Robert & Margaret McIlduff


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