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Baillie Willox in his 1920 book Reminiscences of Parkhead its People and Pastimes wrote of Colliers Row; “Colliers Row was occupiedby a colony of relations mostly Haddows, Baxters, Tennants and Winnings etc., some of whose descendants still live in the neighbourhood.”

This is true and is borne out by many historical documents

The Winnings have resided in Westmuir and the east end of Glasgow for many years before this and after, and contributed to the history of the east end of Glasgow.

Of the featured Headstone in Janefield Cemetery and Winning brothers in the Janefield Merchants 3 page, namely Henry, William and James their history and the family’s can be expanded on as follows.


The monumental gravestone reads;


Henry Winning, Mineral Borer Parkhead.

In Loving Remembrance of his Father William Winning died 26th November 1868

His Brother Archibald died 19th May 1856 aged 14 months.

His Sister, Catherine Died 1st January 1881aged 18 months.

His Sister Elizabeth died 18th May 1870 aged 21 years.

Also of His Mother Janet Barr died 28th November 1889 aged 66 years.

The above Henry Winning late of Charkoff South Russia died 4th March 1894 aged 41 years.

William Dunbar husband of Isabella Winning died January 6th January 1902 aged 54 years.

His Brother, William Winning late of Charkoff South Russia.  Last surviving son of William Winning died 27th December 1921 aged 64 years.



The brothers were born to 1821 William Winning and 1819 Janet Barr who married on 16 December 1846.

William and his brother 1817 Henry ran a business called H & Wm Winning, Mineral Borers and Pit Sinkers from 1 Winning Row in 1853.

William Winning, Mineral Borer married to Janet Barr, died at 8.30am on 26 November 1868 at 11 Winning Row, Westmuir, Glasgow.  His parents were Henry Winning, Mineral Borer, and Isabella Wotherspoon.

Janet Winning (nee Barr), widow of William Winning, Mineral Borer died at 3.15pm on 28 November 1889 at 1 Winning Row, Westmuir, Glasgow.  Her parents  were Archibald Barr, Miner, and mother was Annie Mair.

William and Janet had a family of 4 boys and 4 girls as follows;

1)      About 1848 Elizabeth Winning who died single, on 12 May 1870 at 1 Winning Row.

2)      About 1850 Isabella Winning (Dunbar) who died 13 May 1936 at 12 Tollcross Road.

3)      1853 Henry Winning who died 4 March 1894 at 38 Bellgrove Street.

4)      1855 Archibald Winning, single, died at 3.00am on 19 May 1856 at 1 Winning Row, Westmuir, Glasgow.

Archibald is not interred at the featured headstone but at another section in Janefield.

5)      1856 Ann Winning (Hamilton) who died 13 November 1906 at Gerard Avenue.

6)      1857 William Winning who died 29 December 1921 at 46 Newlands Road

7)      1859 Catherine Winning who died 1 January 1861 at 1 Winning Row.

8)      1863 James Winning who it is believed died in Russia.


Although the inscription names two brothers as being “late of Charkoff, South Russia” there were actually three brothers who were linked to Charkoff, these were;

1)      1853 HENRY WINNING

2)      1857 WILLIAM WINNING 

3)      1863 JAMES WINNING

The business in Russia started around 1882 and lasted into approximately 1917-1918.

In 1892 Messrs. Winning Brothers of Kharkoff, through their workings across Russia gave assistance to W. F. Hume, B. Sc., A.R.S.M., F.G.S., and a Demonstrator in Geology at the Royal College of Science into his study of the geology of Southern Russia.

A boring at Kharkoff by Messrs Winning revealed the greatest thickness of Chalk yet known in Europe.

Also a boring in Fedorivka in the Izium district showed the existence of 451ft of variegated green and red clays.

Bores were also drilled in Barvenko and Stavrikov in the valley between the stations of Gavrilovka and Slaviansk.

Messrs. Winning agreed to preserve specimens of the varieties of chalk they may henceforth obtain from their borings and it was stated that if they should carry out their promise then great hopes may be entertained on considerably advancing knowledge on these subjects.

1853 HENRY WINNING: who married Agnes Bain of Tollcross on 16 April 1891 and went on to have 1 daughter, Margaret Kerr Winning.

At his death in March 1894, Henry had interests in Henry Winning & Company, Rope and Twine Manufacturers, Parkhead, Glasgow.  On behalf of Henry Winning the late Sole Partner of the aforementioned Firm, his Executors transferred the Business at the end of December 1894 to Mr. James Hamilton, late Manager to the Firm.

Agnes Bain died 7 August 1938 at 1301 Govan Road in the Southern General Hospital.  Her usual residence was 6 Rathlin Street, Govan.

1857 WILLIAM WINNING: married Mary Cochrane on 19 March 1880 and had 9 children;

1)      1880 Catherine Wilson Winning

2)      1882 William Winning

3)      1884 Janet Barr Winning

4)      1888 Elizabeth Olga Winning

5)      1889 Harry B Winning

6)      1891 Hannah Clark Winning

7)      1892 James Cochrane Winning

8)      1896 Elsie Maria Winning

9)      1898 Herbert Winning

The first 3 children were born in Glasgow with the remaining 6 being born in Russia.

Their home at 46 Newlands Road, Glasgow was named Melitopol House, after their residence in Russia.

1880 Catherine Wilson Winning was born at Greenvale Street and married Robert Stevenson Barr, who was the brother of Annie Drummond Barr, on 2 July 1903.  She died on 5 June 1953 at Muirhead Road, Baillieston.

Catherine also spent some time in Russia.

1882 William Winning also went to work with his father in Russia.

William ceased to live in Kharkoff in January 1918 due to German penetration into South Russia.

At that time William was in the Russian Army doing British Intelligence work.

After a few months back in Britain William joined the British Army and was sent to North Russia and was there until the evacuation about the end of 1919.

After that he was sent to South Russia with General Holman’s Mission.

After that he was sent to Constantinople about February 1920 as a Cypher Officer and was there until April.

In April 1920 he was sent to Egypt and was there for more than a year.

In May 1921 William returned to Great Britain and was demobilised.

From then he resided in Glasgow and married Agnes Taylor or Wilson in July 1928 then moved to Colsium, Parish of Kilsyth.

1884 Janet Barr Winning died single at 6.30pm on 7 October 1885 at 48 Greenvale Street.

1888 Elizabeth Olga Winning was born in Kharkoff, Russia and later married Alexander Smith Lorimer in 1907.  She died in Helensburgh in 1969.

1889 Henry Winning (later known as Harry B.) was born in Melitopol, Russia and married Elizabeth Rachel Henderson in 1927.  He died in 1957 in Greenock.

1891 Hannah Clark Winning was born in Melitopol, Russia and it is believed she died in Russia.

1892 James Cochrane Winning was born in Melitopol, Russia.  He died in 1963 in England.

James Cochrane Winning stated in a Court Case that he was a Vice Consul in Poland for the UK – no proof of this can be found so far – it is believed he could have been a “quasi consul”.  He also stated he had a timber business in Poland.

1896 Elsie Maria Winning was born in Kharkoff, Russia and later married Cecil Murray Mills in 1918.  She had a second marriage to William Winning Hamilton in 1945. (William Winning Hamilton was Elsie’s cousin and he was of the Hamilton family with interests in Henry Winning & Company).  She died in 1960 in Baillieston.

1898 Herbert Winning was born in Kharkoff, Russia and married Annie Evelyn Rae in 1922.  He died in 1978 in Gourock.

1863 JAMES WINNING: married Annie Drummond Barr on 20 June 1889 and had 3 children;

1)      1890 William Winning

2)      1892 Alexander Barr Winning

3)      1895 James Winning

All were born in Kharkoff, Russia

It is believed 1863 James died in Russia but this is still to be confirmed.

Annie Drummond Barr and her surviving 2 sons emigrated to Western Australia in 1912.

1890 William Winning was born in Kharkoff and later married in 1914 in Western Australia.

1892 Alexander Barr Winning was born Kharkoff and later married in Western Australia in 1927 and had three children.  He died in 1963 in South Perth, Western Australia.

In 1909 he began an articled apprenticeship to James Austen Laird, studying building construction for a year each at Queens Park School, Shawlands Academy and the Royal Technical College and achieving first prize in all three classes.

He emigrated to Western Australia in 1912 and worked for four years as assistant in the Perth firm of Hobbs, Smith & Forbes before being enlisted into the Australian Imperial Forces in 1916. On being discharged in 1919 he spent two years in Laird’s office in Glasgow as chief assistant and took a further course of study at the Royal Technical College under Charles Gourlay before returning to Hobbs, Smith & Forbes as chief assistant in 1921

He applied for admittance as LRIBA in late 1930, his proposers being J Talbot Hobbs, Edgar Le B Henderson and W G Bennett, and by the time of the acceptance of his application in the middle of the following year he had been made a junior partner, the practice title becoming Hobbs, Forbes & Partners. In 1939, following Hobbs’ death the previous year, Winning became a full partner, the practice name then changing to Hobbs, Winning & Leighton.

Winning was a Councillor of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects from 1944 to 1949 having been a member of its Western Australia Chapter since 1940. He was still with the same firm when he was elected FRIBA in 1953.

1895 James Winning died 18 Jan 1897 at 134 Westmuir Street at the home of his Grandfather Alexander Barr.  He was buried in the Eastern Necropolis on 20 January 1897 in a lair owned by his Grandfather Alexander Barr.

24 thoughts on “Winnings of Westmuir

  1. Kate Allan

    Hello. My husband’s grandmother was Isabella Winning who married William Dunbar on 6th November 1868. They went on to have thirteen children. My husband’s grandmother was Agnes French Dunbar, their third child, who married George Allan in 1891. I have a photograph of Isabella and details of the three boys and ten girls.
    What an interesting account of the Winnings this is. Thank you.

  2. John Winning

    Hi Bob
    I am absolutely gobsmacked on the history of the Winning family . I am a Winning and gave manage to get to my great,great grandfather who was a David Winning born 31/12/1816 and married Margaret Patterson born 1817. Would be interested if there was a connection somewhere along the line ,the more you look into family history the more it sucks you in . Thanks for all your work in tracing the name it’s all very interesting keep well

  3. Katherine Wheeler

    Hello. This is an amazing website you have made! I am researching Agnes Dunbar who in is shown in the 1891 Census as Head of the house and housekeeper at 1 Winning Row and living with Willie Winning (age 8). Henry Winning is listed as “visitor.” Willie is listed as Agnes’s cousin, and I believe she is also related to the William Dunbar who marries Isabella Winning. I am trying to find out who little Willie’s parents are and if there are any images of the building at 1 Winning Row in that year or a sense of how many units were in the building. It seemed strange to me that she would be alone with Willie unless something had happened to his parents.

  4. Jean Linnen

    Seems I am connected to the Winning family .I have researched some of them on my Ancestry.
    I have a Margaret Winning married to my gg grandfather Robert Currie 1830-1890

  5. Jean Mackenzie

    Irene Clarke, my 3rd great-grandfather John Letham was Isobel’s brother, so we must be 5th cousins or thereabouts …… want to get in touch?

  6. David McNaught Kilgour

    On reviewing some of my older downloads of 1871 Census data, realized my Grt grandparents and my Grandmother lived at 1 Winning Row along with Winning family headed by Janet and children Henry, Ann, William and James. My grt grandparents were William and Margaret (nee Park) McNaught, with children Margaret (my grandmother) David and Eliza. Other two families on same page were Haddows and Scobbies.

    I have a photo of my grandmother on her first day working as a weaver, (posted on Glasgow Memories FB page) she was 13 yrs old. Someone from Parkhead history asked permission to post it here and I consented.

  7. Jack o' hara

    hi Bob we talked before about my great grandad George Tennant’s marriage to Robina Winning you asked me if I needed any info i stupidly said no

    I have lost the info I had please could you help me. thankyou bob.

  8. Katrina

    I’m trying to work out how my Thomas Winning (1829) fits in – he was living at 12 Winning Row in 1901 and passed away two years later and was a miner all his life. Married to Ann Sneddon, parents were William Winning and Margaret Chrichton. I’d love to know the connection.

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Katrina,
      I’ll get back to you a little later and explain the connections.

      Hi Katrina,
      I’ve managed to gather the info on where 1829 Thomas Winning fits in with the Winnings of Westmuir & Parkhead.

      1829 Thomas Winning was a 1st cousin 1 time removed of 1821 William Winning married to Janet Barr.

      1821 William winning was the father of;

      1853 Henry Winning, 1857 William Winning and 1863 James Winning, the 3 brothers who were linked to the business in Russia. 1829 Thomas was a 2nd cousin of the 3 brothers.

      Incidentally we could be 2nd cousins 2 times removed.

      1. Katrina

        Hi Bob,

        Thank you – I’ve managed to go back but not sideways so that will give me something to work on. My 1829 Thomas is the son of another William Winning (1808) – who was a miner – and married to Margaret Chrichton – who I discovererd owned a house in Winning Row in later years, so I was sure there had to be a connection.

        Lovely to meet you cousin! I just have to fill in the blanks now :-)

        Very much appreciated!

        1. Jean Linnen

          I to Believe to be related .as my Winning relatives lived at 12 Winning Row , Parkhead
          Jean Currie

  9. Kate Keter

    Fascinated to read all this about the Winnings. Never knew anything about Russia.

    My maternal grandmother was Mary Turner Winning, daughter of Alexander Gardner Winning and Christina Turner, granddaughter of Thomas Winning and Christina Gardner.

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Kate,
      I’ve sent you a private email regarding your comment on the Winnings of Westmuir.

  10. Jacqueline MacLeod

    My sister and I were amazed to discover a section on the Winnings of Westmuir. My sister has done a lot of research on my Mum’s side of the family who were from the East End of Glasgow. It all tied in with this website about the Winning’s of Westmuir! William Dunbar and Isabella Winning were the parent’s of my Great Gran. ( Elizabeth Winning Dunbar). This makes the 3 brothers who went to work as mineral borers in Russia her Uncles . None of our family knew about this Russian connection. Think William must have been very resilient to have survived life in the Russian Army during WW1. Think he is my great, great, great Uncle! We would like to learn more about the family. Very interesting. Kind Regards, Jacqueline MacLeod

  11. Irene Clarke

    Researching my Dad’s,Robert Winning’s family.His grandparents were Archibald Winning m Margaret Kerr, great grandparents, Henry Winning m Jean/Jane Barr,residence 18 Winning Row(1851 census). Parish records Great great grandparents John Winning(coalier) Westmuir m Isobel Letham. Have they any connection to Thomas Winning who owned 18 Winning Row.
    Any help/ information would be appreciated.

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi cousin, Irene Margaret Winning, you’ve come to the right place for info.
      For starters we are 4th cousins 1 time removed and we went to the same primary school (QB).
      Yes they are connected to Thomas Winning and so are you and me :-)
      I’ll email you and we can get acquainted.

      1. Jean Linnen

        Seems I am connected to the Winning family .I have researched some of them on my Ancestry.
        I have a Margaret Winning married to my gg grandfather Robert Currie 1830-1890

  12. Margaret Green

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you can help my husband’s father grave at Tollcross cemetery he was buried there May/June 1959 his name was
    James(Jimmy) Begbie I would appreciate any help that you can give.

    Thank You


  13. Barbara Morrison Post author

    Just been directed to your site and could not believe that the Winnings were the first people I read of. Have just begun looking at them as I believe that Isobel Wotherspoon was the sister of my great, great grandfather, Hugh Wotherspoon. Not 100% sure as Isobel Winning died before 1855 and Hugh in 1858 where his mother\’s name is not included on the death cert. Other things fit but as well as mobs of Winnings, there were a fair few Wotherspoons around at the time. Any chance that those on the site with the name of Winning included have any information. Yours sincerely Barbara.


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