Parkhead Heritage Trail


MAY 2015

The Parkhead Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) recently funded the publication of The Parkhead Heritage Trail that charts the growth of Parkhead  from its origins as a small weaving village to a bustling industrial suburb of The Second City of The Empire.  It provides information on the many interesting buildings and historic sites within the area and offers an insight into some of the characters that played a role in the area’s past.

The Trail was researched and written by  Thomas McCann, Peter Mortimer, Irene Hartshorn and Robert Winning who are currently researching a second Trail looking at the history of the Eastern Necropolis (Janefield Cemetery) and the people interred there, and would be keen to hear from anyone with an interest in the history of the Eastern Necropolis (Janefield).

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3 thoughts on “Parkhead Heritage Trail

  1. Gary Nisbet

    Dear Robert, I note there is but a passing reference to the Bailie James Hamilton drinking fountain that stood at Parkhead Cross in the heritage trail. Some years ago I was asked by Glasgow City Council if I had any information about the foutain as there was a plan to recreate it as part of the THI upgrade of the cross. Unfortunately, despite making the sculptor’s design available to them from my archive of research on obscure Glasgow things like this, the project was sadly never proceeded with and I never heard anything more about it. Since then I have completed all the research that I feel is necessary to confirm that this forgotten little fountain was really quite an important landmark, not only locally but nationally, and that consideration should once again be given to its recreation as something of great interest and value to the people of Parkhead in the near future. The history of the fountain is fascinating in itself and surprisingly complex and has never been researched to the degree that I have done, and certainly not to the point of finding an actual copy of the fountain, which I have also achieved. I would be happy to show the Parkhead THI my research if it would assist them in highlighting the need for the fountain’s recreation and documentation as an important historical landmark. The fountain’s dedicatee, James Hamilton, is buried in Janefield Cemetery, which is another part of the THI project that I can also help with, as I have documented and researched many of the cemetery’s monuments and am the biographer of their sculptors and architects (e,g, I have the J. & G. Mossman job books containing the original orders for many of the monuments they made for the cemetery). I am the author of the website and co-author of the book Public Sculpture of Glasgow, hence my interest in Parkhead and its monuments. Please get in touch if you would be interested in hearing more about my fountain and Janefield research. Thanks, Gary Nisbet.

  2. Tom Martin

    Hi,looking for any information of Colliers Row ,maps or photos,believe it might have been in the Parkhead area,I’m doing family tree research ,would be gratefull for any help thanks Tom Martin

    1. Bob Winning Post author

      Hi Tam,

      Colliers Row was located between Winning Row and Hart Street and is now a continuation of East Wellington Street in Parkhead.

      I have sent you an email with an attachment of a map showing the location.



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