Parkhead Heritage Trail


MAY 2015

The Parkhead Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) recently funded the publication of The Parkhead Heritage Trail that charts the growth of Parkhead  from its origins as a small weaving village to a bustling industrial suburb of The Second City of The Empire.  It provides information on the many interesting buildings and historic sites within the area and offers an insight into some of the characters that played a role in the area’s past.

The Trail was researched and written by  Thomas McCann, Peter Mortimer, Irene Hartshorn and Robert Winning who are currently researching a second Trail looking at the history of the Eastern Necropolis (Janefield Cemetery) and the people interred there, and would be keen to hear from anyone with an interest in the history of the Eastern Necropolis (Janefield).

Click on the first photo and then use forward arrow to progress through the booklet.


















































































































































































































































































































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