Industrial East End

This page tells the stories of the factories, works, and shops that made Parkhead one of the biggest employers in Glasgow


Park and Paterson

These photos are © copyright of John Dakers

Park and Paterson - Backcauseway

Park & Paterson sited at Backcauseway the company was founded 1875 and closed 1990 John Dakers  mum and dad were the caretakers and his father was the furnace foreman.
Johns dad (George) was the last worker in Park and Paterson, when it closed its doors. As the family had lived  in the house over the factory since 1975 when the building was sold to Daltons of Edinburgh,












In The Edinburgh Gazette of  May 29 1874 the following notice was posted;

The Subscriber of this date ceased to be a partner of the Firm of PARK & PATERSON, Metal Refiners, 6 Main Street, Anderston, Glasgow.

Glasgow 21 May 1874

Harrison Park.

Witness:  Alexander McColum, Weaver, Bleary, Lurgan, Ireland

Witness:  james Harrison, Farmer, Moyraverty, Lurgan, Ireland.

In 1876-1877 the firm relocated and was found at 22 Backcauseyway, Parkhead

In 1900-1901 John & William Paterson of 49 Ravel Roaw, Parkhead were shown as being of Park and Paterson

In 1910-1911 John Paterson of 6 Muiryfauld Drive and William Paterson of Braemar, Drumotherhill are again shown as being of Park & Paterson.

In 1933-1934 Robert Paterson of 4 Stewarton Drive, Cambuslang and William Paterson of 6 Buchanan Gardens, South Mount Vernon are shown as being of Park & Paterson.






John Paterson was born in Parkhead and was the Director of the local firm Park & Paterson, Ltd , Metal merchant and refiners of Backcausway Parkhead and Manchester.

Mr Paterson was a well known figure in Parkhead particularly in the music sphere. For many years he was the conductor of the Parkhead Juvenile Choir ,  a famous East End Choir with a membership of 200 at this time.

Mr John Paterson was also the Hon, Organist and choirmaster of Tollcross

Photo taken inside Park & Paterson’s laboratory



Clyde Chemical Works.

23 thoughts on “Industrial East End

  1. Duncan Macdonald

    Does anyone have any information on the firm of Wm McCoard of Whitevale Cotton Mills, Millerston Street, established in 1835, and wound up in 1979, I think after a long period of inactivity. They manufactured items such as towels and sponge cloths, and were also described as ‘mill finishers’.
    Duncan Macdonald

    1. Christine McCoard Thomson

      William McCoard was my great grandfather. I’m researching my family tree and there seems to have been a connection to the cotton industry going back at least 2 more generations.

  2. David Simpson

    Hello, I am looking for information about David Simpson, my grandfather. I believe he was a paper mill manager in the 40’s and lived at 230 Springfield Road. I also lived there after the war for several years but have no recollection. Any information about my grandfather or other Simpsons (David, Tom, Betty, Maisie) or about 230 Springfield road would be appreciated. Thank you

  3. Scott James morton

    Hiya I’m looking for information on the Morton Family that worked at beardmores , Stephen Cresswell Morton and his lads n nephew
    Also my mums side also Morton James and John Morton , from Hutchesontown originally, I think my 2 families are indeed connected further back
    Many Thanks Scott James Morton

    Also is there a link with Beardmores and the military, they all served , Stephen C Morton Boer war , sons WW2 , not sure about the other 2 great grandfathers, cheers

  4. john dakers

    Hi Patricia.
    Yes Lynn is my sister did you live in Garthamlock? I remember Cathy and Janice and vaguely remember a Patricia was your maiden name Connelly?
    If you send me your email I will pass it on to Lynn..
    Kindest regards

  5. Eric Flack

    Remember John Broadly well. He was involved in a mission church in Burger Street-I think. Worked in it for a few months in 1959 then in the lab 1965-69. Then again 1980-82. The fumes back in 1959 were bad but it was a very busy place. I remember Bobby and
    Robert Page. There was another foreman who was John Broadly’s boss back in 1959 “Dunsmore” I think. The back tilters were
    very bad for fumes especially making 65/35 brass ! I recall a van driver-Seddon/Perkins Diesel pick up – who had one arm Used a sort of crook hook arm to drive with his other arm.

  6. William mc Kenzie

    I also worked a park and Paterson for a short time in the late 1960 my wife’s uncle Bobby page got me the start her cousin Robert worked at the front Titlers with an old Irish guy I worked in the back Titlers
    Robert got badly burned but came back and worked in it till it closed he died a few years ago still quit a young man
    I also Rember one of the foremen a John Broadly who used to weigh you when you finished at night
    also in he house above they had a Alsaition dog the biggest one I have ever seen it was left free at night to guard the place
    the work was hard graft but was good money but the fumes were really bad and I left after a year

  7. David Kilgour

    Hi to the two Neils, was either one of you a student Civil Engineer with British Railways in the 1950s?

  8. Neil Paterson

    My Grandfather was David Paterson of Park & Paterson Manchester. Does anyone how was he related to the Patersons in Glasgow?
    Neil Paterson

    1. Neil Paterson

      My name is also Neil Paterson. We are distantly related. Your grandfather John was a brother of my Grandfather Robert.If you send me your e-mail address, I can send on an old family photograph of your grandfather from 1888.I think he was a primary teacher and then moved in to the family foundry in Parkhead. At some point in the early 19th. century he and his brother moved to Marple and started the foundry there.

    2. scott

      Hi Neil,

      My great grandfather James Paterson was your grandfather David’s brother.

      My understanding is that James and Davids father started Park and Paterson Glasgow.

      James and David then went to Manchester to start that arm of the business.

      Circa 1911 Due to health problems in the family James moved his family to the warmer climes of Western Australia, specifically Perth for a short time initially, before finally settling in the southern coastal town of Denmark, near Albany.

      David ran Manchester on his own from this point forward.

      I note that in many of the early photos on the website mention David, but seem to be taken during the period when both brothers were still there. Im pretty sure in the link attached James is in the front middle.

      There are plenty of great photos on this site!

      Hope this helps.

      I can probably find extra info from my father should you have any questions. He is the family history buff!!

      Kind Regards,

      Scotty , Perth Western Australia

  9. Patricia Noonan

    I used to be friends with Lynn Dakers away back in the seventies.
    I remember visiting her at Park and Paterson when her Mum and Dad moved there.
    Is she your sister.
    Would love to know.

    1. john dakers

      Hi Patricia….
      Yes Lynn is my sister, did you live in Garthamlock?
      I remember Cathy and Janice and vaguely remember a Patricia was your maiden name Connelly?
      I was 5 years younger than Lynn and was into playing football, getting into trouble so remembering
      Lynn’s friends would be very low on my list of
      I will pass on any information for you…send me your email address …
      Sorry for the wait…I forgot all about this website till today and have changed my email address since then…

  10. Lesley Kerr

    Does anyone have any information about Jane Glavin who, I think, was the first woman crane driver at Parkhead Forge during the First World War?

    1. Bob Winning

      Hi Lesley,
      We need a bit more info on Jane Glavin and have sent you an email seperately with some info. Please get back to us if you can.

    1. john dakers

      Hi Eric,
      Not been on here since I put the pictures on, it would be great to see any old pictures you have of the old place.

      Kindest regards



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