Beardmore Director Honoured

Beardmore Director Honoured

Developed bullet-proof armour


Mr Thomas Montgomery Service, who was responsible for the development of bullet-proof armour plate used in the first tanks in the 1914-18 war, has been appointed a Commander of the British Empire by the King in the New Year Honours Awards.

A director of William Beardmore and Co., Ltd, Mr Service has made many contributions to the improvement of armour for all purposes since the introduction of alloy steel.

Born at Skipness Castle on September 9th, 1872, he served his apprenticeship as a druggist, with Fraser and Green and worked for the city analysts Tatlock and Readman before joining Beardmore and Co., Ltd. , as a chemist in 1889.

When the late Lord Invernairn began the manufacture of ship armour plate Mr Service was appointed assistant in the armour department to carry out experimental work, and in 1898 produced the first successful plate not under Krupp licence.


In the year 1907 he became manager of the armour department and 18 years later founded the Clyde Alloy Steel Company with Sir Andrew McCance.  During the period immediately following, Mr Service was a founder member of many scientific committees which were formed by the Iron and Steel Institute.

With the commencement of the re-armament programme a few years before the last war William Beardmore and Co., Ltd., under the direction of Mr Service supplied much of the armour.


Shortly afterwards he became a member of the Tank and Aircraft Rolled Plates Committee and was appointed chairman in succession to the late Dr Hatfield.

Mr Service is also president of the West of Scotland Iron and Steel Institute for 1948.

Although he retired in 1946 Mr Service is still on the board and gives his services in an advisory capacity.

Taken from the Eastern Standard 10 January 1948


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