The view shows open top tram cars and horse & cart transport.  On the left behind the Umbrella is an advert in the shop window for R & J Dick of Greenhead Works.  The next premises is Henry Reid a Wine & Spirit Dealer who once stayed at 8 Clydeview Terrace.  Next door is the British Linen Bank and the next again  premises is occupied by Charles Lang a Hatter.  The photo was probably taken between 1889 and 1904.

Another view of the Umbrella from a different angle.  Two Standard Tram Cars are at the Cross.  On the left is Kings Cafe and next door is The Commercial Bank of Scotland.  There is quite a crowd gathered under the Umbrella with the ones to the right appearing to be Corporation Transport Staff.

Below:  Copyright © Herald and Times Group.  Reoroduced by kind permission of Herald and Times Group.

Bridgeton Cross circa 1959.

Below:  Copyright © Herald and Times Group.  Reoroduced by kind permission of Herald and Times Group

Bridgeton Cross Station just before demolition.

Below:  Copyright © Scottish Motor Museum Trust.  Reproduced bykind permission of Scottish Motor Museum Trust.

The Umbrella looks to have come in handy for the people in this shot of a rather flooded Bridgeton Cross.

Photo © copyright Miller Family


Picture of Albert Millard (Right)  who establisted Millers Floor Coverings at 11 Olympia Street Bridgeton in 1893.

The store is now run by Alberts Grandsons David and Stephen

Post Card showing Millers Shop 1912-1927



Millers have taken the wooden front from the shop

and are taking it back to its original brick 14 Oct 2013



Bridgeton Cross

Bridgeton Cross

Bridgeton Cross

Copyright © Ian Mulholland 2007

Reproduced by kind permision of Ian Mulholland

Bridgeton Cross by Ian Mulholland circa 1953.

An early shot of Glasgow Green possibly between 1889 – 1897.  The Doulton Fountain and the Nelson Monument are in the middle with the Templeton Building to the left.

The Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens which opened in January 1898 with the Nelson Monument at the rear.

A closer view of the Peoples Palce and Winter Garden.

Copyright © Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums)

Reproduced by kind permission of Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

James Templeton & Co. Carpet manufacturers advertisement circa 1910.

Bridgeton Cross.  A painting by Don Breckon circa 1996.


London Road Bridgeton with Rose’s mens home on the left , and you can just see the Arcadia on the right

Below Copyright © Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

Reproduced by kind permission of Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

Bridgeton Cross circa 1894.  The white building just to the left of the Umbrella has an advert on the gable end of the premises of  Thomas Blair, Funeral Undertaker & Carriage Hirer.  The building directly behind the Umbrella is that of Caledonian Railway  Co. Station.

Below Copyright © Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

Reproduced by kind permission of Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

Bridgeton Cross circa 1930.  Under the Umbrella is someone addressing this gathering at the cross.  Most have turned from the speaker to face the camerman with one holding up a notice of some kind.  Note the gentleman to the left with the Glasgow Corporation uniform on and the barefoot youth in front of him.  Have a close look perhaps there is a father or grandfather or just a friend in the photo.

Below Copyright © Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

Reproduced by kind permission of Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums).

A group of the finishers from John Lyle’s Bloomvale Carpet Factory, Bridgeton circa 1922.  There are only three men in the photo, one behind the notice with collar and tie who is obviously senior management and two more to the right who would appear to be foremen.  Again have a close look at the photo perhaps there is a distant relative or friend in there.


copyright ©Robert Currie

Taken from the lane between Millars and Olympia House by Donna Robertson


Olympia before renovation


Brigton Pals pictured in Kerr Street in 1948.

Left to right back row are: Moira Wallerstein, Jackie Gardiner, Robert Piggot.

Left to right front row are Rita McKenna, Wilma Wallerstein, Ellen Revie, Ellen Jackson

and squeezing in far right is Ellen Jackson’s wee cousin Edward Jackson



Qualifying class of Miss Chalmers, John Street Elementary School, Hozier Street – 1948.


On the bridge at Orr Street


Brigton Pals picturing the Piggot boys of 549 London Road.
First left (back row) Willie Piggot ,Anderson Piggot. In the front row first/second left
Tommy and Don – and far right Robert. Does anyone out there recognise the

Twenty-first Birthday party of John Revie of 7 Kerr Street. Held within The Dennistoun Palais, Roselea Drive, Dennistoun – 1950.

Second back row left/right (1) Archie Neilson, (11) Anderson Piggot, (13) Matt Adam.
Middle row: (2) Mr Currie, (3) Mrs Currie, (4) John Currie, (5) Jean Sinclair, (7) Billy Trotter, (8) Meta Carwood, (9) Robert Currie
(11) Andy Anderson, (12) Mrs Neilson, (13) Mrs MacMillan, (14) Mrs Douglas.
Front row left/right (4) Mr Duncan Revie’s mother, (5) Mr Duncan Revie, (6) John Revie, (7) Mrs Revie, (8) Mrs Revie’s mother, (11) George Adam


Car Light House at Olympia Street Bridgeton Cross


Bridgeton Station


Bridgeton Cross

Bridgeton Cross.


Bridgeton Cross

Bridgeton Cross.

Bridgeton Cross

Bridgeton Cross.  The Snug when Robert McKay was the licensee.


Bridgeton Station today:

Derelect station.


Bridgeton Cross:










Bridgeton Cross circa 1960


The Green:










Doulton Fountain at Glasgow Green


Last Tram:










Last tram shown in Bridgeton.


To the memory of the men of the 7th Battalion The Highland Light Infantry who fell in the great war 1914-1918






brochure of the Bridgeton Burns Club 1934































84 thoughts on “Bridgeton

  1. Alex Anderson

    Hi, does anyone have any old photos of the ( Dwellings ) in MACKEITH STREET AROUND 1950 – 1960 ,I was born at 53 Mackejth Street
    and been trying to get any old photos . I rem`ember Galls,s ,wool shop , Harry,s fruit shop and wee Ernie,s cafe all in Main street,
    I went to John str Primary sch/John str Sec. school, 1951 – 1961, would love to hear any stories and names from that era ,
    I am now 77yrs young and would like to hear from anyone from the Class of 3a from 1958 till1961 at Sec. School

    1. Aileen

      Hi alex did you by any chance remember an Annie Mcglynn who also lived 53 mackeith street around the same time? Thanks

  2. Carolyn Taylor

    Does anybody remember the Taylor family, from Duke street Parkhead. There was Jim, John, Bobby, Betty, Margaret and Andrew. Their dad was Robert and mum Euthemia or Femme. I would be grateful for any memories anyone has.
    Thank you

  3. mary gray nee cooper

    lived in redan street next to mavor and Coulson .im looking for my best maid .margret smith she lived at the Bridgeton station her dad was bill smith her moms name doris ..she married walter we went to sa for 40 years and would love to get in touch

  4. donna robertson

    Olympia st has sprung back to life after years of being desolate ,, the new flats look lovely and not before time something was done in that street .its lay empty too long..

  5. Pauline smart

    I was born at 11 silvergrove street.1966 and would love to see any photos from that time on the street. I have 2 older brothers. We moved to Leeds when I was 9. But my dad still life’s in Brighton. And still have contact and visits to Glasgow.would love to see any old photos

  6. Sadie Goode nee Lawrence

    I went to Barrowfield Street School and we lived in 60 barrowfield Street. Was pals for a long time with Marion Wilson in Barrowfield st. I remember my favourite teacher Mr MacDonald and that’s the only one I remember from any my schools

  7. john mitchell

    My grandparents lived at 498 Baltic street in the late 1890’s but as she was Lithuanian ( Dairutis ) can’t find her on any other site ; my dad (the Mitchell’s) must’ve stayed around till 1950 odd; any gen would help

    1. Colin White

      I hope you don’t mind me replying re this: my grandparents also lived at 498 Baltic Street, having moved from 508 Baltic Street. They too were Lithuanian (Pijus Bujauskas and Marijona Bujauskaite). They lived there from around 1905 until my grandfather’s death in 1966. I found some entries in the registers of the Sacred Heart Church which helped. My father and all his siblings were born in 498, with the exception of the oldest child, also Marijona. They were all christened with traditional Lithuanian names which were anglicised in the late 1940s. I hope this is of interest. I’ve been looking for images of this part of the street for some time.

  8. Jonathan cox

    Hi does anybody have pictures of Fraser street from the 50s I was born at number 13 and went to Barrowfield school had great pals like Sammy Moore and John Gregg

    1. B. Milliken

      My gran and grandad stayed in the first close in Fraser St just off the London Rd can’t remember the number and I stayed on the London Rd just around from them also went to Barrowfield Primary and new Sammy Moore and John Gregg was in same class as Ian Gregg John’s brother

  9. rita mcskimming madan name swan

    looking for information on a john murray swan married rita McLaren swan they lived in 62 abbortsford place govan tradston district 1961
    my granddad was donnald Morrison swan and gran alice revill swan from gourock

    36 west street dennistoun 1963

    crownpoint street in 1964

    looking for any relations or any information for family tree

    my email



  11. Danny O'Connell

    My Moms sister was Emma Graham nee Wagstaff they were my cousins . William ..John..Emma..Margaret..Aunt Emma was born in Grandmothers name was Joenson or Johansson.From the city of Goeteburg there Father went there to work from Galston Lacemills south ayrshire around the late 1880’s. I knew Danny Carnachan I did not know he was related to the Grahams must have been on my uncle Johns side.

  12. Donna Robertson

    I wonder how many Play Streets we had around the area… we had Forrest st off Rockbank st…. what a good idea they were, no cars allowed… where else were these streets..

  13. cynthia

    I was born at 521 Baltic St 1949 the flat of my grandparents Willie and Bella Carnachan ,my mums Betty she worked in Tempeltons carpet factory , she had a brother Danny how worked for their cuz John Graham a bookie in Baltic st ,My papa was a train driver,my Nana’s maden name was Bella Graham,my mum had a cus Andy Graham..My dad parents lived in Beachgrove st accross Dalmarnock Rd his name is John Douglas now 94…My grandparents name were Lillian and John Douglas both were deaf my grandpa worked in the power station ..

  14. Sam Black

    I am trying to find information on Charles O’Neil married to Jeanie Morrison,they lived at 18, Reid Street.
    They had a son called Robert O’Neil who married Christina Steel
    They lived 306, Baltic Street.

    Robert O’Neil married Christina Steel O’Neil in Feb 1922

    They had children

    I cannot remember all the names but any information or photo would be so greatful as I never got to
    Meet any of them.

  15. David Moffat

    Hey there my names David i am trying to find out information about my granddad Hugh Taylor who owned a furniture factory in Boden Street Circa 1940s. My grans name was Kate, She was a french polisher. Any information or pictures would be much appreciated thank you :)

  16. donna Irene Robertson

    Are you the same Sammy Lyle who lived in Broad st in the 50s..your mother was Susie.. if so I have a photo of your older sister in the backcourt..

  17. Eileen mcenaney

    Hi. I’m researching my late uncles army service for my mother, and was just wondering if anyone remembers them and there family they were living in Allison street and there name is DUFF THANK YOU.

    1. Drew selkirk

      I had relatives whose surname was duff they lived in marquis street can’t remember the number but it was in the pend where the wee dairy was, opposite the cafe where they discovered the burglars skeleton in the chimney when they were demolishing, if it’s a relation I can give you more details

  18. john keaveney

    I was born in 1949 lived at 77 Bernard street before going to sea at fifteen I later emigrating to the U S A I brought my family to see where I was born on December 26th 20014 the whole place had changed well it has been 50 years since I was last there but I have many fond memories of the wonderful and warm Bridgeton people that I knew as a boy growing up they made me the man that I am today

    1. Sam lyle

      Hi john, were u known as Jackie growing up in Bridgeton my name is Sam Lyle stayed at 113 Bernard St I also went to sea thru speaking to when we used to stand at the cosy corner pub corner of Bernard St and Dunn St u remember Jim Fleming he was at sea and my cousin from the Carlton George Henderson a think u new both of them

  19. donna robertson

    I noticed The Kings Cinema has been changed into a play area for children.. at least the bulding with all its past history will remain..

  20. donna robertson

    Shame the old cafe and chip shop in Orr st.. across from the Olympia havent been let out yet… I thought theyd be snatched up once the Olympia was completed…Theyve been shut up now for years….

  21. donna robertson

    I see the Kings Picture hall has been turned into some kind of childrens play barn,at least the old building will remain and not be torn down.

  22. donna robertson

    no sorry dont know any Moraigs at all , and I didnt know of any other Fosters in Fordneuk st… my grandparents… Fosters are from northern Ireland..

    1. david foster

      My Father David and two brothers were evacuated to Ayrshire from Parkhead at the beginning of WW2, never went back. Surname Foster, keen to find out any info on the family. There was another older brother and two sisters I believe remained in Glasgow.

    1. moraig blakeman

      No, i dont suppose u do. My original surname was Foster, and i am 60, born 1954,brought up in Dundee.D oes this ring any bells?

  23. donna robertson

    Sorry June just saw this message from you….Ill contact Rita, but know she doesnt go out much these days and doesnt keep too well… I wish I could have helped you more with photos… Ill ask Rita again if she has any…. not seen her for a long time. awful isnt it and she only lives in Blantyre… I remember you as if yesterday June… you were a lovely wee girl.. and I loved your Kiltie shoes , do you remember them….and can you remember me… dark hair , a little older than you…

    1. moraig blakeman

      Hi Donna, I have been following parkhead history with interest, and think I may well be related to the Foster family. Could you please contact me? Would be intetested in hearing from you.

    2. Anne mckenzie

      Hi Donna, thank you for replying, my mum and auntie Betty are in glasgow just now until Tuesday morning. I have forwarded your reply!
      Thanks anne

  24. June Smith

    Hi Donna, I’m June. Betty remembers Rita very well and as we are coming to Glasgow for a few days in August we wondered if you and Rita would like to meet us for a coffee.

  25. Anne

    Hi Donna, thank you so much for replying! June is my mum! That would be so much appreciated if you could ask Rita for more info! Much appreciated! Will pass on your reply to my mum, she may want to ask you more :)
    Thanks again

  26. donna robertson

    Hi Janet hope this is of help to you.. funnily enough I lived in Bridgeton until they shoved us all out into the wilderness and I ended up at 991 Gartloch road in the early 70s.. I have a photo of Arcadia st if you d like to contact me by email.

      1. Jessie Roxburugh Post author

        Does anyone remember a wee restaurant in Marquis street run by my granny mrs Hosie .
        She supplied meals to sit in or take away , ( pies and peas mince and totties,steak pie
        home made soup ect ).neighbours would queue up with plates and jugs for their carry outs
        She later moved to open a restaurant next to the Arcadia cinema London rd ,and
        Went on to doing house purveying ( weddings funerals ect ) Workers from Tempeltons
        carpet factory were regular lunch time customers . (. 1941 Marquis st ?) (1950.?London rd)
        From. Jessie Roxburgh nee Findlay ( Troon )

        1. David Robertson

          Hi, Jessie. My name is David Robertson, and I lived at !4,Marquis street, and had many a lunch of soup and evening Pie at Mrs Hosie’s. It was later taken over by her Son, Jim and his mate,and it was them that opened the one in London Road. Marquis Street is no longer there,I looked on Google maps. I now live in Australia. Davie.

          1. Jean Crawford

            Hi David, My dad’s family lived at 50 Marquis Street, there were 5 brothers and a younger sister ..Crawford’s.

  27. donna robertson

    Catherine I knew some people from around Law st Yate st.. Tommy Boyle who went to Crossmaloof skating at the same time as me.. he had a nice pal who was Tommy as well…who came from there.. my pals granny Mrs Gallagher lived up the top flat in Yate st…. my granny used to live in Fraser st and my mammy Betty Foster was born there and went to Barrowfield school..then Bernard st… sorry dont have photos but will look around for some..

  28. donna robertson

    Anne. the Ferrols lived next door to my granny Maggie Foster at 87 Fordneuk st… I remember them well.. Jessie died quite young leaving the wee lassie.. the older lassie used to visit my auntie Eva in Broad st every Sunday when she left the home she lived in…June was a bit younger than me , Im 67 now so she would be about 65…I dont remember the brothers though… they all lived in a single end, and I remember feeling awful sad for the children when their mammy died… no photos though but Ill ask my cousin Rita more about them as she was about the same age as Betty. This was all back in the 50s but Betty visited our house in the early 60s ..

  29. Nancy

    Hi, My family lived in 83 Dale street across from the Old church. Don’t know the name of it. My Dad’s name was James Mc Gill Grandfather’s Thomas Mc Gill Grandmother’s name was (Ellen Smith her maiden name) I went to Sacred Heart School, and attended Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and a wee bit later I went to Holy Cross School I would really love it if someone has a photo of 83 Dale Street as far back 1940’s –1960’s Thanks, as they say in Scotland ” TA”

  30. Catherine

    Hi, lived at 65 Law St, went to Barrowfield School,Bernard St School. Does anyone have any pictures of Frazer St/London Rd area. Would be great to hear from anyone that lived there in the 50s/60s. Any pictures of Law St etc would be great.

  31. Alex Simonini

    We lived at 4 dale street, My grandparents had had fish and chip shop downstairs. We move to Montreal in 63.

  32. Anne

    My family lived in Fordneuk street in the 40s, ferrol were their surname, jessie, William and some of their children, elizabeth, June, billy and John. I believe they lived in no 50 something! Does anyone remember anything about them I would love to hear from you! Long shot but would love to find a photo of them as we have nothing! Jessie’s maiden name was mcnicol, her mothers surname was sergison!

    1. Marie Campbell

      My granny and Grampian lived in Forneuk Street. They had 4 kids, my mother Madge,her siblings, Michael,Danny, and May.

  33. Janet Mc Laughlin

    Does anyone have any pictures or photo’s of Arcadia Street in Bridgeton, off the London road.I lived there from 1946 till 1958. We my Mum and my brother Joseph and sister Rosemary, moved to Garthamlock. 957. Gartlock Road. I then left Glasgow and got married to a English fellow, in 1968. I’m now a widow, and I am trying trace back as much of my pass,to show my children, and not forgetting my six grandchildren. I would over the moon if I get any response to this request. Thankyou in advance . Janet.(Netta) x

  34. Donna

    Does anyone have any old plans of a cemetery that was at Brook st/Broad st as far as I can find out…. all it said was the David Dale bullding was built on the site of the graveyard.. but Ive found nothing..and would love to know.

  35. Donna

    For years Ive told people about the workmen killed when a crane collapsed on Broad st while they were bulding the mens model, now demolished…. no one could tell me anything about this accident but I remembered it clearly as I lived in Fordneuk st at the time and head the horrible noise as the crane smashed to the ground…. when I ran upstairs to the secnd landing I could see bodies being covered with tarpaulin…. thankfully Peter Mortimer got all the evidence I needed about this from some papers from the late 60s.. thanks Peter.

  36. Donna

    Yaffys on Main st has been demolished.. they have been empty for some time.. Ive asked around but no one seems to know what the land will be used for yet…

  37. donna robertson

    Did anyone notice that the Millars sign from the past is different from the one now.. it must have been changed at some time in the past… still fantastic though…. to see the old signage back..

  38. Avril

    Extremely interesting and fabulous photos of Bridgeton in the past. My grandparents came from Henrietta Street and Bowling Green Terrace in the 1891 and through to the 1990’s.

    Although I was brought up in the north/west of Glasgow I returned to the eastend for a short while and lived in Westmuir Street, Parkheid then Eveline Street, Dennistoun after I got married.

    My son was born in Belvidere Hospital and I have great memories of taking him for walks in his pram around these areas, it was a wonderful bustling community of friendly people with terrific wee shops, I moved to England over 40 years ago but a piece of my heart is still in the east end of Glasgow.

    1. Davy

      My family arrived in Bridgeton in 1873 and were in Bowling Green Terrace at number 4, my Grandmothers family were at Number 3 in the 1870’s. Can anyone tell me where exactly Bowling Green Terrace was ?
      My grandparents lived at 182 Baltic St in the 50’s, at the corner of Ruby St, one up with the wee shop at the bottom of the close. Sad to see it the way it is now when it was so full of life. My mother always wanted to go back there where everybody’s door was open and she had been so happy.

      1. Bob Winning

        Hi Davie,
        I believe it was off Walkinshaw Street, it’s listed in the 1873 Glasgow PO directory as being there.

        1. Trevor

          I had ancestors, the Lee family, living in number 5 Bowling Green Terrace in the 1881 Census.

          Did you ever figure out exactly where that terrace was, Andy?

  39. donna

    Does anyone remember Betty Flynn the ice skater from Frazer st.. more Barrowfield than Brigton.. she ended up marrying Dickie Valentine the singer.. who sadly died young in a car accident.

    1. Maureen Quinn

      Yes she used to go around with my big sister margret Quinn she was was her friend my family lived in madras street I was born in 20 madras street myself in 1948 had to big brothers Malcolm and Eddie and my big sister margaret Also 2 younger sister June and sheree they were only babies when we moved to carntyne we are all scattered over the place now myself and a few of us in England for yrs but still got margaret and June in Glasgow go up quite often sad to say my wee mammy and daddy are both gone but I had a great childhood in bridgeton me and my best pal Kathleen savage who I am still friends with today have lots off great memories and talk off them often.

    2. Richard Evans

      Betty Flynn lived in London Rd. at Frazer St. above the Pop Inn pub. I lived in London Rd. too and can assure you this is BRIG’TON. My relatives owned Moore’s fruit shop, a few yards from the Pop Inn.

      R. Evans

    3. Sadie Lawrence

      I remember Mick Flynn who went about with my cousin John Black(Blackie) . We lived in 60 Barrowfield St across from Jack Sakol furniture factory. Good memories there unbelievable that building now a Police Staion

    4. Roger Sinclair

      I briefly knew her as Elizabeth Romain in the early 1980’s. She must have remarried at some time. She was living in Los Angeles but had an apartment in Wimbledon, London. As a private hire driver at that time I had the privilege of driving her a few times when she visited from the USA. She was a real lady with no airs or graces. Most passengers sat in the back but not her. She sat in the front and chatted. She told me about marrying Dickie Valentine and having been a professional ice skater. She must have been about 50 at that time but still a beautiful and glamorous woman. She was always very kind and once treated me to a meal in an Indian restaurant. She would be in her late 80’s now so I hope that she is still alive and well.

  40. donna

    I remember Millars linoleum shop in Olympia st having a big opening instead of a door.. either rugs or lino squares lay on the floor in piles. and the rest was rolled up round the walls..

  41. Calamity

    Bridgeton to me was home… I lived in Fordneuk st then we moved round the corner to Broad st.. so many lovely memories of living there back in the late forties to the early seventies when it was torn down and left vacated land for forty years.. why I ll never know, what was wrong with either renovating the old tenement to make it habitable or rebuilding for the residents to move back into.. Instead we all were shoved out into the winderness of Garthamlock. Ruchazie, Easterhouse and Cranhill… One of my best ever memories of Bridgeton was the Queens coronation when we had a big “Clabber” in the street… our radiogram was carried down to the street on a long wire to provide the music to dance to… oh so many memories…


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