Parkhead Lives In Hope


Can Beardmore Perfect Great Invention?

New Idea Would Revolutionise Motor Car Industry

A mystery motor vehicle has been patrolling the vicinity of Westmuir Street, Parkhead,During the past three weeks .East End people who have noticed the wonder vehicle failed to realise that it may revolutionise the whole question of road transport in Great Britain. Yet this is the case. In outward aspect there is nothing to distinguish the vehicle from  an ordinary motor lorry. Insteadof the usual type of petrol engine, however the vehicle is propelled by a Diesel engine which consumes cheap crude oil. If it proves successful there is no doubt that the Diesel engine will be the future power unit for all road vehicles.


The  Diesel engined vehicle has three important advantages over the ordinary petrol engine vehicle. It is free from fire risk. It will maintain a higher average speed. Finally it is three times as cheap to run. The culmination of the experiments will take place this week end when the mystery vehicle will leave the East End with a full load for Dundee. It is anticipated that the vehicle will be able to average eighteen miles to the gallon of crude oil costing 3`3/4d and that it will be able to climb steep hills on top gear.

The Eastern Standard is able to reveal that the next step will be the construction of a passenger omnibus fitted with a Diesel engine,and after that private motor cars will be built. The Transport Department of the Corporation are interested in the experiment, and the day is foreshadowesd when the present fleet of omnibuses ,which are expensive to run, will be replaced entirely by omnibuses of the new type. The fuel cost would be reduced from 2d a mile to 1/2d a mile, and other advantages would also accrue.


The firm which is most interested in this revolutionary experiment is William Beardmore & Company Parkhead. This firm still cherish it as their great secret, although the Eastern Standard has most of the facts in its possession. An Eastern Standard representative who called at Messrs Beardmores premises received the utmost consideration until the object of his visit was mentioned. He was then informed that the works manager,Mr A. J. McFarlane was not prepared to make a statement, but that there was likely to be an important development in about three weeks time.


It is sincerely hoped that the experiments will prove successful. The construction of Diesel engine motor vehicles on a large scale would mean the establishment of an important new industry in the East End, and would open up a new era of prosperity, with employment for a laege number.

Eastern Standard 20th March 1932.