F.W. Woolworths and Company

F.W. Woolworth & Company

F.W. Woolworth & Company added another link to their already vast chain with the opening of a new store in Westmuir Street, Parkhead this week

The familiar lettering gold lettering of the name above the doors, the spacious interior, and smartly dressed assistants, the buzz of conversation, and the high tempo of activity, associated with this million dollar organisation has brought a centre of the cities atmosphere to Parkhead Cross.

The manager of the new store is Mr A. Chard, who when he was deputy manager of the Sauchiehall Street branch was a resident of the East-end.

He claims to know the district fairly well. A Geordie by birth Mr Chard suspects he has Scottish blood in his veins because of his ability to eat porridge out of small plates.

Her First Job

Almost all the girls who will be attending to your needs behind the well stocked counters are all East-enders. For some its there first job, as is the case with little Teresa Brothers of Tollcross.

Teresa left St Marks School Shettleston, at Easter; she always wanted to be a shop girl so her leaving school and Woolworth’s coming to Parkhead have coincided admirably.

Maud Smith however has a wide knowledge of the workings of the multiple store. Maud who lives at 140 Loretto Street, Cranhill, has been with the company in a city branch for a number of years. Her experience will be invaluable in the initial rush.

Patricia McClarrie of 78 South Chester Street Shettleston,has left an East-end store to begin work  with Woolworth & Company . She gave her reasons for the change explaining, I like to meet people and i think this is the place to do it.

Eastern Standard April 22 1955