Parkhead 1919-20 Directory

Parkhead 1919-20 Directory

This directory is a collection of self employed individuals, traders, businesses,  professions, organisations, social and recreational bodies, national & international companies, and others who all contributed to the history of Parkhead

Should you have any additions or corrections that you wish added to the list, or stories or comments on any of  the  list  then please leave comments.





Adam, John Iron Merchant 576 Gt. Eastern Rd. 604 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Allan, J & G Cartwrights 14 Dalmarnock St.
Allan, John Grocer, Tea & Spirit Dealer 22 Westmuir St.
Allan, John Of John Allan & Sons (79 Sword St.) Girard Ave., Parkhead
Allan, Robert Of John Allan & Sons (79 Sword St.) 45 Tennyson Dr., Parkhead
Andeson, Joseph Watch & Clockmaker 8 Dalmarnock St.
Armstrong, Mrs S Wine & Spirit Merchant 185-187 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Arrol, Sir William & Co. Ltd. Crane Manufacturers Crane Department, Parkhead
Baird, William Headmaster, Parkhead Public School Parkhead Public School, Parkhead 110 Annfield St.
Banks, Henry C Newsagent, Tobacconist & hardware Merchant 395 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Barr, A G Aerated Water Manufacturer 482 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Barr, John Agent 68 Dalmarnock St.
Bayne & Duckett Wholesale Boot & Shoe 634 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Beardmore, Joseph George Engineer, Parkhead Forge Parkhead Forge Lymington Lodge, Bothwell
Beardmore, William & Co. Ltd. Parkhead Forge Parkhead Forge
Benson, William Haigh Of Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd. Crane Department, Parkhead Woodbank, North Mount Vernon
Black, David Of John Black & Sons 242 Westmuir St.
Blackhal, R H Painter & Decorator 146 Dalmarnock St. Somerhall, Limeside Ave., Rutherglen
Bladen, & Co. Ltd. Structural Engineers Parkhead Girder Works, Parkhead
Bowie, W & J Cleaners 592 Gt. Eastern Rd.
British (The) Dyewood Co. Ltd. Drysalters & Dyewood & Tannin Extract Manufacturers Carntyne Dyewood Mills, Parkhead
British Legal & United Provident Assurance Co. Ltd Insurance Co. 2 Dalmarnock St.
British Linen Bank Bank 40 Westmuir St.
Brown, Charles Postman 54 Dalmarnock St.
Brown, George Grocer & Provision Merchant 928 Gt. Eastern Rd. 61 Westmuir  St.
Brown, Thomas Licensed Grocer 213 Westmuir St.
Browne, Carlton Tenor Vocalist 228 Gt. Easten Rd.
Bryce, William Joiner, Eastern Joinery Works 23-29 Quarryknowe St., parkhead 55 Wardlaw Ave., Rutherglen
Campbell, Alexander & Co, Warehousemen 653 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Campbell, T Murdoch MA MB Physician & Surgeon 120 dalmarnock St. 9 Winston St.
Carey, James Baker 158 Dalmarnock St. 68 Dalmarnock St.
Carntyne Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Iron Merchant Carntyne Rolling Mills, Parkhead
Carrick, John Church Officer Parkhead Parish Church 313 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Cassells, W D Provision Merchant 127 Dalmarnock St 10 Whitevale St.
Cater, F Boot Repair Expert 37 Dalmarnock St.
Chalmers, George Grocer & Provision Merchant 485 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Commercial Bank of Scotland Bank 5 Westmuir St.
Cooper, Thomas Warehousemen (J W Campbell & Co.) 9 Muiryfauld Dr., Parkhead
Coults, William Confectioners 34A Westmuir St.
Crawford, John & A Spice Merchants 190 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Crawford, William Sausage Skin Manufacturer 182 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Dansken, Alexander House Factors 9 Dalmarnock St. Rosemount, 92 Drumother Dr.
Davidson, James Carriage Hirer, Fumeral Undertaker, & Contractor 365 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Dempster, R & S Cabinetmakers & Chairmakers 21 John St., Lane 41 Tennyson Dr., Parkhead
Dunlop, John Headmaster, Quarrybrae School Whitehill St., Dennistoun
Employment Exchange Ministry of Labour 47 to 57 Sorby St., Parkhead
Farmer, George H Wine Merchant 615 Gt. Eastern Rd. 1358 Duke St.
Findlay, Walter Grocer 239 Westmuir St. 317 Onslow Dr.
Fletcher, Hugh M House Factors 9 Dalmarnock St. 1358 Duke St.
Flynn Bros Wine & Spirit Merchant 743 & 749 London Rd., Parkhead
Fyfe (The) Douglas Co. Ltd. Toy Manufacturers 121-127 Salamanca St.
Gibson & Mathie Paint & Varnish 70 Quarryknowe St., Parkhead
Gillespie, John Housepainter 546 Gt. Eastern Rd. 3 Dalmarnock St.
Girdwood, D Secretary Parkhead Forge Parkhead Forge Rosebank, Mount Vernon N
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Grocer 48 Westmuir St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Drapery Warehouse 70 Westmuir St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Butcher Shop 63 Westmuir St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Dairy 52 Westmuir St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Grocer 94 Dalmarnock St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-Op Society Dairy 90 Dalmarnock St.
Greenlees & Sons “Easiphit” Footwear Ltd. Wholesale Boot & Shoe 597 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Hamilton & Crawford Provision Merchant 32 East Wellington St
Hamilton, Jas Of (Henry Winning & Co.) Muirfield, 83 Drumother Dr., Parkhead
Hamilton, Jas Imrie Glazier & Glass Merchant 30 East Wellington St.
Hamilton, John Confectioners 1250 Duke St., Parkhead
Hamilton, John Of (Hamilton & Crawford) 7 Tennyson Dr., parkhead
Hart, Alex Carting Contractor 705 Gt. Eastern Rd RavelstonHouse, Ravel Row, Parkhead
Hill, A Dentist 40 Helenvale St.
Hill, Alex Spirit Merchant 21 Westmuir St. 40 Helenvale St.
Hodge, Alex Carting Contractor 190 Gt. Eastern Rd. Overwood Villa, Tollcross
Horn, James Grocer & Provision Merchant 914 Gt. Eastern Rd. 47 Tennyson Dr., parkhead
Hunter & Clark Constructional & Building Contractors 319 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Hunter, Thomas F Ltd. Monumental Mason, Sculptors & Marble Cutters 433 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Independent Labour Party (Camlachie Branch) Political Party 15 Ewing Place
Jansen, Rev. Martin Clergyman St. Michael’s, Parkhead
Kelly, J H Vehicle Builder Van St., Parkhead Rockbank, Van St., Parkhead
Kennedy & Reid Manufacturing Chemists 18-26 Helenvale St.
Kerr, A Flesher 139 Dalmarnock St.
Love, Andrew Smith & Cartwright 43 Slatefield St. 201 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Lyon, James Washboards, Trunks Etc. 240 Carntyne Rd., Parkhead 52 Hamilton Dr., Shettleston
Marks & Johnston Lubricating Oil Manufacturers 121 to 145 Gt. Eeastern Rd.
Marr, Rev. William I H, Bsc Clergyman Parkhead UF Church 182 Whitehill St., Dennistoun
Marr, Thomas Cotton Waste Dealer Longpark Cottage, 347 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Marshall, James Pattern Book & Card maker 19 Montrose St. 21 Tennyson Dr., Parkhead
McBride, James Cinema manager The Louvre, Parkhead 140 Annfield St.
McBride, Mrs J Draper 77 Dalmarnock St.
McCann, John Pawnbroker 58 to 64 Gray St,., Parkhead
McClure, John G Watch & Clockmaker 593 Gt. Eastern Rd.
McCrae, R & J Ltd. Bedding, Curled HairManufacturers,Feather Merchants, Importers & Purifiers 301 Gt. Eastern Rd.
McCrossan, Agnes Dressmaker 1342 Duke St. 562 Gt. Reastern Rd.
McDonald, A Sand Contractor 403 Janefield St
McEwan, Duncan Plumber & Gasfitter 399 Gt. Eastern Rd. 599 Gt. Eastern Rd.
McFadden, Samuel Hatters & Hosiers 2 Westmuir St 95 Findlay Dr.
McGibbon, James Rope & Twine Maker Clyde Ropery, 275 carntyne Rd., Parkhead
McKemdrick, William Tobacconist 618 Gt. Eastern Rd. Corseknowe, Craigpark, Dennistoun
McLean, Alfred Hardware & China Merchant 110 Dalmarnock St. 47 Canning St.
McMenemy, James Wine & Spirit Merchant 209 Gt. Eastern Rd. 284 Dalmarnock St.
McMinn, Robert Grocer & Provision Merchant 203 Gt. Eastern Rd. 12 Meadowpark St.
Miller & Muir Hatters & Hosiers 595 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Miller, Alex Swiss Embroiderer 35 Dalmarnock St.
Miller, Peter, MB Ch.B Physician 94 Westmuir St.
Milne, John S Joiner 179 Dalmarnock St. 3 Brownlees Gardens, Tollcross
Mooney & Co. Warehousemen 161 Dalmarnock St.
Morrin, J G Physician 695 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Morrison, Halbert Pawnbrokers 145-149 Dalmarnock St.
Muir & Findlay Boilermakers & Engineers 220-226 East Wellington St.
Nicholson, William Hardwaremen 169 Dalmarnock St.
Nisbet, John F Flesher 598 Gt. Eastern Rd. 7 Balmoral Terace, Tolcross
Palace Bar Public House 1285 Duke St., Parkhead
Park & Paterson Metal Merchants & Refiners 22 Backcauseway, Parkhead
Park, Mrs John Grocer 1027 Duke St., Parkhead 1025 Parkhead
Parkhead Congregational Church Church Westmuir St.
Parkhead Pawnbroking Office Pawnbroker (Matthew White) 5 Burgher St., Parkhead
Parkhead Penticostal Church Church 12 Burgher St., Parkhead
Parkhead UP Church Church 110 Westmuir St.
Paterson, A & W Wholesale Boot & Shoe 1 Westmuir St.
Paterson,John & Co. Plumber & Gasfitter 673 Gt. Eastern Rd. 8 Clairmont Gardens
Petrie, J & Sons Baker 147 Dalmarnock St.
Phillips, John Plumber & Gasfitter 57 Westmuir St. 612 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Pirrie, Mrs Baker 10 Tollcross Rd., Parkhead Luggie Green, Drumother Dr.
Rankin, Alex Flesher 12 Westmuir St.
Reid, William Janitor Quarry Brae School, Parkhead
Rennie, Dugald Steel Founder Cuthelton St., Parkhead 8 Marlborough Terrace
Richmond, James & Sons Cooper 40 Janefield St.
Riddell, Dan Draper 584 Gt, Eastern Rd.
Ritchie, James Dentist 623 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Robb, Andrew & Sons Horse Shoer 576 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Robertson, Donald Wine Merchant 481 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Robertson, Miss M Draper 129 Dalmarnock St.
Ronald, William & Sons Boilermakers & Engineers 968 Duke St., Parkhead 910 Duke St., Parkhead
Roy, Andrew Wright 23 Ravel Row 320 Tollcross Rd.
Roy, William MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon 23 Ravel Row Ranlay, Parkhead
Russell, Hugh Tailor 90 Westmuir St.
Russell, Thomas MB CM Physician 47 Westmuir St.
Russlell, Bros Draper 626 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Sartin, George Painter & Decorator 73 Westmuir St. 88 Westmuir St.
Simpson, Thomas Clergyman Tollcross Park Church The Manse, Drumother Dr., Parkhead
Smith, Samuel Draper & Clothier 8 Westmuir St. Ardlui. Girard Ave.
Sommerville, John Fishmonger 18 Westmuir St. Abington, Carmyle
Stalker, Isabella Stationers 100 Springfield Rd. 135 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Stalker, Miss J Draper 165 Dalmarnock St.
Stevenson, A J Postman GPO 413 Janefield St.
Stevenson, John Pawnbroker 1347 Duke St., Parkhead
Swan, James G & Co. Ltd. Sheep Dip Manufacturers 80 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Taylor, D Stationers 835 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Templeton, R & J Ltd. General Grocers 605 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead Cross
Templeton, R & J Ltd. General Grocers 102 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Torrance, E Draper 17 Dalmarnock St.
Walker, A Fruiterer & Florist 14 Westmuir St.
Walker, A Fruiterer & Florist 131 Dalmarnock St.
Walker, John Slater & Plasterer 2 Helenvale St.
Walker, John Slater & Plasterer 2 Helenvale St., Parkhead 8 Muiryfauld Dr., Parkheaed
Walker, Mrs William W Wine & Spirit Merchant 176 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Wallace, Robert Joiner 16 Ewing Place 1348 Duke St.
Ward, T Wine & Spirit Merchant 117 Westmuir St.
Ward, T Wine & Spirit Merchant 2 Nisbet St.
Watson, C & G Grocer & Wine Merchants 17 Westmuir St.
Watson, George Ltd. Cab & Carriage Hirers 664 Gt.Eastern Rd.
West of Scotland Wringer Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Wringer & Rubber Manufacturers 17 Janefield St.
Whyte, Duncan Provision Merchant 167 Dalmarnock St.
Wilkinson, John Painter & Glazier I Glenpark St. 152 Westmuir St.
Willox, David Justice of the Peace 97 Dalmarnock St.
Willox, David Ltd. Manufacturing Chemists 270 Westmuir St. Glenfruin, Parkhead
Wilson, James Baker & Purveyor 28 Westmuir St.
Wilson, John Dairykeeper 847 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Wilson, William Printer & Stationer 614 Gt. Eastern Rd. 616 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Wilson, William Wine & Spirit Merchant 886 Gt. Eastern Rd. Westfield, Parkhead
Winn, Peter Cooper 12 Janefield St
Young, Misses J & E Milliners & Dressmakers 162A Westmuir St. 612 Gt. Eastern Rd.
Young, William & Son House Factors 11 Westmuir St. The Knowe, South Mount Vernon


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