Images & Transport 6

Images & Transport 6

On the Buses

Below is some of the bone shakers that served Glasgow so well through times gone by.

B&W photos reproduced by kind permission of Culture & Sports Glasgow (Museums)

Commer 40 HP: From 1924.  This bus was supplied by Norfolk Coachworks of Keppochhill Road.  It was a 30 seater with dual entries and had solid tyres.  Observe how well turned out the staff were.

Albion PM28: From 1927.  Another 30 seater with dual entries.

Leyland TD1: From 1928

Leyland TD1:  From 1930

Albion Venturer SP81: From 1935

AEC Regent 0661: From 1938

Guy Arab MKII 6LW: From 1943

Albion Venturer CX19: From 1947

Daimler CVD6: From 1948

Daimler CVG6: From 1955

Leyland Titan: From 1960

Leyland Atalantean MK II: From 1967

Leyland Royal Tiger: From 1956

Leyland Panther P Sur:  From 1964

AEC Regent III: From 1954

AEC Regent V: From 19955

AEC Regent Mark III: From 1949

Some of the above and Trolly Buses in the colours of Glasgow Corporation.