Visit to Olympia centenary Celebrations

Visit to Olympia Part of Centenary Celebrations

East-Enders lined Main Street down To Bridgeton Cross last night to watch the City of Glasgow 280th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (R.A.T.A.) parade to Bridgeton Cross where Brigadier Bibra took the salute before the entire unit made their way into the Olympia Cinema.

The parade was part of centenary celebrations being held this year by the regiment, The film at which the Troop were guests was I Was Monty’s Double.

The cinema itself was packed to capacity for the special showing of the film. The regiment paraded down the aisle of the cinema, led by the pipe band under the direction of Pipe Major George Hardie, and on the stage, where they entertained the audience.

Drum Major M.A. MacMillan gave a display of Highland dancing.


Prior to the special show the foyer of the Olympia Cinema was transformed with badges, photographs, old uniforms from the Artillery museum in England, the Breech Block from the last gun in action at Gallipoli during the 1914-18 war, and also a scroll showing the signatures of the original volunteers of 1859.

The 280th Regiment who have their headquarters at 69 Main Street, Bridgeton, are hoping, by this display that recruits will come forward.

Enquiries Invited

Those interested in becoming members should enquire at 69 Main Street any day of the week including Sunday. New badges are now being worn by T.A. members.

Instead of the grenade badges the new City of Glasgow Collar Dogs are being worn.. The Collar Dogs have the City of Glasgow Coat of arms and guns.

The 280th Regiment are the only T.A. unit who have permission to wear the Hamilton tartan. They are allowed to wear this tartan by kind permission of the Duke of Hamilton.

Taken from Eastern Standard Friday ,May 17. 1959

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