Parkhead 1900-01 Directory

Parkhead 1900-01 Directory

This directory is a collection of self employed individuals, traders, businesses,  professions, organisations, social and recreational bodies, national & international companies, and others who all contributed to the history of Parkhead

Should you have any additions or corrections that you wish added to the list, or stories or comments on any of  the  list  then please leave comments.






Adam, John K Wrights & Joiners 60 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Anderson, William Draper 276 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Angus, James Agricultural Implement Manufacturers 9 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Baillie, Robert Grocer 39 Dawson St., Parkhead
Barr, Andrew G & Co Aerated Water Manufacturer 184 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Barrowman, Peter Glass Showcase & Maker 96 New Rd., Parkhead
Brady, William & Co. Stevedores Queens Dock Inchlee House, Parkhead
British (The) Dyewood & Chemical Co. Ltd, Drysalters & Dyewood Extract Manufacturers Carntyne Dyewood Mills, Parkhead
Brotherhood, Thomas Headmaster Parkhead Reformatory West Thorn Cottage
Brown, Thomas Licensed Grocer 213 Westmuir Street Sheddens Villa, Shettleston
Carntyne Iron Co. Iron & Steel Carntyne Rolling Mills
Clark & Struthers Manufacturers, Fancy Dress Goods Parkhead Factory, East Hope St., Parkhead
Clark, Andrew Janitor, Parkhead Public School 85 Westmuir St., Parkhead, E1
Clydesdale Bank Ltd. Bank 595 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Cochrane, Andrew Wholesale retailers of Teas & Grocery Goods 561 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead Tollcross Road, Parkhead
Cosh, Mrs Henry Wine & Spirit Merchant 402 NewRd., Parkhead 406 New Rd., Parkhead
Crawford, A R Architect 101 West Nile St. Sir James Thomson Dr., Parkhead
Crighton & Moonie Cabinet makers & Upholsterers 30 Nisbet St., Parkhead
Cumming, D M Shipbuilder Blackhill Dock, near Parkhead
Dalrymple, Mrs Jane Wine & Spirit Merchant 48 New Rd., Parkhead 599 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Dansken, Alex House Factor & Insurance Agent 270 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Darngavil Coal Co (Ltd) Coalmasters Camlachie, Parkhead
Eadie, William Municipal Ward Secretary 148 Baird Street, Parkhead, E1
Eadie, William Assistant Superintendent Eastern Necropolis 148 Baird Street, Parkhead, E1
Ferguson, George Sperintendent Eastern Necropolis 55 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Ferguson, Joseph Clerk 69 Whitevale St. 448 New Rd., Parkhead
Ferguson, Thomas & Son (Parkhead) Boilermakers 4 Woodside Pl.,Shettleston
Fleming, John Ham Curer & Provision Merchant 252 Gt. Eastern Road & 584 Gallowgate
Fleming, John Ham Curer & Provision Merchant East Wellington St., Parkhead
Forrest, Mrs M Milliner 527 Gallowgate 3 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Gilchrist, Robert B Undertakers 551 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Girdwood, D Cashier Parkhead Forge Rosebank, Mount vernon
Girdwood, John D Bookkeeper Parkhead Forge 203 Onslow Drive
Glasgow Iron & Steel Co. (The) Iron & Steel also Coalmasters Parkhead
Gordon & Blair Ltd. Brewers & Winemerchants Home Brewery, Parkhead
Gossman & Smith House Factor & Insurance Agent 409 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Gourlay, Peter Draper 6 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Grant, Andrew Station Master NB Railway, Parkhead 405 New Rd., Parkhead
Haddow, Alex Municipal Ward Convenor 124 Salamanca St., Parkhead, E1
Hamilton, James Provision Merchant 30 East Wellington St., Parkhead 32 East Wellington St., Parkhead
Hart, Alexander Carting Contarctors 33 Ravel Row, Parkhead Ravelston House, Ravel Row
Hart, Andrew Veterinary Surgeon 9 Hunter St. Ravelston House, Ravel Row
Hart, John Agent Royal Bank of Scotland, Bridgeton Cross Ravelston House, Ravel Row
Henderson, George & Co. 124 Salamanca St., Parkhead, E1
Horsefield, G M Of Bladen & Co. Parkhead Girder Works, Parkhead
Hovell, Thomas S At Springfield Steel Company Dowrie, Parkhead
Johnston, James Oil merchant (of Marks & Johnston, Parkhead) North Park, Coatbridge
Kelly, J H Cartwright, Van & Lorry Builder 9 Dalmarnock, St. 599 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Kelly, J H Agricultural Implement Manufacturers 9 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Kennedy & Reid Rosin Distillers, Oil Refiners, Paint, Grease Makers and Mnfct. Chemists Helenvale St., Parkhead
Kesson & Campbell Engineers & Iron Founders Carntyne Foundry & Eng. Works, Parkhead
McCann, John Pawnbroker 58 to 64 Gray St., Parkhead 3 Bellgrove St.
McClure, John Watchmaker & Jeweller 593 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
McDermid, Duncan Draper, Hatter, Hosier & Clothier 254 Gt. Eastern Rd, Parkhead
McDermid, Duncan Draper, Hatter, Hosier & Clothier 1 & 3 Dalmarnock Rd., Parkhead
McErlean, Francis Pawnbroker 735 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead Springfield, Tollcross Rd, Parkhead
McLean & Phillips Plumbers & Gasfitters 10 Ravel Row, Parkhead
McNaught, William Slater & Plasterer 29New Rd., Parkhead 44 New Rd., Parkhead
McRoberts, Joseph Nail & Rivet Manufacturer 345 Scotland St. 56 East Wellington St., Parkhead
Miller, Alex Chemist & Druggist 567 Duke St. Lower Carntyne Farm, Parkhead
Miller, C & L Masons & Brickbuilders 445 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead Stewart’s lane, Parkhead
Mitchell, Robert 275 Carntyne Rd., Parkhead
Muir & Findlay Boilermakers Parkhead Boiler Works, Parkhead
Murray, Rev Jas. Leslie Minister Dennistoun UP Church Haghill House, Parkhead
Nisbet, Mrs James Flesher 256 Gt. Eastern Td., Parkhead
Nisbet, Thomas MA Teacher Pupil Teacher’s Institute 4 Nisbet St., Parkhead
Park & Paterson Metal Merchants & Refiners 20 & 22 Backcauseway, Parkhead
Park, John Grocer 430 New Rd., Parkhead 424 New Rd., Parkhead
Parkhead CongregationalChurch Church Westmuir St., Parkhead
Parkhead Parish Church Church Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Parkhead Pawnbroking Office Pawnbroker (John Thomson, Manager) 5 Burgher St., Parkhead
Parkhead Picture Framing Co Picture Framers 39 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Parkhead Steel Foundry Co. Manufacturers of Malleable & Steel Castings Van St., Parkhead
Parkhead UP Church Church Westmuir St., Parkhead
Paterson, John& Co. Smiths 673 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Paterson, William Rope & Twine Manufacturers West Thorn, London Rd., Parkhead
Police Weighing Machine Weighing Machine 14A New Rd., Parkhead
Quillan, James Coopers 40 to 96 Janefield St., Parkhead
Ramsay, J M Surgeon 8A New Rd., Parkhead 3 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Rattray, Rev Alex, MA Minister Minister of Parkhead Parish 4 Westercraigs, Dennistoun
Reid, Hugh & Son House Factor & Insurance Agent 18 New Rd., Parkhead Hayfield Cottage, Shettleston
Reid, John & Co. Metal Merchants & Refiners Westmuir St., Parkhead
Revie, Donald Plumbers & Gasfitters 93 New Rd., Parkhead 13 Winton Terr., Shettleston
Riddell, Daniel John Riddell & Son Old Manse, Parkhead
Rodger, J & W WholesaleWine, Spirit & MaltLiquor Merchants 733 Gt., Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Rogan, Rev. E P, DD Preist St. Michael’s, Parkhead
Ronald, William & Sons Boilermakers 379 New Rd., Parkhead 53 Salamanca St., Parkhead
Roy, William, M.R.C.V.S. Veterinary Surgeon Ravel Row, Parkhead 156 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Russell, Thomas Dr. MB CM Doctor 27A Westmuir St., Parkhead Parkhead Cross
Smith, Samuel Draper & Clothier 8 & 10 Westmuir St., Parkhead 939 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Stenson, Robert Aerated Water Manufacturer 55Society St., Parkhead 58 Whitevale St.
Stewart, Robert Tea Dealer & Grocer Parkhead Cross
Taylor, Mrs William Laundry 33 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Thom, Duncan House Factor & Insurance Agent 7 Burgher St., Parkhead
Turner, William & Co Dyers & Merchants Carntyne Works, Parkhead
Vanduara Silk Co. Ltd Silk Co. Parkhead Silk Factory, 347 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Waddell & Co. Boilermakers 60 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Waddell, R D Sausage Makers 264 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Ward, James T Wine & Spirit Merchant 69 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Ward, James T Wine & Spirit Merchant 2 Nisbet St., Parkhead
Watson, C & G Grocer 11 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Watson, George R Parkhead Cross Parkhead & Lochview, Garelochhead
Watson, J Robertson, MA Professor oof Chemistry Anderson’s College Medical School Parkhead & Lochview, Garelochhead
Weir, Jas Church Officer Parkhead Parish Church 417 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Williamson, James Wholesale Stationer & Fancy Goods Importer 83 London St. 33 Westmuir St., Parkhead
Willox, D Manufacturing Chemist 48 Burgher St., Parkhead 49 Dalmarnock St., Parkhead
Winning, Henry & Co Rope & Twine Manufacturers Carntyne Rope Works, Parkhead
Winning, Thomas Of Winning Mellis & Co Mountblue Works, Camlachie 115 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead
Young, David MD Physician 260 Gt. Eastern Rd., Parkhead Linton Villa, Tollcross
Young, William Minister UP Church, Parkhead 1 Whitehill Terrace, Dennistoun


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