East End Churches

This page will be about the churches of the East End 

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  1. Lori MacGregor

    Has anyone images of Wellpark Free church, on the corner of Duke St and Ark lane? My husband’s 4x Great grands were married there, and while I understand it was knocked down in the 60s. there must be pictures of it somewhere? Any info on Wellpark would be gratefully received. Thank you.
    Lori MacGregor DnaWhoYouAre@gmail.com

    1. G A NEELY

      I am trying to find out information about when I was Baptised, The only information I have it was at Gutherie Mem. Congreg. Church Moncur Street Calton Glasgow
      Rev. WM Gillchrist Paston on 5th August 1947. I was born 18 January 1943 at Duke Street Hospital Dennistoun Glasgow. Any help would or information would
      be very helpful in getting certificate of baptism.
      thanking you

      1. R McGregor

        I don’t think you will be able to source a certificate of baptism because this was not a statutory document. I have mine dating from 1960 and it is more like a keepsake card that is signed by the Minister. To my knowledge, there would not be a copy of that document – it would have been handed to your parents. Or the baptism may only be recorded on the reverse side of your original birth certificate. There may be a record of your baptism in the archives of Guthrie Memorial Congregation Church but since I believe that church has been demolished, the records may well have been removed to The Mitchell Library. But that will only show a record of your baptism – there will be no certificate.


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