Parkhead 1943-44 Directory

Parkhead 1943-44 Directory

This directory is a collection of self employed individuals, traders, businesses,  professions, organisations, social and recreational bodies, national & international companies, and others who all contributed to the history of Parkhead

Should you have any additions or corrections that you wish added to the list, or stories or comments on any of  the  list  then please leave comments.








Adams, J Iron Merchants 1404 Gallowgate
Adamson, J 719 Springfield Rd.
Aird Brothers Garage 893-905 Springfield Rd.
Aitken, T 1298 Gallowgate
Allan, R M 22 Tollcross Rd.
Allan, W & W 119 Tollcross Rd.
Ambrosia, C D 87 Tollcross Rd.
Anderson & Denny 23 Dunbar St.
Anderson, J 84 Drumover Dr.
Anderson, J 918 Springfield Rd.
Antonelli, P 27 Tennyson Dr.
Arrighi, A 1255 Duke St.
Bagnall, A 1448 Gallowgate
Bagnall, J 1444 Gallowgate
Baillie, S 56 Edmiston St.
Ballantyne, J 1338 Duke St.
Ballantyne, Thomas 412 Tollcross Rd.
Banks 97 Drumover Dr. Benview
Barr, A G & Co. Ltd. Mineral Water Manufacturers 1306 Gallowgate
Barry, William 4 Nisbet St
Baxter, J 719 Springfield Rd.
Bayne & Duckett Wholesale Shoes 8 Tollcross Rd.
Beardmore, William & Co. Ltd. 1210 Duke St.
Beardmore, William & Co. Ltd. 1196 Duke St.
Beardmore, William & Co. Ltd. 22 Hart St.
Beattie, A 1262 Duke St.
Bell, A & Sons Ltd. 1425 Gallowgate
Beveridge, Dr. J 451 Tollcross Rd. Linton Villa
Binnie, Dr. R Doctor 1452 Gallowgate
Birrell Ltd 1426 Gallowgate
Birrels Ltd. 1321 Duke St.
Black Cat Cinema Cinema 830 Springfield Rd.
Black, J 156 Quarryknowe St.
Black, William 96 Drumover Dr. Frewenden
Bladen & Co. Ltd. 61 Ogilvie St
Bonnars, S 1349 Gallowgate
Bonne Laundry Laundry 914 Springfield Rd.
Bonnini, A 719 Springfield Rd.
Bowie, W & J Ltd. Dry Cleaners 1420 Gallowgate
Boylan, M 1295 Gallowgate
Bradley, P 17 Croyden St.
Bradley, P 1314 Gallowgate
Bright, W 1448 Gallowgate
Britton, J 1356 Duke St.
Britton, J 719 Springfield Rd.
Brooks, G 1358 Duke St.
Brotherston, R F 1358 Duke St.
Brotherton, R 10 Ewing Pl.
Brown, A 64 Edmiston St.
Brown, George 348 Tollcross Rd.
Brown, J 3 Delburn St.
Brown, N A 48 Dechmont St.
Brown, R 1345 Duke St.
Brown, R Draper 1424 Gallowgate
Brown, R 2 Tollcross Rd.
Brown’s Modern Studio 1407 Gallowgate
Bryce, J 69 Tollcross Rd.
Bryce, W Joiner 23-29 Quarryknowe St.
Buchanan, J C 1375 Gallowgate
Buchanan, W 44 Drumover Dr.
Buchart, Mrs 784 Springfield Rd.
Burns, J Pawnbroker 219 Tollcross Rd.
Burns, T 15 Delburn St.
Burnside, J 1323 Gallowgate
Burton, Dr. E 1353 Duke St.
Cairns, M 34 East Wellington St.
Cameron, Mrs Alice 391 Tollcross Rd.
Cameron, N 10 Salamanca St.
Camlachie Independent labour Party 15 Ewing Pl.
Campbell, A 1298 Gallowgate
Campbell, Alex & Co. 41 Tollcross Rd.
Campbell, Dr. T M Physician 773 Springfield Rd.
Campbell, P 71 Cuthelton St.
Campbell, Rev.John 94 Drumover Dr.
Canning, H 39 Dunbar St.
Capaldi, C Café 743 Springfield Rd.
Carr, J 39 Tennyson Dr.
Castlebank Laundry Laundry 6 Tollcross Rd.
Cater, J Boot Repairing Expert 910 Springfield Rd.
Chalmers, A 5 Edmiston St.
Chambers, W 56 Tennyson Dr.
Clerk, D & Son Ltd. Structural Engineers 67 Cuthelton St.
Clunie, J 76 Quarryknowe St.
Clydesdale Bank Bank 1435 Gallowgate
Coachrane, A Ltd. 816 Springfield Rd.
Cochran, A 1391 Gallowgate
Cochrane, A Ltd. 310 Tollcross Rd.
Coia Brothers Café 514 Tollcross Rd.
Coia, E 1307 Gallowgate
Coia, J 1403 Gallowgate
Coia, Sam 88 Drumover Dr. Carie
Colston, J 105 Quarryknowe St.
Comrie, J Orr & Co. Mineral Water Manufacturers 1306 Gallowgate
Connetti, A 719 Springfield Rd.
Conroy, William J 58 Dervaig St.
Cooper, Jophn 90 Drumover Dr.
Cosgrove, J 1287 Gallowgate
Cox, C 60 Tennyson Dr.
Crail St., School Clinic Clinic 155 Crail St.
Crawford & Stewart 24 Dechmont St.
Crawford, Dr. R 304 Tollcross Rd.
Creamer, A M 732 Springfield Rd.
Croall, J 1358 Duke St.
Crombie & Co. 788 Springfield Rd.
Crowley, T 12 Delburn St.
Cunningham, J (Manager) Parkhead Picture Palce 49 Tollcross Rd.
Curie, I 48 Delburn St.
Curley, J 787 Springfield Rd.
Dalmarnock & Govan Loan Co. Pawnbroker 802 Springfield Rd.
Dalrymple, William 1285 Duke St.
Dansken & Fletcher House Factors 938 Springfield Rd.
Dansken, A H F Stationer & Newsagent 1446 Gallowgate
Davidson, M 271 Tollcross Rd.
Davidson, Q 71 Edmiston St.
Del-Yechio, Dr. Marie Doctor 83 Tollcross Rd.
Devine, J D 17 Edmiston St.
Dick, R 1254 Duke St.
Dickie, J W 1353 Gallowgate
Divens, J 16 Delburn St.
Dobbs, W 80 Caroline St.
Docherty, C 8 Delburn St.
Donaghy, Miss M Fishmonger 724 Springfield Rd.
Donald, J 113 Cuthelton St.
Donald, J 30 East Wellington St.
Doreen Hairdresser 721 Springfield Rd.
Driver, T 44 Delburn St.
Duffy, C L 1257 Duke St.
Dunbar, W 1448 Gallowgate
Durie, W 54 Dechmont St.
Eadie, R 70 Drumover Dr.
Earlie, S 61 Edmiston St.
Edgar, Mary Craig Draper 822 Springfield Rd.
Farquhar, William 89 Burgher St.
Ferguson & Kirk 1377 Gallowgate
Ferguson, William 1254 Duke St.
Ferguson, William 1398 Gallowgate
Findlay, W 1348 Duke St.
Findlayson, J 795 Springfield Rd.
Fisher, James 16 Ewing Pl.
Flood, C 16 Salamanca St.
Flynn, J 1409 Gallowgate
Flynn, James Public House 718 Springfield Rd.
Foley & Cowing 1354 Duke St.
Food Control Sub Office 1335 Gallowgate
Forrest, Swales Motor Dealer 20 Quarryknowe St.
Forrester, J 62 Tennyson Dr.
Fortolano, F 1263 Duke St.
Fotheringham, J 719 Springfield Rd.
Franchitta, A 20 Tollcross Rd.
Fraser, L D 92 Drumover Dr.
Fraser, W 25 Tennyson Dr.
Fulton, W 40 Edmiston St.
Fyfe, Douglas & Co. Ltd. Coffin Makers 121 Salamanca St.
Galbraith’s Stores Shop 934 Springfield Rd.
Gardiner, A 790 Springfield Rd.
Gardner, J 719 Springfield Rd.
Gardner, Samuel Public House 65 Tollcross Rd.
Garlick, W Dentist 919 Springfield Rd. 54 Tennyson Dr.
Gentleman, D 1423 Gallowgate
Gibson, W 41 Delburn St.
Gilmour, R 104 Drumover Dr.
Glasgow City Mission Mission Hall 106 Dervaig St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-op Society Grocer 1 to 7 Carntyne Rd.
Glasgow Eastern Co-op Society Butchers 1333 Duke St.
Glasgow Eastern Co-op Society Dairy 799 Springfield Rd.
Glasgow Eastern Co-op Society 807 Springfield Rd.
Glasgow Eastern Co-op Society Butchers 812 Springfield Rd.
Graham, Mrs 31 Salamanca St.
Graham, V 11 Invernain St.
Granada Picture House Cinema 1315 Duke St.
Grant, A 2 Delburn St.
Gray, A 1397 Gallowgate
Gray, J 104 Crail St.
Gray, J 101 Drumover Dr.
Gray, J 176 Quarryknowe St.
Greenlees & Sons 1419 Gallowgate
Greenwald, W 1448 Gallowgate
Greig, G 130 East Wellington St.
Grimley, P 54 Tennyson Dr.
Guthrie, William & Son Oil & Tallow Refiners 23-29 Quarryknowe St.
Haddow, R 1348 Duke St.
Halbert, A 743 Springfield Rd.
Hamilton, J 82 Drumover Dr.
Hamilton, J 777 Springfield Rd.
Hamilton, John 52 Tennyson Dr.
Hamilton, W & H 785 Springfield Rd.
Hamilton, W H 41 Tennyson Dr.
Hamilton’s Stores 32 Tollcross Rd.
Hanley, M 9 Carntyne Rd.
Hardie, Mrs 532 Tollcross Rd.
Harper, W 81 Cuthelton St.
Hart, G 1339 Gallowgate
Hay, B 5 Hart St.
Healy, H 765 Springfield Rd.
Helen’s Gowns 1410 Gallowgate
Henderson, J 791 Springfield Rd.
Hendrie, A Pawnbroker 7 Sorby St.
Hilley, P 3 Ewing Pl.
Hodge, A 1314 Gallowgate
Hodgins, T 1359 Duke St.
Horsbrough, j 59 Tennyson Dr.
Hunter, M 1289 Gallowgate
Hunter, Thomas F Sculptors 1265 Gallowgate
Hutton, J 24 Edmiston St.
Imrie, W 1 Malcolm St
Jacobs, W 76 Drumover Dr.
Jamieson, R 719 Springfield Rd.
Johnstne, J 1348 Duke St.
Johnston, A 91 Drumover Dr. Ardenlea
Johnston, S 56 Edmiston St.
Junor 1361 Duke St.
Keenan, A 4 Edmiston St.
Keenan, Mrs J 1336 Duke St.
Keir, Jas 68 Edmiston St.
Kelly, C 5 Carntyne Rd.
Kelly, J H (JP) 411 Tollcross Rd. Rockbank
Kenmuir, W 46 Dechmont St.
Kent, J & J Hay, Grain, Seed & Manure Manufacturers 1394 Gallowgate
Kent, S J 1348 Duke St.
Kerr, Jas 8 Coalhill St.
Killcullin, D 105 Crail St.
Kinniburgh, G 19 Tennyson Dr.
Kirkwood, J 1277 Gallowgate
Kirkwood, J (Superintendent) Janefield Cemetery 1264 Gallowgate
Kirkwood, John 1311 Gallowgate
Labour Exchange Ministry of Labour 1196 Duke St.
Labour Exchange Ministry of Labour 47-57 Sorby St.
Lanarkshire Model Lodging House Lodging House 31 Quarrybrae St
Leith, B 175 Quarryknowe St.
Leslie, Mary 1395 Gallowgate
Lindsay, Nurse 1448 Gallowgate
Lloyd, A 1418 Gallowgate
Logan, Ria 1436 Gallowgate
Love, A 1361 Duke St.
Luke, J 48 Edmiston St.
Mac’s Stores (Mrs Jean McLean) Hardware 783 Springfield Rd. Nanrandera, Stepps
Manson, L 336 Tollcross Rd.
Martin, H 401 Tollcross Rd.
Martin, J G 770 Springfield Rd.
Masonic Halls 20 Quarryknowe St.
Massey, A & Co. 332 Tollcross Rd.
Mathieson, G S 71 Tollcross Rd.
Maxwell, J 68 Drumover Dr. Hawarden
Maxwell, Jas & Son 1415 Gallowgate
Maxwell, T 18 Pharonhill St
Maypole Dairy Co. Dairy 1438 Gallowgate
McAllister, Dr. M L Doctor 1317 Gallowgate
McAllister, Robert 24 Burgher St.
McArthur, J 209 Tollcross Rd.
McBride, J 38 Drumover Dr.
McCabe, P 19 Tollcross Rd.
McCarroll, F 194 Tollcross Rd.
McCarroll, R & Co. Ltd. 77 Cuthelton St.
McCarron, M 1385 Gallowgate
McCorkindale, Rev. James R 87 Drumover Dr.
McCue, J 106 Quarryknowe St.
McCulloch, G 106 Drumover Dr.
McDevitt, T 789 Springfield Rd.
McDonald, A 719 Springfield Rd.
McDougall, J 11 Edmiston St.
McFadyen, S 1277 Gallowgate
McFarlane, Mrs Margaret 85 Drumover Dr.
McFarlane, W 99 Drumover Dr.
McGinnis, S 1448 Gallowgate
McIlroy, J 20 Thornhill St.
McInness, E 492 Tollcross Rd.
McIntyre, D 1301 Duke St.
McIver, Miss H 1381 Gallowgate
McKay, J 1350 Duke St.
McKay, Jas Grocer 14-18 Carntyne Rd. 20 Carntyne Rd.
McKendrick, W 1450 Gallowgate
McKenzie, W 40 Delburn St.
McKerrow, R 11 Ewing Pl.
McLachlans, Ltd 7 Invernain St.
McLaren, A 75 Tollcross Rd.
McLean, D 74 Drumover Dr.
McLellan, J 908 Springfield Rd.
McLeod, A 18 Edmiston St.
McMillan, J 47 Delburn St.
McMillan, W 1277 Gallowgate
Mcnair, A D 48 Delburn St.
McNee, G 85 Quarryknowe St.
McNeil, John & Co. 17 Ewing Pl.
McNeill, Miss 56 Dechmont St.
McPherson, A 1252 Duke St.
McPherson, W 767 Springfield Rd.
McShane, M 1325 Gallowgate
Meikle, D 155 Quarryknowe St.
Melrose, A 11 Delburn St.
Messenger Publishing Co. 1312 Gallowgate
Millar, J 759 Springfield Rd.
Millar, Stephen 1392 Gallowgate
Millar, V 24 Delburn St.
Miller, Alex Embroiderers 912 Springfield Rd.
Miller, R 753 Springfield Rd.
MilMine, R 719 Springfield Rd.
Mission Hall Mission Hall 12 Coalhill St.
Mitchell, J 741 Springfield Rd.
Monaghan, R W 1338 Duke St.
Moreland, William 1358 Duke St.
Muir & Findlay 226 East Wellington St.
Mulholland 24 Nisbet St
Mulholland, H 111 Dervaig St.
Munro, D 1298 Gallowgate
Munro, R 719 Springfield Rd.
Murray, Dr. J H 89 Drumover Dr.
Murray, Mrs J 61 Crail St.
National Radio Repair Service 1363 Gallowgate
Neil, D 1314 Gallowgate
Nelson, R 314 Tollcross Rd.
Newlands Public School School 871-887 Springfield Rd.
Nisbet, J S 1428 Gallowgate
Noonan, J P (JP) 86 Drumover Dr.
Norval, A 1256 Duke St.
Nychuist, Mrs 21 Malcolm St
O’Brien, T 7 Delburn St.
O’Donnell, P 1358 Duke St.
Orr, D 811 Springfield Rd.
Park & Paterson Iron Merchants 22 Backcauseway
Park, James 75 Dervaig St.
Park, James 72 Drumover Dr.
Park, Jeanie 1267 Duke St.
Parkhead Boys Club Boxing Club 1281 Gallowgate
Parkhead District Public Library 64 Tollcross Rd.
Parkhead Loan Office Pawnbroker 1347 Duke St.
Parkhead Pentocostal Church Church 12 Burgher St.
Parkhead Public baths & Washhouse 80 Tollcross Rd.
Parkhead Public Halls Public Halls 1286 Duke St.
Parkhead Puicture Palce Cinema 49 Tollcross Rd.
Parkhead Social Club Social Club 27 Ravel Row
Parkhead Trams Depot 252 Tollcross Rd.
Parkhead TSO The Stationery Office 1346 Duke St.
Paterson, A 1338 Duke St.
Paterson, John & Co. 57 Tollcross Rd.
Paterson, M 76 Dervaig St.
Paterson, Mrs 40 Edmiston St.
Paterson, W 67 Edmiston St.
Paterson, William 1343 Duke St.
Paterson, William 350 Tollcross Rd.
Paton, Mrs 64 Helenvale St.
Pattison, J & Co. Manufacturing Chemists 203 Carntyne Rd.
Pawn Pawnbroker 5 Burgher St.
Pearl Assurance Ltd. Insurance 1363 Gallowgate
Peebles, T 486 Tollcross Rd.
Petrie, J & Sons 1414 Gallowgate
Phillips, R 1358 Duke St.
Pollock, R M S 328 Tollcross Rd.
Porrieli, J 1387 Gallowgate
Price Brothers 45 Tollcross Rd.
Provan, J 21 Tennyson Dr.
Purducci, A 34 Salamanca St.
Quarry Brae School School 139 Crail St.
Ramsey, J 151 Helenvale St.
Reece, E 1448 Gallowgate
Reid, Miss 61 Tennyson Dr.
Reid, Mrs M D 1283 Gallowgate
Reid, R B 719 Springfield Rd.
Renfrew, S 1331 Gallowgate
Rennie, Mrs M 1316 Gallowgate
Riach, George 2 McEwan St
Richmond Park laundry Laundry 775 Springfield Rd.
Robertson, A & Sons 1422 Gallowgate
Robertson, Donald 1299 Gallowgate
Rock, R 28 Tollcross Rd.
Rodger, A 12 Caroline St.
Ronald, W 1392 Gallowgate
Ross’s Dairies Ltd. 14 Tollcross Rd.
Roy, A F 28 Delburn St.
Roy, D C 131 Caroline St.
Roy, W & A 28 Ravel Row
Rushworth, F 16 Delburn St.
Russell, Hugh 1417 Gallowgate
Russell, J 813 Springfield Rd.
Salton, H T & Sons House Furnishers & Drapers 804 Springfield Rd.
Salvation Army Hall 136 Tollcross Rd.
Sartin, G 1400 Gallowgate
Sartin, G Painter & Decorator 24 Tollcross Rd.
Savings Bank of Glasgow Bank 1456 Gallowgate
Scally, E 101 Tollcross Rd.
Scottish Greyhound Racing Co. Ltd. Greyhoung Racing 200 Carntyne Rd.
Scoulan, Mary 1275 Duke St.
Shanely, Dairy Dairy 8 Malcolm St
Sheields, D 125 Quarryknowe St.
Sherry, P J 93 Tollcross Rd.
Shettleston Registration Office A M Shearer, Registrar 1345 Gallowgate
Sinclair, A 20 Delburn St.
Smith Dairies Dairy 223 Tollcross Rd.
Smith, J 126 Quarryknowe St.
Speirs, J 886 Springfield Rd.
Spencer, T 149 Tollcross Rd.
St Michael’s RC School School 24 Nisbet St
St. Michael’s Annexe 1346 Gallowgate
St. Michael’s Chapel House 75 Salamanca St.
St. Michael’s RC Chapel 75 Salamanca St.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 62 Sorby St.
Steel’s Dairy Dairy 50 Dechmont St.
Steven, R 78 Drumover Dr.
Steven, Robert 364 Tollcross Rd.
Steven, W P 360 Tollcross Rd.
Stewart & Co Electrical Engineers 940 Springfield Rd.
Stewart, J 17 Tennyson Dr.
Stewart, R 902 Springfield Rd.
Stringer, T 1315 Gallowgate
Tait, A R 713 Springfield Rd.
Taylor, D 111 Tollcross Rd.
Taylor, P H Ltd 1406 Gallowgate
The City Bakeries Bakers 1442 Gallowgate
The Eastern Cat Refuge 1266 Duke St.
The Emmanuel Church Church 1304 Duke St.
Thom, J S 98 Drumover Dr.
Thomson, A 1250 Duke St.
Thomson, J 32 Delburn St.
Thomson, Mrs A 44 Delburn St.
Tolland, M 74 Helenvale St.
Tollcross Park Church Church Drumover Dr.
Valerio, P 922 Springfield Rd.
Vallance, Joseph 15 Tollcross Rd.
Waddell, D 35 Tennyson Dr.
Waddell, R D Ltd. 1436 Gallowgate
Wales, J 36 Delburn St.
Wales, W 899 Springfield Rd.
Walker, J 1444 Gallowgate
Walker, James Hairdresser 820 Springfield Rd.
Walker, John Slater 2 Helenvale St.
Walker, W G & Sons Ltd. 77 Cuthelton St.
Wallace, A 109 Caroline St.
Wallace, R 905 Springfield Rd.
Ward, A 139 Helenvale St.
Ward, E 1301 Gallowgate
Watson, Alexander & Sons Motor Trade 840 Springfield Rd.
Watt, J 51 Caroline St.
Watt, W 32 Edmiston St.
Watters, A 1358 Duke St.
Watters, J 100 Caroline St.
Webster, A 27 Carntyne Rd.
Weir, William 3 Coalhill St.
Weldon, J 269 Tollcross Rd.
Welsh, Miss J 728 Springfield Rd.
Whitelock, W 1337 Duke St.
White’s Wallpaper Warehouse 1369 Gallowgate
Whyte, J 42 Tollcross Rd.
Whyte, William 1338 Duke St.
Williams, W 8 Grier St.
Williamson, J 1330 Duke St.
Willox, D 60 Quarryknowe St.
Wilson, Dr. Lithgow 1351 Gallowgate
Wilson, G 1392 Gallowgate
Wilson, Jas 31 Tollcross Rd.
Wilson, John 57 Tennyson Dr.
Wilson, John 63 Tennyson Dr.
Wilson, P 300 Tollcross Rd.
Winning, H & Co. 16 Caroline St.
Winning, J 44 Delburn St.
Woods, R 7 Ewing Pl.
Worton, John Public House 1401 Gallowgate
Wright, J 1331 Duke St.
Wright, M Fruiterer 123 Tollcross Rd.
Wylie, D H 930 Springfield Rd.
Wylie, J 128 Caroline St.
YMCA Club YMCA 33 Ravel Row
Young & Mair 1432 Gallowgate
Young & Mair 16 Tollcross Rd.
Young, G 23 Tollcross Rd.



1 thought on “Parkhead 1943-44 Directory

  1. Kay Rushworth murphy

    My Grandfather Frederick Rushworth of 16 Delburn St is listed nothing is written about him and why he is on the list, it was made because he was in the winning Parkhead FC team who won the cup in 1919/1920. Or he was a skilled steel moulded who made railings and cemetery gates throughout Glasgow. I would be interested to find where he grave would plus some family members is this possible?


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