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Calton was originally known as Blackfauld reputedlybecause of the slag and debris created by surface mining.


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The Coat of Arms shows feline beasts with shuttles in their mouths and the symbol is thought to refer to the Weavers Traditional Vow – “I will eat the shuttle ‘ere I reveal the secrets of the craft”.


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Thomsons Lane.


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Calton Entry.

An Old Close in The Calton by R. Eadie.

London Road at Kent Street.

The Entrance to Glasgow Green.  McLennans Arch.  I believe this is Charlotte Street.

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Tram 1140 on London Road at Green Street 30 August 1954.  At the side of the tram is the Calton Bar.


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Gallowgate /Abercromby Street 1970s

27 thoughts on “Calton

  1. Carol Richmond

    Does anyone know Tamworth St.? I’m not sure if it was in CaIton. I’ve yet to see any map-old or new-that shows it. My grandmother & my great aunt lived on Tamworth when they were born. Bryce is the family name. Thanks.

    1. Jimmy cooper

      I was born in Tamworth Street in 1955 my name is Jimmy Cooper I now live in irvine, we moved to castlemilk, then irvine in 1960, I’ve tried to get information about Tamworth Street but it’s very rare, good luck

  2. Tom O'Driscoll

    My Great Great uncle was James McClymont who was born at 32 New Street, Calton in 1832. His parents William McClymont (and the many derivatives such as Clements etc) and Martha nee Davidson worked in the weaving industries. James was charged with breaking into premises in Glasgow and was sentenced to 7 years Transportation to Western Australia. He had a prior conviction which went against him, and for that reason he was a prisoner in the Hamilton Prison in the 1851 Census. Does 32 New Street still exist?

  3. Moyra Lindsay

    Anybody know anything about Calton Bowling Club. I have a bowl with silver plaque on it from this club 1867. Thank you

  4. Gerard McCann

    Our grandparents name Paterson lived above the dairy at 99 Claythorne Street from early 1930s until 1976.
    We loved to visit and stay over . . . Boiled sweets, Glasgow Green, People’s Place and the Barras .

  5. Frankie Carberry

    I was born in Claythorn Street my Granny Lavery had a wet fish shop in the Calton still go back . The Calton will always be in me .

    1. Charlie O’Hagan

      Hi Frankie,
      My Granny was Molly Lavery who worked in the fish shop with Annie Lavery. My Da was Gerry O’Hagan. Mollys Son.

    2. Gerard

      Our Grandparents live @ 99 Claythorne Street above the dairy from 1930s until 1970s . . Their name was Paterson and they had 4 children Elizabeth ( our mum ) , Mary and twins John & Robert. . . As kids we always stayed with them . . . Boiled sweets from the sweet factory. . . Glasgow Green, the People’s Palace and the Barras were our playground. . .

  6. Annette

    Looking for anyone who knew a member of their family or knows their family tree with the browns from
    1889 James Brown from Carlton married Ellen McGill.
    Joseph Brown and Annie sexton live in union street carton then 71 Tabago street Carton.
    Jemima brown born to Joseph and Annie born union live in Tabago street Carlton

  7. Jan

    Does anyone know anything about Rose Ann Docherty Williamson born Mcginnigle 1926 Calton. Or any other members of the Mcginnigle or Williamson families

    1. Tracy Kerr

      Yes rose Ann Williamson mcginnigle is my mums mum my mum is rose Ann Drummond now Kerr
      My name is tracy Kerr
      We live in Greenwich London

  8. Eileen Lambie Ruddy

    My biological family on my mums side lived in Abercrombie Street. Their name was Robb. Anyone know if anyone of the family that is still about. TIA

  9. maureen cairns

    Look at all the tenements next to st alphonsus `s chapel. many famlies must have lived in this area then . it looked better in those days even though it was not considered a great area . glasgow hasnt improved despite all the efforts .

  10. Gilbert Baird ( Gibby Baird )

    I was a part-time barman in the Calton Bar around 1968/69.Mrs Mary Mason owned the pub at that time and her chargehand was Tommy Wilson.(His brother was a well known Scottish jockey namely J Wilson.) At the weekend when I worked, there was a local barman Tommy.(iforget his surname – sorry! Tommy.
    I worked part-time in many pubs and social clubs all over Glasgow. The Calton Bar was among the best of them, the beer was always in the best of order and the whisky they sold was what it said on the bottle. The calton Bar was not a ” wine shop “. although they served glasses of Dark and White wine from small barrels at the end of the gantry.The customers mainly locals and ex Caltonians made the shop what it was, they were full of characters and always had good patter.One gentleman had a local shop shop that did electrical repairs TVs and equipment ,he kept to himself and was known as “the Captain. The lounge was popular on a Saturday night Mr and Mrs Weaver were regulars she always sang the Mary Hopkins song “Those were the days ” . She gave smashing rendition. Gibby Baird ex part time barman.

    1. Karen Ferguson

      Hi my dad was Tommy Wilson and I remember the Carlton Bar well. My dad worked here for a long time. We lived in Stevenson Street. I think the barman you mean was a Tommy Byrne

    2. Karen Ferguson

      Hi Gibby my dad was Tommy Wilson and I remember the Carlton Bar and Mary Mason well. My dad worked here for a long time.
      We lived in Stevenson Street. My dad passed away a few years ago but his brother John who was the jockey is still alive.
      I think the barman you mean was a Tommy Byrne

  11. agnes wilson

    I have looked everywhere looking for The Calton Bar but there was no record,so thank you i see you have it.My dad used to drink in there his local.we stayed in Stevenson St.

  12. donna robertson

    Does anyone know of the Bomb Dairy in the Calton..said to be near Stevenson st/Bain st….. I dont know if it has anything to do with the Kent st bombing.

  13. donna robertson

    I just noticed an answer I had got on another site.some time ago concerning the Kent st bombing and found this………………………… Unread post Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:06 pm #11
    my grandmother died in the bombing of kent street in Glasgow her name anna crolla and her daughter flora was also trapped I believe so sad I never got to know her i have a civilian certificate I sent for anna stating she gave her life for her country

  14. Donna Robertson

    I noticed the building at Kent st that was bombed during the war… next to the chapell..I remember my mother telling me about Lord Haw Haw on the wireless working for the Germans saying they were going to bomb the Barrowland.. I wonder if that was true..

    1. David McLaughlin

      remember when l was a wee boy my dad would tell me (if he thought a person was lying)
      ” he’s/she’s a bigger fibber than Lord Haw Haw and he got kicked out of hell for telling lies.”
      He had some great one liners,my old man

  15. John McGuinness

    Re picture of London Road at Kent Street, it shows St Alphonsus’ chapel on the left where I was an Alter boy. My aunt also had a shop in Kent St. Crilleys which specialised in wrapping “gifts” bought at the Barras. I worked there sometimes. Now in Kent.

    1. Donald Pollock

      Hi John, I’d be interested in hearing about Crilleys shop on Kent Street, which era was this? I’m aware a family of that name who lived in the area in the early 20th century.

    2. Anne-Marie

      Annie Crilley was our neighbour ~ lived up our close at 29 Kent Street – right beside her shop. Lovely woman.


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