Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School





Sitting at the top of Springfield Road, Newlands Primary school was the nearest school to Parkhead Cross.

Built in 1895 it is also one of the oldest buildings in the area and educated generations of families until its closure in197?.  The land was donated by Lord Newlands with instruction that a public school was to be built on the site.

The school also catered for older children until the building of Riverside Secondary School in 1933.


School colours…, red and blue…..were introduced into Newlands School, Parkhead at the beginning of the winter session.

They are now being worn by a large number of the children on socks, pullovers and ties.  A school badge has also been designed, containing the three colours and bearing a shield with the letters, “N.S.”


Although the headmaster, Mr Thomas McNaughton is delighted to see so many children wearing them he emphasis that wearing the school colours will not be compulsory.

‘ I am not going to try and force the children to wear these colours on their clothing,’ he says. ‘But I believe they give the child a pride in the school and also strengthen the link between the school and the home.’

‘Before I considered introducing the colours I made sure that the cost of clothing containing them would not be any dearer than ordinary clothing.’


These are photos of the James and Flora Medal won by Mary Cree McMurray Fulton. Mary was born in 1919 and attended Newlands from 1924 till 1930

These photos are the copyright of The Newlands Blog

The DuxTrophy in the center was won by Frank Wales at Newlands for the years 1972 -73

I would like to thank Brian Charlton for all his help and allowing us to use these photos,


In the 1960’s  some pupils had the opportunity to visit Galloway House Residential School  in Wigton  for four weeks. I believe there was a lot of crying from the parents and the children as they left from the school gates, All the children were given a diary to fill in on this adventure. This is a copy of the front, inside, and back pages of the Gallway House diary belonging to Elizabeth Robertson.



Class of 1948

 Report Card from 1966



















11 thoughts on “Newlands Primary School

  1. Margaret faulds

    Went to newlands 1961 jim bain kenny mcneil james greenhorn elizabeth robertson margaret rogers jean reid isobel mcbean johnny johnstone. David crawford jim anderdson june McCracken were allin our class there is a school photo and i can name wuote a few

  2. Margaret faulds

    I used to go to newlands primary from1961 to1967 then unto riversid sec school had 2sisters elizabeth who was the odest jean the youngest. Can remember thee workers from barrs coming into the playground and playing on the swings in girls playground till they were removed also went to galloway house as i read elizabeth robertson report she was on my class

  3. Jim Street

    I went to Newlands in the early 1960s and remember the teacher Miss Bone. The church we went to also had Nelson Gray as the minister. He later went onto the TV. One of the first ministers to do so.

  4. Ian Jamieson

    I attended Newlands from 1945 before going to Riverside. I lived at 48 Edmiston St with my brother Bobby and dad Big Jock. Still visit the East End on my trips back home as I have lived in Melbourne Australia for the past 54 years. Loved the Commonwealth Games so many memories.

  5. Jean Gardner

    My twin sister and I attended Newlands from 1933 to 1940 approximately. When we graduated we went to Riverside Secondary School. However, war intervened and in 1939-40, we were evacuated from Glasgow to Dumfries.

  6. Irene MacDonald

    I attended Newlands School in the 1940s. My first teacher was Miss McQuiston, and the head mistress was Miss Jessie Hosie. I also had Miss Elliot and Mr Imrie. Does anyone remember them? My name then was Irene Gibson, and my grandmother lived at 1358 Duke Street in the bank building on the corner of Duke Street and Gallowgate.


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