Greyhound Racing

The Dugs at Parkhead

It seems that Celtic Park was also used for Greyhound racing in 1945-46 this registration card shows three races at Parkhead

Card showing 3 races at Celtic Park

This photo shows Fleeting Idol winning at Cartyne in 1948

I would like to thank Thomas Cunningham for the use of these photos

Advert from Eastern Standard 1933

 Carntyne Dog Track : Opened in October 1927, principally as a greyhound race track, it was in its history to be used for many other sports and pastimes. It was laid out on the site of a farm and former flapping track, it became the venue for the prestigious Scottish Greyhound Derby, and continued dog racing until May 1972. On 6th August 1928 around 35,000 fans watched  a boxing match at Carntyne between Tommy Milligan and Frank Moody. Many greyhound stadiums also accommodated speedway events and Carntyne was no exception, with meetings commencing in 1928. Between 1960 and 1962 Bridgeton Waverley football team played their home fixtures at the stadium. In the early 1960’s bold efforts were made at Carntyne to generate revenue by a variety of means. In October 1962 a casino was opened within the stadium and six months later the ‘Grandstand Bar’ was added. To lure customers Greenshield Stamps were on offer in May 1963, whilst a golf driving range was also tried that summer with 40 balls for 2/6d. Sadly almost nothing remains, with only the remnants of the Duke Street turnstiles still extant.

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  1. John Ross

    I’m looking for a photograph of Jimmy Wharrie one of the bookies at the Carntyne Dog Racecourse. He lived at Bellshill but did the rounds in the early days.

  2. donna robertson

    Just been reading about the Albion greyhound track at Ibrox, Id never heard of the place.
    The Albion Greyhound Stadium was a greyhound racing stadium in Glasgow.

    It is not to be confused with the former Albion Greyhound Racecourse in Salford.

    Albion in Glasgow opened on 21 April 1928 on the Broomloan Road [1] and was described as good size track with a circumference of 457 yards. The first hare installed was an outside running ‘Metro-Vickers Mono-rail’ and the distances were 300, 553, and 725 yards. [2] Albion Stadium was built in close proximity to Ibrox Stadium which was on the north side and White City Stadium, Glasgow which opened the same year and was on the south-west side.

    The principal event was the Ibrox & Albion Stakes and facilities included the Ibrox licensed Sports Club with membership subscription. Owned by the Albion Glasgow Racing Ltd the track was affiliated to the National Greyhound Racing Society and became a very popular venue during the 1930s. [3]

    After the war the Glasgow City assessor increased the valuations of the five greyhound stadiums in Glasgow. This was opposed by the tracks because of the resulting tax charges. The assessor valued the stadium at £12,000 but the track management disagreed with their own valuation of £1,250. [4]

    The stadium closed on 23 June 1960. The site directly south of Edmiston Drive was eventually demolished and is now a large car park area used by Rangers F.C.

  3. nigel barrett

    My friend Alan now aged 77 living in Pattaya was a bookmaker and friend of the late John Banks.
    He told me Glasgow had 5 racetracks including Shawfield and Carantyne and Celtic park 1945/46 but i’m not sure the other 2 I will ask him.
    There was even a track in Aberdeen and Alan worked at the docks there in 1954 as a young lad when I was only 2.
    I must ask the location-my late father would have known but he died in January 2015 aged 90.



  4. bobby

    a remember the speedway was still running until 67 68 I used to watch the cars then .and I used to go over to the dogs way ma ma on saturday nights oh very fond memorys of carntyne


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