Thomas Winning



1824 – 1921

Janefield Headstone Erected by Thomas Winning & Christina Gardner

 The inscription reads;

Erected by

Thomas Winning and Christina Gardner

In memory of their son


Who died 17 February 1893 aged 27 years


James Gardner, Born 14 September 1855, Died 30 June 1856

 James Brown, Born 24 may 1857, Died 30 December 1860

Henry, Born 11 may 1854, Died 2 January 1866

Marion Brown, Born 29 October 1860, Died 29 November 1865

Thomas, Born 5 march 1864, Died 2 January 1866

Annie Brown, Born 26 April 1868, Died 22 September 1869

Annie W. Winning, their grand dauighter Died 28 November 1898 aged 6½ years

Christina Gardner

Died at Largs, 12 June 1901 aged 72 years.

Alexander G. Winning, their son

Husband of Christina Turner

Died 23 March 1918 aged 60 years

Thomas Winning

Died 31 January 1921 aged 93 years

David Winning, their son

Husband of Annie Waddell

Died 21 November 1926 aged 64 years

The above Annie Waddell

Died 8 August 1935 aged 72 years

The above Christina Turner

Died 1 July 1942 aged 82 years

And their daughter Janet Smith

Died 12 April 1946 aged 68 years


Thomas Winning was born21 April 1824 in Westmuir, the 9th child of 13 to Henry Winning & Isobel Wotherspoon.

Thomas married Christina Gardner on 2 October 1853 and they went on to have 9 children.  Thomas and Christina lived in Great Eastern Road and later Duke Street.

Thomas worked as a Wright, Pattern Maker, Mechanical Engineer.  Thomas was a partner in Winning, Mellis & Company Limited, Millwrights, Engineers and Iron Founders, Mountblue Works, Camlachie.  The Company was wound up after Thomas’ death and went into liquidation in September 1924.

Thomas’ son Alexander Gardner Winning was also involved with Winning, Mellis & Company Limited.

Thomas and his son David were trustees in the will of Henry Winning of Henry Winning & Company, Carntyne Ropeworks, Parkhead.  Thomas was Henry’s uncle.

Early drawings show the plan of ground owned by Thomas in Winning Row and also properties owned by Winning’s Trustees.  Thomas also owned houses at 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 Winning Row.

Thomas died on 31 January 1921.

Winning Row viewed from Colliers Row (East Wellington Street)